[RESOLVED] REQUEST (ECL 5): One with the Elements

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[RESOLVED] REQUEST (ECL 5): One with the Elements

Post by bronzemountain » Sun Apr 05, 2020 3:58 pm

Player: Dvarim Bolg (bronzemountain)
Rumor: Dorsha Mennanir, Dwarf Elementalist (who helped raise the riverboats), is willing to induct Dvarim into the mysteries of Elementalism if he can prove himself.
Location: Perhaps the Rumored Storm Node at 47.11?
Circle: ECL 5 (as it has to be the same as my circle)
Reward: Ability to train as Circle 1 Elementalist under Dorsha
Benefit: Source of True Air (or other elements)
Notable NPCs: Dorsha Mennanir (already created)

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