AAR (6H) - The Breach of Iron Head 2020-9-13 (23:00 GMT)

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AAR (6H) - The Breach of Iron Head 2020-9-13 (23:00 GMT)

Post by Jexel » Sat Sep 12, 2020 3:34 pm

6H - The Breach of Iron Head
Time: 2020-09-13 @ 23:00 GMT - *May be slightly delayed due to earlier game
GM: Nez
Difficulty: 6 Hard

Rumor: A’horangi through her studies has come upon an intriguing and rare discipline. She finally found someone to mentor her in the Bodyguard discipline and after numerous attempts has finally received a short message back.

“FINE! If you seek my instruction you must perform a task to prove, you know what, justify it however the hell you want. Bring along capable companions. You know where I reside.


Benefit: Unlock Bodyguard
Note: Up to 5 players (7:00 Eastern)
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Re: LFG (6H) - The Breach of Iron Head 2020-9-13 (23:00 GMT)

Post by Lashana » Sat Sep 12, 2020 3:48 pm

Name: LaShana Tumblesprout
Date of Last Game Played: 9/4/2020 7M Just A Little Prick
ECR: 6/7
Discipline: Thief
Unique: Enthusiasm and an ability to fumble/stumble into trouble. Can also open...and close doors - possibly even if they are locked. ;)
Downtime: drinking and rabble rousing...will buy drinks for friends

Primary character

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Re: LFG (6H) - The Breach of Iron Head 2020-9-13 (23:00 GMT)

Post by bronzemountain » Sat Sep 12, 2020 4:31 pm

Name: A'horangi Ha'hana Syrtis
ECL: 6
Discipline: Monk
Quote/Unique: "Respectfully, I must now punch you."
Notable Abilities: Very polite dinosaur. Fully Item History/Research a Journeyman TI in one week.
Downtime: Research 1/22 (+3 for 20sp), Item History 3/24
Last Game Played: 2020-08-30 Not in my Neighborhood
This is my request

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Re: LFG (6H) - The Breach of Iron Head 2020-9-13 (23:00 GMT)

Post by Xzandrate » Sat Sep 12, 2020 5:11 pm

Name: Lazulin
Date of Last Game Played: 2020-09-07
ECR: 5
Discipline: Raider (5)
Unique: Combat and combat related accessories, some navigations and survival, Leader of Namegivers.

Secondary Character

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Re: LFG (6H) - The Breach of Iron Head 2020-9-13 (23:00 GMT)

Post by sigfriedmcwild » Sat Sep 12, 2020 7:07 pm

This is a secondary character
Name: Elisen
Last played on: 2020-09-11
ECR: 5 (19350lp)
Discipline: Cavalryman 5
Quote/Unique: Deliverance flies on silent wind
Notable Abilities: Zoak power! (and a last chance salve)
Downtime: Animal training step 14 (10 + karma)

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Re: LFG (6H) - The Breach of Iron Head 2020-9-13 (23:00 GMT)

Post by iceface9 » Sun Sep 13, 2020 2:22 pm

Name: Rose
Date of Last Game Played: 2020-08-31
ECR: 7
Discipline: Nethermancer 6/Weaponsmith 5
Unique: Last Chance, Debuffs, and buffs, and can hit things
Downtime: Forge Armor Rank 5 step 15
Forge Weapon Rank 5 Step 15
Item history rank 5 step 15

Note Secondary Character

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Re: LFG (6H) - The Breach of Iron Head 2020-9-13 (23:00 GMT)

Post by Dougansf » Sun Sep 13, 2020 10:57 pm

Name: Sandrin
Effective Circle Rating: 7 (109,720 LP)
Discipline: Air Sailor 7 / Troubadour 3
Unique: Melee, Social, Thrown, and Navigation
Last Time Played: 7/17/2020
  • Craft Weapon at Step 7 (Rank 1) (Weapons up to Damage 2, 1 Day per Size)
  • Item History at Step 18 (Rank 4)
  • Research at Step 13 (Step 16 with Library)

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Re: LFG (6H) - The Breach of Iron Head 2020-9-13 (23:00 GMT)

Post by Jexel » Mon Sep 14, 2020 3:58 pm

The Breach of Iron Head
Time: 2020-09-13@2300 GMT
GM: Nez
Circle: 6
Difficulty: Hard

Player Rewards:
A'horangi: 11,000 LP, 975 SP, 5 TIPs
LaShana: 11,000 LP, 975 SP, 5 TIPs
Elisen: 11,000 LP, 975 SP, 5 TIPs
Sandrin: 11,000 LP, 975 SP, 5 TIPs
Lazulin: 11,000 LP, 975 SP, 5 TIPs

GM Reward:
Nez: 19,000 LP, 900 SP, 3 TIPs

Downtime Actions Available:
A'horangi: Research 1/22 (+3 with library access / 20sp), Item History 3/24
Elisen: Animal Training Step 14
Sandrin: Craft Weapon 1/7, Item History 4/18, Research 13 (+3 with library access / 20sp)

Alt Rewards: Half price climbing gear (Kit/Rope/etc.), Training to Bodyguard via Iron Head, Training to Sun Herald via Banik

Further Information:
A location of intense Horror activity has been found near a mountain lake deep in the Throalic Mountains. Who knows what all currently resides in there and what used to reside beyond that breach.

