Rumor (2M): Lord Pel's Peloton

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Rumor (2M): Lord Pel's Peloton

Post by predajey » Thu Sep 03, 2020 7:05 pm

Player: Calina Ravanqnerosicor (Predajey / Overdriven Pub)
Rumor: With all the issues that have arisen around Clear Creek Crossing, one must wonder what happened to Lord Pel and his Skynights. They had previously had an interest in the area, organizing a force to deal with the Scorchers, but since the Scorchers' eradication, they have been non-existent. A diplomatic investigation and possible reinforcement may be required.
Location: If you have a specific site or hex(es) in mind.
Circle: 2M (For the next wave of characters!)
Reward: None specified
Benefit: Revival of a forward defense for Throal and the local townships. Or discovery of Lord Pel's demise.
Notable NPCs:
Well known POCs for the transient lord Pel:

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