Kalandar 1st circle thief

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Kalandar 1st circle thief

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Roll20 Name: marc r.
Discord ID:marc#9530 marc r.
Character Name: Kalandar
Race: Elf

ECR: 1 (0-599 Legend)
Lifetime Legend Total:
Unspent Legend:
Thread Item Points:
Silver: 24

Discipline: Thief
Discipline Abilities

Dex: 16 /7
Str: 12 /5
Tou: 14 /6
Per: 15/6
Wil: 14/6
Cha: 12/5

Karma Mod: 4
Karma Step:
Karma Max:6
Uncon: 33
Death: 40

Init: 7
PD: 10
PA: 4
MD: 10
MA: 2
SD: 7

Movement: 14
Carrying Capacity: 110/48
Wound Threshold: 9
Recovery tests per day: 3

[Discipline] Talents
First Circle Discipline Talent: Awareness 2
First Circle Discipline Talent: Lock picking 1
First Circle Discipline Talent: Pick Pockets 1
First Circle Discipline Talent: Stealth Stride 2
First Circle Discipline Talent: Mele Weapons 3
First Circle Talent Option: Danger Sense 1

Free Talent: Name (Rank)

Other Talents
Racial Talent: Name (Rank)

Talent Knacks
Talent Knack Name

If Appropriate

Knowledge Skill: Dancing 1 (6)
Knowledge Skill: History Barsaive 1(7)
Knowledge Skill: Thief Lore 1(7)

Read/Write Language: Thoralic Sperethial (Thoralic accent)
Speak Language: 1 Thoralic Sperethial

Avoid Blow 1(7)
Missle Weapons 1 (7)
Street wise 1(6)
Climbing 1 (8)
Disarm trap 1 (8)
Wound balance 1 (6)
Suprise Strike 1 (6)

Adventurer’s Kit (backpack, bedroll, flint & steel, torch, waterskin, large sack)
Artisan Tools (relevant to character’s Artisan skill; needs gamemaster approval)
Dagger or knife (or a similar Size 1 or 2 weapon)
Traveler’s Garb (soft boots, shirt, belt, robe or breeches, traveler’s cloak)
Trail Rations (1 week)

List each additional item on its own line
Short Sword
Short Bow
20 arrows
Padded leather
Crystal Buckler
Threads Tied:

Brief Backstory:
He has lived on the streets of Thoral and joined different groups not finding a permanent group yet. He has gotten the ire from the thiefs guld and is working to get more reputation with them.
Once you have done all t

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