AAR[6M]: The Slavers Come Home to Roost on the Soaring Espagra (2020-10-20 @ 2300 GMT)

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AAR[6M]: The Slavers Come Home to Roost on the Soaring Espagra (2020-10-20 @ 2300 GMT)

Post by predajey » Wed Oct 14, 2020 3:16 am

LFG: The Slavers Come Home to Roost on the Soaring Espagra
Time: 2020-10-20 @ 23:00 GMT
GM: Jeff
Difficulty: 6M

Rumor: Jaclaeril is afraid the Soaring Espagra is about to stir up something that everyone on the river would prefer remained asleep…

Reference: Freedom on the Soaring Espagra

Location: 46.13, The Coil River Bank

Rewards: Half price Discipline Training

Note: Up to 5 players
You'll probably get wet.
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Re: LFG[6M]: The Slavers Come Home to Roost on the Soaring Espagra (2020-10-20 @ 2300 GMT)

Post by Anoush » Wed Oct 14, 2020 3:54 am

Name: Bloodbeat II of Syrtis
ECR: 5
Last game played: My rumor
Discipline: Nethermancer 5
Quote: Tsch!  I hate birds!!
Unique/Notable Abilities: Experience Death, Frighten, Last Chance, Night’s Edge, Soul Armor, Spirit Talk, Summon Ally Spirits, Viewpoint
Downtime: Alchemy Step 9 (rank 2 + perception 7)

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Re: LFG[6M]: The Slavers Come Home to Roost on the Soaring Espagra (2020-10-20 @ 2300 GMT)

Post by sigfriedmcwild » Wed Oct 14, 2020 6:57 am

Name: Elisen
Last played on: 2020-10-04
ECR: 6 (55230lp)
Discipline: Cavalryman 6 / Troubadour 3
Quote/Unique: Deliverance flies on silent wind
Notable Abilities: Zoak power! (and a last chance salve)
Downtime: Animal training step 14 (10 + karma), Item History 17 (rank 4; 9 + 2 karma), Research 17 (rank 4; 9 + 2 karma)
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Re: LFG[6M]: The Slavers Come Home to Roost on the Soaring Espagra (2020-10-20 @ 2300 GMT)

Post by bronzemountain » Wed Oct 14, 2020 12:31 pm

Name: Juniper
ECL: 5
Discipline: Shadow
Quote/Unique: "Power to the people!"
Notable Abilities: Streetwise, Looks good naked, people person
Downtime: Drugs, poetry slams, volunteering, romantic entanglements
Last Game Played: Co-sponsor of rumor

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Re: LFG[6M]: The Slavers Come Home to Roost on the Soaring Espagra (2020-10-20 @ 2300 GMT)

Post by Xzandrate » Wed Oct 14, 2020 4:11 pm

Name: Lazulin
Date of Last Game Played: 2020-10-11
ECR: 6
Discipline: Raider (6)/SunHerald(3)
Unique: Combat and combat related accessories, and the guiding light of the sun.
Downtime: Research 3(9)

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Re: LFG[6M]: The Slavers Come Home to Roost on the Soaring Espagra (2020-10-20 @ 2300 GMT)

Post by Icarus-Wolfswift » Sat Oct 17, 2020 10:12 pm

Name: Icarus Wolfswift
Last played on: Keen on Keshof
ECR: 6
Discipline: Air Sailor 6 / Messenger R3
Quote/Unique: Back in the saddle again
Notable Abilities: I have forgotten

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Re: LFG[6M]: The Slavers Come Home to Roost on the Soaring Espagra (2020-10-20 @ 2300 GMT)

Post by Anoush » Tue Oct 20, 2020 12:38 am

Elisen, Juniper, Lazulin and Icarus, please join me tomorrow to deal with some slavers.

