AAR: [5H] Fancy Meeting You Here (2020-07-08 2200GMT)

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AAR: [5H] Fancy Meeting You Here (2020-07-08 2200GMT)

Post by bronzemountain » Sun Jul 05, 2020 10:01 pm

LFG: Fancy Meeting You Here
Time: 2020-07-08 22:00 GMT
GM: Dvarim
Circle: 5
Difficulty: Hard

Rumor: By hook, crook, or coincidence, various Adepts seem to be converging on the mouth of the Marrek valley (45.05) and the charred forest that still smolders there. Purifiers have an interest. So, too, do some Windlings. And perhaps a third party? Why does everyone care so much about a few acres of smoke and ash?

Requested by: Azurea, and maybe also Nez, and maybe also Moe'Uhane, and perhaps your cousin? And your mail carrier?
Reward: Someone will think highly of you going and might induct you into their club. Or they might hate you forever. Depends on the group!
Benefit: Secretive groups in Throal talk to each other.

- Adventure runs at 6pm EDT on Wednesday, July 8th

Sign up format:

Code: Select all

[b]Name:[/b] Character name
[b]Date of Last Game Played:[/b]
[b]Circle:[/b] Circle of your character
[b]Discipline:[/b] Your character's Discipline(s)
[b]Unique:[/b] What your character is bringing to the table.
[b]Downtime:[/b] Talents and Skills that other characters can use over downtime: [Talent] [Step including +Karma Step if appropriate] ([Rank]) ([Further Details])
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Re: LFG: [5H] Fancy Meeting You Here (2020-07-08 2200GMT)

Post by Jexel » Mon Jul 06, 2020 2:29 pm

Name: Nez
Last Game Played:7-1
ECR: 5
Discipline: Beastmaster 5/Warrior1
Quote/Unique: I do not think you understand.
Notable Abilities: Claw Shape to the Buttocks
Downtime: Animal Training (15) Rank 5

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Re: LFG: [5H] Fancy Meeting You Here (2020-07-08 2200GMT)

Post by Xzandrate » Tue Jul 07, 2020 1:45 pm

Name: Moe'uhane
Date of Last Game Played: 2020-07-06
ECR: 6
Discipline: Illusionist(6)/Messenger (4)
Unique: Enhanced matrix, buffs, some socials, Pretend fireballs
Downtime: Research - step 9

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Re: LFG: [5H] Fancy Meeting You Here (2020-07-08 2200GMT)

Post by LadyDragoon » Tue Jul 07, 2020 1:47 pm

Name: Azurea
Last Played: July 6 2020
Circle: ECR 5 [Circle 5]
Discipline: Shadow (5)
Unique: Happy go lucky attitude (or as some may call me Cheerful Sneaky Murder)
Downtime: Nothing:

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Re: LFG: [5H] Fancy Meeting You Here (2020-07-08 2200GMT)

Post by BrandenV » Tue Jul 07, 2020 3:02 pm

Name: Kain
Date of Last Game Played: July 1st
Circle: ECR 5 and Circle 5
Discipline: Archer
Unique: Try to shoot well (Though the dice may not agree)
Downtime:Research at 12 with the +3 from the library

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AAR: [5H] Fancy Meeting You Here (2020-07-08 2200GMT)

Post by bronzemountain » Thu Jul 09, 2020 2:42 am

Fancy Meeting You Here 2020-07-02 @2200 GMT
GM: Dvarim
Circle: 5
Difficulty: Hard

Player Rewards:
Moe'uhane: 6,000 LP, 713 SP, 5 TIPs
Azurea: 6,000 LP, 713 SP, 5 TIPs, Qualifies as Purifier
Nez: 6,000 LP, 10 Booster Potions, 3 Healing Potions, 13 SP, 5 TIPS
Kain: 6,000 LP, .5 SP, 5 TIPs, 13x booster potions (325 Silver), Last Chance salve (300 SIlver), Kelia's Antidote (75 silver), physician kit refill (12.5 silver)

Journal Rewards:
300 Legend, 178.3 Silver

GM Reward:
A'horangi: 2,200 LP, 375 SP, 3 TIPs

Downtime Actions Available:
Kain: Research 9 (12 with 20sp for Library Access)
Moe'Uhane: Research 9 (12 with 20sp for Library Access)
Nez: Animal Training 5/15

Further Information:
Adepts fought the Legendary Horror, the Mist, and drove it away from the Marrek valley. The Purifiers are pleased, windling survivors of the atrocities done to them are relieved, and Edvird Mennanir is delighted to have his True Fire mine rendered safe.

