Rumor [10M] Waltzing Matilda part II

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Rumor [10M] Waltzing Matilda part II

Post by ChrisDDickey » Sun Oct 18, 2020 6:47 am

[10M] Waltzing Matilda part II
Character: Zil (Chris D)
Rumor: A giant Crystalian Horror was driven away from the village of Verilla, however it has sworn that it will have it's revenge. Zil suspects that it might return to the same village after we left. As a warning device, Zil has used the purifier "Ritual of Cleansing" to cleanse 1/4 of the arena in Venilla. Matilda, a Named water elemental who lives not too far away agreed to keep tabs upon the arena, and if the cleaned area starts to get corrupted again, it will be a sign that the horror has returned and is up to its old tricks again.
Zil has just gotten word from Matilda that suddenly the whole arena is corrupted again. 
Zil is recruiting adepts for a mission to surprise the horror and destroy it. 
Circle: ECL 10
Reward: Discount circle training and discount spells. 
Benefit: Rid the world of a horror. Save a Village. Actually save the descendents of Nathen Bailey.

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