RESOLVED(6H): Impressing Old Iron Head

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RESOLVED(6H): Impressing Old Iron Head

Post by bronzemountain » Tue Sep 01, 2020 3:54 pm

Player: A'horangi (Dvarim)
Rumor: Iron Head Zenghu is one of the few Adepts of the Bodyguard Discipline. She lives in the Cloister of Silence. She is a dwarf. It has been said that when she frowns, cracks form in stone. Some monks have observed that raindrops actively avoid falling upon her out of fear. As a young woman, she once protected three noble children from seven hundred and fourteen assassins. A'horangi has been politely requesting her mentoring for some time and Iron Head Zenghu has finally relented. She will train A'horangi in the Discipline of the Bodyguard if A'horangi completes the one, single task that Iron Head was never able to finish.
Location: Anywhere, but starting from the Cloister of Silence.
Circle: 6 HARD
Reward: Access to the Bodyguard Discipline
Benefit: N/A
Notable NPCs: Iron Head Zenghu, the Bodyguard.

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