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Yay, we killed a giant four legged snake! (And I got a windling wet)

Post by predajey » Wed Oct 21, 2020 3:19 am

AAR: The Slavers Come Home to Roost on the Soaring Espagra
GM: Jeff
ECR: 6
Difficulty: Medium

Player Rewards:
Bloodbeat: 7500 LP 650 SP 3 TIPS
Elisen: 7500 LP 250 SP 3 TIPS + Troubadour 5 training (400sp)
Icarus: 7500 LP 650 SP 3 TIPS
Juniper: 7,500 LP, 150 SP, 3 TIPs + Shadow 6 Training (500sp)
Lazulin: 7500 LP 650 SP 3 TIPS

Journals: 375 LP, 162.5 SP

GM Reward: Calina (800 LP, 200 SP, 3 TIPs)

Animal training step 14 (10 + karma)
Item History 17 (rank 4; 9 + 2 karma)
Research 17 (rank 4; 9 + 2 karma)

Research 3(9)

Captain Van Drake hired the party to hunt down an artifact that controls a Basilisk. The group found a group of swimming birds (they did not discover that the birds can also fly), and found an underwater entrance to a cavern. While Captain Van Drake recovered the artifact, she was soon after devoured by the Basilisk. The Basilisk was killed by attacking the artifact that controlled it. The Soaring Espagra (which was renamed quite lazily as the Floating Espagra) was sold to other adepts, offering discipline training to reduce the cost of the sale.

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Re: AAR[6M]: The Slavers Come Home to Roost on the Soaring Espagra (2020-10-20 @ 2300 GMT)

Post by Xzandrate » Wed Oct 21, 2020 9:23 pm

***The intricately covered ice blue journal contains a single blue crystal on the centre, with the simple gold lettering below it 'Lazulin' ***

Page 11

A T'skrang milled through the crowd, judging by the reaction of those she spoke to she was up to no good. My drinking companions noticed her as well, and Juniper even recognized her. The normally jovial elf grew cold and deadly, his Passion flowed through him as he spat her vocation, "Slaver." The plan was quickly hatched to hire on and infiltrate the crew and take care of the Captain should she be doing anything to harm the people of the land. Elisen and our new friend Icarus agreed. It seemed we were not the only one with such a plan, for Bloodbeat also signed on after recognizing the captain.

Captain Gerri Van Drake, though I hate to give such an honorific title upon someone so low, captained the Floating Espagara. She had been contacted by an employer who wished her to investigate a great artifact that could help control the Coil River. A nefarious employer with nefarious plans hiring a low life captain. This would be brought into the light.

We travelled down the river for a couple of day and were told that there should be an underwater cavern that hid the artifact. Once in the water we were set upon by strange aquatic birds, a promising sign I suppose. Most of us made our way inside while Elisen tried to coax Jacint into the water. Eventually we were all gathered in the small underwater cavern. That included the Captain who so vehemently pushed us to explore the way and lure out the dangers…

We explored the cave system and retrieve a number of small artifacts that allowed us entry into the larger passage. Once inside we laid eyes upon the artifact, set upon a strange altar that seemed to pulse with energy. The greed of Van Drake out weighed common sense, she dashed for the artifact and tried to run. The room shook and the altar gave way to reveal a large basalisk. It lurched forward and snapped the captain by the tail and with a quick flip, swallowed her whole and moved to protect the relic. Battle was joined.

I assessed the situation and laid out a plan of action for my comrades to help maximize our abilities. The creature was terribly resilient, but we laid into it. As it's gaze fell across me, I realized that the nature of the beast was somewhat counteracted by the glowing brightness of my equipment and talents. I tried to remain in it's gaze whenever possible, we were slowly gaining an upperhand. Juniper launched the relic into the back corner of the cave, Icarus cried out a warning to the box. Later everyone revealed the box was an image of something else, Icarus believed it to be his most recent T'skrang cohort, while I had only seen a lockbox for documents. None the less, Icarus learned the secret of the relic in his concern. It and the beast were linked. Using this information the battlefield shifted, and we focused on the box, with the beast shouting out in pain. It fell to the ground as the relic dissipated.

We returned to the ship, one less slaver, and made our way back to Kampung Gajah, selling the boat to be repurposed for the good of the people hopefully. The documents on the ship have given us a great deal of information about the network of villainy in this part of the land. Now to set about burning that out.

