Bloodbeat, T'skrang nethermancer [DEAD]

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Bloodbeat, T'skrang nethermancer [DEAD]

Post by Anoush » Tue Aug 11, 2020 10:49 pm

Roll20 Name: MaryB
Discord ID: anoush
Character Name: Bloodbeat
Race: T’skrang

ECR: 1 (0-599 Legend)
Lifetime Legend Total: 0
Unspent Legend: 0
Thread Item Points: 0
Silver: 5

Discipline: Nethermancer
Circle: 1

Discipline Abilities
Nethermancer Half Magic

Dex: 13
Str: 8
Tou: 13
Per: 16
Wil: 16
Cha: 15

Karma Mod: 4
Karma Step: 4
Karma Max: 4
Uncon: 29
Death: 36

Init: 6
PD: 8
PA: 4 (padded leather armor)
MD: 9
MA: 3
SD: 9

Movement: 12
Carrying Capacity: 60
Wound Threshold: 9
Recovery tests per day: 3

[Discipline] Talents
First Circle Discipline Talent: Astral Sight (1)
First Circle Discipline Talent: Patterncraft (1)
First Circle Discipline Talent: Spellcasting (3)
First Circle Discipline Talent: Thread Weaving (2)
First Circle Talent Option: Standard Matrix C (1, attuned to Astral Spear)

Free Talent: Standard Matrix A (1, attuned to Ethereal Darkness)
Free Talent: Standard Matrix B (1, attuned to Shadow Meld with an extra thread, for chain casting)

Other Talents

Talent Knacks
None at 1st Circle

Astral Spear (in matrix A)
Ethereal Darkness (in matrix B)
Experience Death
Shadow Meld (in matrix C, for chain casting with extra thread)
Soul Armor
Soulless Eyes
Spirit Dart

Knowledge Skill: Blood Curdling Tales (1)
Knowledge Skill: T’skrang Lore (1)

Read/Write Language: (2) Throalic, T’skrang Hieroglyphs
Speak Language: (2) Throalic, T’skrang (Cliff City of Syrtis)

Artisan Skill: Drumming (1)
General Skill: Alchemy (1)
General Skill: Avoid Blow (1)
General Skill: Awareness (1)
General Skill: Danger Sense (1)
General Skill: Physician (1)
General Skill: Swimming (1)
General Skill: Taunt (1)


Code: Select all

Karma Ritual in the morning.
On watch, stays clocked in shadows from Shadow Meld.

Standard A (1) - Astral Spear
Standard B (1) - Ethereal Darkness
	In social situations:
		replaced with Soulless Eyes for +3 Intimidate (self)
Standard C (1) - Shadow Meld

**Chain Casting** (2 Slots)
Shadow Meld (using 2 threads) for +6 Stealthy Stride (self)
Adventurer’s Kit (backpack, bedroll, flint & steel, torch, waterskin, large sack)
Artisan Tools (relevant to character’s Artisan skill; needs gamemaster approval): Hand Drum
Dagger or knife (or a similar Size 1 or 2 weapon): Dagger
Grimoire (magicians only)
Traveler’s Garb (soft boots, shirt, belt, robe or breeches, traveler’s cloak)
Trail Rations (1 week)

Additional Items:
Padded Armor
Healing Kit (3 applications)

Threads Tied:
None at 1st Circle

Animal Companions:

Brief Backstory:

Bloodbeat is a t’skrang Nethermancer from the Cliff City of Syrtis on Shivoam, the Great Serpent River.  She’s a young, blood red t’skrang with a striking bone white crest, spine ridges and tail spikes, and speaks in an oddly formal, anachronistic style in both the Throalic and T’skrang languages.  It’s quickly apparent that it’s as though she is a crotchety old t’skrang bat of a Nethermancer in a young woman’s body.  She seems to know her stuff, but it’s very odd as she snorts at all you “hatchlings without the sense your chaida used to wipe your tails with”.  [NB, a chaida is the male t’skrang nanny who takes care of a hatchling in t’skrang culture.]
As you get to know Bloodbeat, you get the impression that she believes she is similar to a t’skrang Lahala.  A Lahala is the female matriarchal elder of each naill (extended t’skrang family).  As a Lahala’s body dies, she undergoes a nethermatic ritual to transfer her memories and her essence to her successor.  Bloodbeat doesn’t make any bones about her belief that her adult Name chose her, and her initiation as an adept merged her new body with the pattern of a legendary Pre-Scourge t’skrang Nethermancer of the same mystical Name.  You have seen Bloodbeat get very frustrated with the “slow pace of rebuilding the ability of her descendant’s body to channel the magics that are hers by right”.  She drops references to ancient blood curdling tales into conversation as though they happened yesterday, and talks about preparing the rituals to put her spirit into the wards being woven to protect the Cliff City through the Scourge as if she was there.  Frankly, it’s hard to tell if she is for real or just delusional, but she does wield a mean spell and talks to dead people, so you don’t press too hard.

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