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Re: AAR (6H) - The Breach of Iron Head 2020-9-13 (23:00 GMT)

Post by Xzandrate » Mon Sep 14, 2020 11:14 pm

***The intricately covered ice blue journal contains a single blue crystal on the centre, with the simple gold lettering below it 'Lazulin' ***

Page 8

A T'skrang by the name of A'horangi had sent out invitations to an adventure to some of her acquaintances, with an additional request to bring other interested allies, a very polite and scholarly gesture. LaShana showed this to me, she was rather excited. But also embarrassed as she felt she had not been doing it correctly. She asked that I attend with her, she felt more at ease with a troll around. Her normal selection of troll comrades were not around, and apparently I reminded her of another friend. With my agreement, we attended the invitation to adventure. We were met by the hostess, a Monk, as well as another Windling named Elisen of the Cavalryman and Troubadour disciplines, as well as an elf named Sandrin of the Air Sailor and Troubadour disciplines. A rather academic party again.

A'horangi had been summoned to the Cloister of Silence by a woman known as Iron Head Zenghu, a follower of a reclusive discipline known as a Bodyguard. A'horangi had been requesting training in the most 'politely determined way' as she described it, and be rebuffed each time. It seems her husband had fallen to the ravages of the mind, the Cloister being a former stronghold of followers of Rashamon. His brother Banick appeared touched as well, but Zenghu had restrained him to try and save him. Her husband, Feug, had accused her of stealing his things and fled into the wilds. She provided us with the charred remains of his charts and logs. We poured over the battlefield data and Sandrin was able to extrapolate a pattern in the husbands expeditions. We would set off in the morning.

Zenghu was an obvious leader of the community, respected by the honorable, feared by the cowardly. Her husband as well prior to his condition. This was most apparent by the militia formation that greeted us in the morning. 20 men strong, led by a man named Dreggs. They instructed that they would accompany us and we agreed, for the assistance would be beneficial. Throughout the journey, Sandrin and I both prodded the resolve of these men. It wouldn't be long for them to prove themselves.

A number of days into the journey, we were climbing a cliff face to a higher plateau. Once we were atop the plateau and preparing to bring up the militiamen. Shouts went up from my allies about movement, as we turned and weapons were drawn, rockworms ambushed us. The first one hit me hard, then a cry from A'horangi knocked the monk back and unconscious. We were suddenly outnumbered and in a bad spot. Sandrin jumped into the fray drawing some attention as LaShana got some altitude to provide covering fire, and Elisen tried to maneuver to charge. I defended as best I could, downing a healing potion to soothe the pain a bit. We were slowly getting whittle down, at one point my head snapped back and I faded to black as I heard the shattering of a crystal. The Death Cheat saved me and allowed me to stay in the fight and absorb some more damage so our windlings could put damage on the beasts. Unsure as to what was occuring, Dreggs had made his way up the rope and called for the militia to launch arrowfire twenty yards beyond us. A cunning plan, knowing the beasts were drawn by vibrational motion they would either be drawn to the arrows, or afraid of it being something much larger. The ploy ended up working and we were victorious thanks to the militia. Dreggs quelled any notion of turning back, and the militia continued with us as we mounted this peak over the next four days.

As we approached the summit we encountered a strange procession coming down from a stone opening on the other side of a glacial lake. As we moved forward to assess the situation a sense of dread descended just before Dreggs cried out in agony as shards of crystal emerged from his chest. The men started to break, Sandrin provided encouragement and directed me to take charge of the men. A horde of gnashers seemed to flow down from the stone opening now. I stepped forward lifting The Point of Triumph into the air and inspired the men to fight for one another and keep these foul creatures from taking Dreggs or any others. They turned and fell into formation preparing to hold back the gnashers. We turned our attention to the source of the magic that had affected Dreggs, a palanquin borne aloft by four mutated beasts of various namegiver forms.

The group fought like a strike force, with LaShana providing pinpoint sniper fire while the rest of us battled up the field, Sandrin's encouragement pushing us all forward. The brutes, one wearing Feug's face, were cut down one by one, as the windlings pushed onto the palanquin's rider, ceasing the magic spikes from occurring. We turned to reinforce the militia and spent a great deal of time grinding back the gnashers. As the last of them fell, the mountain began to rumble. It sounded as if something within that cave was coming out, and that something was not a something we could deal with currently. We retreated back down the mountain with Dreggs and healed on the way back to the Cloister.