Growth as a person leads to growth of the people around you. I have learned new and powerful abilities, but more importantly I surrounded myself with dedicated allies who have grown as well, and I help to lift them higher. Juniper and I often have aligning views on the evils surrounding us, he has tempered himself to deal with some of those specific evils. Bloodbeat has gathered more knowledge and power, leveraging it to protect and support those around her. Elisen and Jacint have grown closer and move as a single weapon now, even if they are afraid of water. Icarus is a new weapon added to the arsenal, headstrong and noble, I trust he will fight for the betterment of the people of the land. Thought I suspect I may need to shield him from some of the dirtier jobs that I must do.

***A great Iced Claw adorns the bottom of the page ***

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Bloodbeat’s Journal

Post by Anoush » Fri Oct 23, 2020 4:47 am

Bloodbeat’s Journal:

I was browsing through the Grand Bazaar of Throal one day, when I suddenly caught sight of a familiar female t’skrang, Gerry van Drake, the notorious slaver. My blood went cold. What’s she doing here in Throal, walking around free? Doesn’t Throal know she’s a slaver in league with the K’Tenshin aropagoi and Thera? Sadly, her infamy wasn’t well known enough, yet.

So I watched her, trailed her, listened to her conversations. She was recruiting people for a new expedition, something lucrative she said without mentioning slavery, something she claimed was perfectly legal. Hmmm.

Then I spied Juniper across the way, also watching Gerry. We shared a glance and both nodded, murder in our eyes. I approached Gerry first, expressing interest in the job she offered. I learned that the job entailed recovery an ancient relic for a wealthy sponsor, who would pay well for its recovery.

When I asked for details on the relic, she began talking nonsense about an artifact that can steer the future, the fate of the Coil River and of all the people in Barsaive, even the world. She continued talking about an enormous, immortal lizard that lived in the Coil River, that was controlled by this relic. I’ve heard stories like this many times, millennia ago. I didn’t believe them in the distant past, and I certainly didn’t believe them that day in Throal.

Nevertheless, I maintained my interest and accepted the job aboard her ship. Gerry then went looking for the rest of the crew, while I tagged along quietly. She found Juniper — along with Lazulin and Elisen, plus someone I hadn’t met before, a human air sailor Named Icarus. The murderous look in Juniper’s eyes convinced her that these four were ruthless pirates willing to do anything for money. So they were hired, too.

We were to meet Gerry in two days time in Kampung Gajah. On the way there, the five of us agreed that Gerry’s slaving had to stop, and we certainly couldn’t let her take a supposedly powerful relic away with her to sell to an unknown party, probably a no-good slaving Theran.

In Kampung Gajah, we saw the familiar Soaring Espagra, um, that is, the reNamed Floating Espagra, at the docks. The reNaming was a matter of crossing out the word “Soaring” and painting on the word “Floating” on the side of the ship. A pretty amateurish job. While Gerry did some minor repairs on the Espagra, Icarus gave us some quick lessons on sailing, basically what his nautical orders meant and that we were to prompt in doing them. That fine with the rest of us, not knowing anything about sailing ourselves. So we set sail south on the Coil River.

On the journey south, Gerry continued weaving tales about this relic, how the giant snake at the bottom of the Coil River would ensure that those who had the relic would take power. She assured that our group — as her employees — would be part of the new ruling class. Sure. She claimed that her “international connections” were helping her make a sweet deal for the relic, and we’d be very wealthy afterwards. She was vague about where her sponsor was, but he definitely wasn’t in Throal. At one point, Juniper was able to sneak into the Captain’s Office and found a contract, written in Theran, arranging for Gerry to drop off the relic at their “usual place.” Probably the same place that she’d dropped off slaves in the past.

After sailing for two days, we anchored near the eastern shore of the Coil, not too far from Skyreader Island. She told us to go underwater and find an underwater cavern. While we prepared, I summoned my Sister and she agreed to help when needed.

Elisen and his mount were uneasy, expectedly so, about going underwater, so they skimmed the surface and tracked the rest of us from there. Meanwhile the other four of us dived down and explored. After a couple a minutes, we saw a group of creatures approaches us quickly, determinedly. They were swimming birds! Birds! Why does it always have to be birds! Gah! In spite of my horror, we fought them, and eventually gutted them all.

