AAR: [4M] Paradox of Supply and Demand (2020-07-15 @ 23:00 GMT)

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Field Notes of A'horangi Ha'hana Syrtis, Vol. 1

Post by bronzemountain » Thu Jul 16, 2020 2:47 pm

Entry 9.

This will be the last entry of Volume One of my field notes. My journal will continue in Volume Two.

Continued investigation of Paradox of Water, Thread Bracelet in my possession, indicates that I must go entreat with water spirit from source of original True Water. Sure to be enlightening and interesting conversation.

I make preparations. Surprisingly, am approached by two potential backers, Benjamin and Gerald Daicar. Either siblings or romantic partners. Not clear. Business partners, however. Interested in possible living crystal in Griffin Falls (where True Water for bracelet originated).

I review prospectus (Notes attached). Seems in order. Accept their help. Collect allies - Griffin Falls in Servos Jungle, very dangerous. Vralino, Thorkell both available. Best to take them together. Separation anxiety likely if split. Elisen and LaShana, brave and clever in the way of their people.

Journey to Irondelve. Settlement growing nicely. Follow river into jungle towards Griffin Falls. Pre-Scourge map (Attached) provided by Daicars proves reasonably accurate (Annotations on map.). One wildlife encounter en route - two hungry tigers, one wounded and enraged brithan. Practice with stances paying off. More fluid in transition. Found rhythm in attack, then meditative assessment of battle, then return to attack.

We find the falls, and the spirit of the falls. Water is clean and cool. Perfect. I enter the water to address the water; only polite. Spirit is surprisingly talkative, friendly. Says she can help but has no time. Is distracted by noisy ones beneath her.

As predicted, cave behind waterfall. All waterfalls have caves behind them. This is well established. Often secret cave, full of secrets. Must spend more time chasing waterfalls. Surely is good plan.

In cave, there is humming. Droning, soothing. I am, to my embarrassment, victim of hypnosis. Pleasant in the moment, unpleasant in recollection. Convinced to approach strange dwarf being, hunched and twisted, covered in moss and lichen and bits of stone. Creature betrays semblance of peaceful intent by attacking me. Attack sharpens my senses.

I am angry. To remove another's agency is a dire violation. I examine the boundaries of my anger to establish its shape. I pour the anger into a small, tight shape. I use that shape, in my spirit, to punish and educate those who would do such an impolite and discourteous thing. Others, presumably, do the same. We defeat creatures. (Note: Further research indicates these are called Eloko. Dwarves left outside during Scourge?)

Spirit is pleased. Invites further Namegiver activity. Most unusual and hospitable for spirit. Thorkell is pleased. There is living crystal here. LaShana is pleased. There are shiny things here. I am pleased. The Paradox of Water flows free and fierce. Vralino is pleased. His friend has survived his lack of protective gear. Elisen is pleased. They could fly fierce and free and Jacint acquited itself well.

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Re: AAR: [4M] Paradox of Supply and Demand (2020-07-15 @ 23:00 GMT)

Post by sigfriedmcwild » Sat Jul 25, 2020 10:28 pm

From the Songs of Passion by Elisen of clan Adorjan, Haressa-tis

When A'horangi of the wise mind and strong fist sought a spirit
And the brothers Daicar sought a mine
And the adepts joined for these were worthy causes
And the adepts were Thorkell father of weapons
And the adepts were LaShana of the stealthy ways
And the adepts were Vralino of the stabbing spear
And the adepts were Elisen rider in the silent wind
And the adepts were eager for the challenge

And the journey took them to iron delve
Iron delve of the clear pool and lusty red wings

And the adepts studied ancient maps
And the adepts sought a path

And the journey took them deep into the jungle
In the jungle where death stalks the night

And the adepts fought the death moths
And the adepts laughed at the terrible visage
And the adepts prevailed with ease

And the journey took them further along the Galaga
Along the Galaga to a grove
A grove where a Brithan rested
And tigers waited in ambush

And the adepts fought the tigers
And the adepts proved to be predator not prey
And Elisen went to befriend the Brithan
And the Brithan was wild and aggressive
And Elisen challenged for dominance
And the adepts proved their strength

And the journey took them to Griffin Falls
And the spirit guarding them
And the spirit was tormented by something

And the adepts agreed to help

And the journey took them into the cave behind the falls
The cave full of droning and buzzing
The droning of Eloko hiding in the depths

And the adepts fought the Eloko
And the adepts fought their mind tricks
And the adepts freed the spirit from torment
And A'horangi was gifted with its favor

And the spirit asked for the miners to return
And the adepts promised they would

And the journey ended
And the adepts brought new to the brothers Daicar

And so a little that was lost was reclaimed

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