RESOLVED (11M): Preparing for Invaesion

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RESOLVED (11M): Preparing for Invaesion

Post by bronzemountain » Fri Sep 04, 2020 7:31 pm

Player: Dvarim
Rumor: Word has reached the leadership of Throal that the Invae might be infiltrating Barsaive. This is a cause for great alarm, and King Varulus III and his advisors feel that Throal's records of the Invae are insufficient to understand the threat. It is known that the old Human kingdom of Landis dealt with an Invae problem - and so the ruins of Landis must be searched for information and resources regarding the Invae. But Landis is close to old Thera, and to send the army there would be a massive provocation.

Instead, the King's council asks a band of Wardens (and near-Wardens) to travel to far Landis and see what they can find.
Location: Around 12.32. Yes, this is some far travel here. We be Wardens!
Circle: 10 MEDIUM
Reward: Perhaps ancient enchanting supplies / recipes? Who knows? The GM, that's who!
Benefit: Resources and information needed to fight the Invae (ie. for future adventures)
Notable NPCs: King Varulus III, I suppose? Or his court / advisors.
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Re: Rumor (10M): Preparing for Invaesion

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