How to Schedule an Adventure

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How to Schedule an Adventure

Post by etherial » Wed Jan 01, 2020 10:01 pm

Our West Marches game follows a player-driven model where players comes up with an idea for an adventure, arrange a time and a GM to run it, and recruit other players to go with them. Each Adventure begins with a conversation between a player and (at least one) GM, talking about Adventure theme, statistics, and rewards.

An Adventure's theme is a one sentence rumor that the player and GM create to inspire characters to join the adventure. It could take the form of exploration, "Let's explore the Servos Jungle and see what's in Hex 44.19", adventure, "Monsters have been sighted in the Throal Mountains, let's check them out", mystery, "It's time for the festival. What could possibly go wrong?", or direct conflict, "Let's take out the Cultists!".

While the actual Difficulty Rating will be determined in mysterious and secretive GM conferences, the Adventure's Circle Rating will begin this process. The Adventure's Circle Rating determines which characters can participate. A Circle 3 character could go on Adventures of Circle 2-4. The GM will usually have a sense of who is available at what times and will help the player decide whether a lower Circle Rating or a higher one will attract more characters or otherwise meet the players' needs. The GM will also have thoughts about whether the Adventure can handle more than the usual number of players.

The core rewards for any Adventure are determined by its Circle and Difficulty Rating. Additional rewards take the form of discounts for goods and services. The NPCs or treasure troves involved in the Adventure will provide a 50% discount for some subset of the goods or service in the book. NPCs may offer discounts on clothing, weapons, adventuring equipment, Alchemical Potions, Blood Magic, Attribute/Skill/Discipline training, Forging, Item History, Research...

As players unlock Thread Items, some Adventures will also have Thread Items as an Adventure Reward. These must be negotiated in advance due to the personalized nature of how Thread Items assist characters.

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