[RESOLVED] (ECR 5): Peace - or a sword.

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[RESOLVED] (ECR 5): Peace - or a sword.

Post by ChrisDDickey » Tue Apr 21, 2020 6:31 am

Rumor: The Skyreader clan of windlings has recently left the halls of Throal that have been their home for centuries and migrated to a set of three Islands on the coil river that they have named Skyreader Island, Rabbit Island, and Guardian Island. there they have been busy building cottages, planting crops and gardens, and establishing their herds, flocks and warrens.

Some young T'Skrang hotheads have been very vocally saying that it is a "claim jumping". They claim that they were planning on setting up a settlement there "any day now". They say that when some of their number stopped by to discuss the situation, they were attacked and run off by several dozen hired thugs. The complainers have been heard in Throal, the naill of Kampung Gajah, and traveling merchants say they have heard the complaints all over the east where T'Skrang are found. There are rumors that somebody is gathering together a large body of young T'Skrang hotheads to drive off the windlings and claim the Islands for themselves. 

Zil, has communed with his Passion, and believes that Garlan desires him to protect the new community. He has decided to first attempt to bring peace between these disputing parties through peaceful diplomacy and negotiation, but if need be by staying at the community and repelling any attackers.

Note: This is up to the GM, but I personally see this adventure as having two possible 2nd halves. part one would be finding who to negotiation with, and attempting negotiations. Part two might be radically different depending upon if the negotiations fail or succeed. 

Player: Chris D - Garlen Quest for Zil
Circle: Zil's circle. currently 5. 
Location: The Coil River: probably at least one T'Skrang settlement TBD and/or Skyreader Island at hex 43 13.
Reward: Various, but ether negotiating a peace agreement, or successfully defending a settlement for attack are worthy quests for advancement in the service of Garlan. 
Benefit: Peace between Skyreader clan and the T'Skrang. 
Notable NPCs: TBD.

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