Zenghu was appreciative and understanding of the situation. Addiitonally we learned that Banick had regained his sensibilities. As it turns out he is touted leader of the Cloister and a member of the Sun Herald's. Having heard the stories of what the militia faced and how things were handled he agreed speak on behalf of Sandrin and myself for induction.

From a very polite beginning, what could be perceived as fragile by some was forged and tempered into a fine weapon of war. LaShanna's marksmanship with her bow (though it may be more accurate to describe it as the bow's marksmanship with LaShanna) was consistent at finding the critical point for the diminutive arrows to do the most impact. A'horangi, when able to read the flow of battle around her, could keep opponents disoriented and off-balance. The best defense is to not be where the opponent has swung, and A'horangi has begun to perfect this. Elisen and Jacint dive and dash across the battlefield bringing to bear a force greater than their mass would endorse. As a sun rises, a sun sets, but they are both a sun of the same day. This is Sandrin to my own goals. A leader and a warrior-poet, I look forward to taking the field with him again.

***A great Iced Claw adorns the bottom of the page ***

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Re: AAR (6H) - The Breach of Iron Head 2020-9-13 (23:00 GMT)

Post by Lashana » Wed Sep 16, 2020 7:32 am

I had a completely new experience for this adventure. I was formally invited to accompany someone on an adventure. I had never had that happen before, is this always supposed to happen? Have I been doing this wrong? Am I supposed to formally accept adventures? Do I need to send an acceptance letter each time? This gave me many new things to consider. Well, after I pondered this for a bit I realized that I was being rude and hadn’t answered A’horangi yet. And so I obviously accepted, after convincing someone to accompany me. I chose Lazulin because they reminded me so much of my bestie and I found their company comforting.

After joining A’horangi we met up with Elisen and Sandrin before heading out to the Cloister of Silence. This did not sound like a place I would do well at. I am not reserved and proper but I set out to….make a good impression, and be a smidge more reserved. I think I succeeded, I didn’t acquire anything and no one died. AND I wasn’t kicked out. All very very good things for me.

We met with the leader of the cloister, a contact of A’horangi, and she briefed us on some domestic issue with her husband and maybe his brother? I think maybe it had to do with some weird mating thing because she showed us the brother and he was tied up and in a weird room with lots of chains and stuff. I didn’t ask questions, I felt that was safer. We did get access to some cool maps, a little charred but still kind of sort of readable. Sandrin was able to cobble together a path for us and we set out the next morning.

They sent a small squad of soldiers with us, 20 led by a man named Dreggs. He was kind and competent and his men seemed to respect him . I was grateful for their presence as that was extra support. Things went well for several days until we hit a rock wall...literally. As we were setting up pulley lines and navigating up the wall we were set upon by these giant rock slug/worms. And they were brutal - A’horangi fell almost immediately as she was surrounded by several of the worms. I’m not sure if anyone else actually fell but I know things were DIRE. I was very worried about our situation and then Dreggs made it to the top of the cliff and instructed his squad to launch fire arrows up and over the ridge. And that seemed to turn the tide, thank heavens. Once the last two rock slug things slunk back into the ground we were able to pull our wounded and away and start treating them.

After spending a few days healing up we continued on our way and had to work pretty hard, with alot of effort, to keep the squad moving with us and morale from bottoming out. They wanted to turn back. But they continued on with us for four more days up to the peak of that mountain. As we got up near the top we saw a small group coming down from a small stone building across the icy lake. As we moved closer to figure out what was going on, a familiar excruciating pain started to tear at my joints. Luckily it was not as painful this time as last time but I tried to shout out a warning but Dreggs had already been struck and fallen and was shouting in agony.

That was almost the end of the squad, they almost lost it. But Sandrin told Lazulin to take charge and make them hold the line. And boy did Lazulin pull through, getting those troops to hold back a horde of gnashers while we took out the horror that seemed to be leading “the other side.”

After taking out the crystal monstrosity and its pieced together brutes we were working on taking out the gnashers when the mountainside started to rumble. That did not seem like a good sign at all. So we decided to leave, before whatever was on the other side of the mountain made itself known. We made sure to treat everyone who needed it while still continuing to make our way back down the mountain, away from whatever was trying to come out of the mountain.

We managed to get everyone WE left the cloister with back safely. We did however have to supply the leader with what I learned was bad news regarding her husband. It was not in fact weird mating rituals, oops, but had to do with the crystal beast. But the brother had started to recover by the time we had returned, so that was good news. AND our actions helped A’horangi with his studies for whatever this bodyguarding thing is and also help both Sandrin and Lazulin with some really high falutin training for something called a Sun Herald. Huzzah!

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