Shortly thereafter, we found an underwater passage that led to an underground cavern system. Elisen eventually approached his mount to go underwater, and he held onto me while I swam as fast I could back to the cavern where he could dry off. Gerry followed me back as well.

The cavern walls were covered in a glowing algae, so no other light source was needed. The first cave had three exits. One passage heading south, another passage heading northwest, and a closed, green door. The door had three slots on it of varying sizes. We presumed that we’d need three different keys to open it.

We, including Gerry, explored the passage south first. It continued south a while, when Juniper continued on ahead of us scouting. He returned in a rush and reported that there was a cave on the east side with a small chest and some kind of monster. We arranged ourselves for battle and entered the cave. We found the chest, but not monster. Icarus opened the chest and found a key-sized tool, a slender shaft attached to a handle.

There was a second exit from this cave, which led a short ways southwest and to another cavern. There was another chest in this room, which Icarus opened. In this one was a key-sized tool, shaped as if to wind-up a mechanical device. The other exit from this cave met up with the main passage heading south, so we returned to the original cave.

Taking the northwest passage, we found another small cave with another chest. Icarus opened this as well, and found a normal-looking key. This room also held a very large shed snakeskin, from a snake that must be at least four yards long. Huge!

Comparing the slots in the door with the three “keys” we found, we could easily match them up. But we decided to rest for the night and open the door in the morning.

We set watched and the night was uneventful. However, Gerry behaved very strangely. First, she didn’t sleep at all, not even a nap or a doze. Instead, she paced most of the night, wringing her hands, taking to herself, performing sword-play moves, burying her face in her hands. Very disturbing to watch. We studied her as best we could, but the best guess we had to explain her behavior was that she had been at sea too long and gone a bit crazy because of it.

In the morning, I tried summoning my sister — who everyone insists on calling Bonebeat — but wasn’t able to. We speculated that something about the cave, or being beneath the Coil River prevented me from doing so.

We arranged ourselves and opened the door easily. Behind it was a corridor, that led to a large cavern. At the far end of the cavern were four altars set on legs, arranged to form an area 6 yards square. In the center was a pedestal, raised a yard off the cavern floor. On top of the pedestal was what could only be the relic we were searching for. It was a small green, carved stone snake, at least, that’s what I saw. Later I learned that each of us saw something different when we looked at the relic.

Looking astrally again, I realized that the altars and the relic formed a living thread pattern, the theme of which was that it formed something to bring out someone’s downfall. There was a strong sense of illusion magic here, too.

Gerry trotted over to the pedestal and pick up the relic. The ground trembled, then shook, until I felt the very earth was going to break open, when suddenly a huge snake-crocodile creature appeared. Later we identified it as a Basilisk, a very powerful one at that. The Basilisk’s first action was to reach town and swallow Gerry whole, the relic falling out of her hands onto the ground.

The Basilisk was tough. Somehow, every time one of us acted, the Basilisk was able to take an action in return. It attacked our minds and our bodies, doing damage with both attacks. While the Basilisk was hurting us badly, we could barely dent it, it’s armor and defenses were so great.

Yet, the Basilisk seemed protective of the relic, so Icarus grabbed the relic and tossed it to the back of the cavern, hoping to draw the Basilisk away from the fight. Surprisingly, when the relic was thrown, it took some damage and so did the Basilisk. So, we redirected our attacked to the relic, which had little to no armor, and that turned the tide of battle. As we destroyed the relic, the Basilisk weakened. When the box was destroyed and crumbled to dust, the Basilisk died, too.

We were injured, some of us badly, but we survived. Juniper slit open the Basilisk’s belly, and found Gerry’s somewhat digested body. He chopped her into small pieces for good measure. By the time he was done, the Basilisk’s body had crumbled to dust as well.

We sailed back to Kampung Gajah. On the way, we collected all the ship’s and Gerry’s documents, including the ship’s ledgers, her contracts, etc. We found the list of slaves that had been sold and to whom, and the location of her drop-off point. The last entry in the ledger was about the relic and where it should be dropped off.

We sold the Floating Espagra to a group of adepts for a tidy sum, plus some half-price training.

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