RESOLVED: [4M] Corporate Espionage

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RESOLVED: [4M] Corporate Espionage

Post by Anoush » Wed Sep 02, 2020 7:40 pm

Ever since the recent Pastry Festival on Skyreader Island, the spice trade has been booming. Many of the spices that S’Lyan’s Spices — a t’skrang company dealing in exotic spices —has been trading in for years are now redoubled in demand. Who doesn’t like a dash of sweet F’Riezal in their gooseberry tarts?

But S’Lyan has a problem. The secret sites along the Coil River where he’s harvested the raw spices for several seasons are now bare — someone’s picked all the buds and then trampled the plants into the ground.

So, S’Lyan is looking for a group of investigators to assist them. He’s contacted a friend of friend in Throal — Bloodbeat — to help. She’s looking for others to accompany her down to the Coil River to investigate.

Location: the banks of the Coil River

Circle: 4M

Reward: TBD

Benefit: Help maintain the legitimate spice trade to Throal. Keep all those Dwarven bakers happy!

Notable NPCs: TBD

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