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Re: AAR: [5H] Fancy Meeting You Here (2020-07-08 2200GMT)

Post by Xzandrate » Thu Jul 09, 2020 1:19 pm

From the writings of Moe'uhane, T'skrang Illusionist, 6th Circle, Messenger Rank 4

The day started rather non-descript, I met with Kain at the offices of one Edvird Mennanir had recently had recently had some issues getting information on a new True Fire mining opportunity. Apparently his windling scout first went missing, and the adepts that went to retrieve them were unable to further secure the area and contact the kaers in the area. He was asking Kain and I to go scout and secure the area so that further expeditions could go and secure trade. The location was in the Marrek Valley. It has become more accessible with the increased boat travel between Sosanopa and the Cliff City. Our employer arranged for passage upon one of these ships, affording us a launch to get ashore.

We travelled a day into the valley, following the proposed trade route that would be, and then we came across our first bout of trouble. A corrupted wood beast came crashing through the underbrush and squelched at us. Kain loosed and arrow and fellback to a better position. This enraged the beast further, it loped towards Kain as a corrupted tendril snapped up a large fallen branch. It engulfed the branch and then spewed it towards Kain, knocking him down. Finally I gathered enough concentration to unleash a fireball upon the beast as it attempted to ravage Kain. It writhed and bucked in it's natural fear of fire. The belief that it was being burned further enhancing the illusion. It turned towards me, freeing Kain. Around this time a Troll and a Windling wandered into the battlefield. As I heard my name called by familiar voices, a second Phantom Fireball overwhelmed the creatures senses, the sheer terror caused it to convulse in death. Looking up, Azurea and Nez had arrived, not the location that I expected to find comrades on a constitutional.

They both had been sent independently to the area to prove themselves to groups they hoped to join. Nez to the windling protectors known as Windmasters, he had been a staunch defender of windling companions in the past and wished to do that for all windlings in the future. Azurea was most pleasantly surprised to see Kain, apparently it was his fault she was out here. In their last adventure, Kain had a very real brush with death, Azurea indicated that as she worked upon his stony lifeless body, she was struck by visions of the earth reaching out and bring him back to life. Obviously Thystonius unlocked a secret within this innocent childs pattern to help save his devotee. She had inquired far and wide as to the meaning to this. She was apparently approached by the Purifiers and sent here to try and determine and remedy the poison in the land. Ominous, but perhaps it was just as good that we met up. If there was a greater danger, none of our groups would have been able to handle it individually, and with the recent rash of adventuring deaths, Throal could ill afford to loose experienced and proven Adepts such as ourselves.

We took some time to rest and made camp, then proceeded on to the destination our trade map had indicated. This led us to a hilltop with a series of standing stones, in the center of which was what appeared to be a open portal. It was rather dark inside, but none of us could assess any threat. After dropping a torch inside to confirm, Azurea and Nez made their way down on my Flying Carpet, while Kain and I provided ranged support. They advised us that it appeared to be a Windling Kaer, and there was some sort of sealed door that they could not enter. It also appeared that someone less level headed had the same issue and had attacked the door, putting a crack into it. I could see the telltale signs of rope fibers around the opening, so it was obvious we would find nothing of interest here. The party made it's way down the hill and towards the direction of the other kaers Kain and I had been briefed upon. This lead us down into a luscious green grove with what appeared to be mushrooms spread throughout the grass. Azurea took a closer look at one of the white growths, and realized it was, in fact, a tiny finger bone. We did our best to assist Nez in collecting the remains of his brethren, until the scope of it hit him. Upon realizing that this would be too monumental a task, he conceded that we would need to comeback and deal with this location. As we were consoling him, movement from the grass caught our attention. Bones shot from the grass and into the trees opposite where we were standing. It increased in frequency and force, in fact pulling bones from Nez's hands. Everyone quickly hid themselves and we moved to get into a better position. As I snuck around the trunk of an old growth tree, a giant writhing mass of windling bones surged forth from the treeline, cutting through loose branches like a bolt of lightning. It writhed forward and lashed out at Kain and Sagarmatha. I tried to blind the creature so my allies could maintain the element of surprise, but it had little effect. That fortunately did not keep Azurea from leaping forth from concealment in a twisting fluid motion draw a handful of shadowed blades from the river of reality and launch two paired salvoes at the construct, piercing the corrupted core as it crumbled. A pair of small Windling ghouls also bounded forward, and we finished them off in short order. As the last of the ghouls fell, another Windling wielding a two handed sword flew into the grove and landed close enough to speak with us. Azurea rushed to her aid, ensuring that she did not need further care. The Windling introduced herself as Nelavyn Venlyn, and assured us she was fine, and to tend to our own injured first. She explained that she was one of the protectors for the survivors of the Windling kaer we had found. The survivors were not far from here, but she had circled back to try and assist us when the commotion was noticed. She gave us directions to the survivors encampment and agreed that we should rest and catch up with them. Azurea tended to Kain, and attempted her new trick, which I must admit was rather impressive looking, and will be incorporated into my own future illusionary performances.

After a needed rest, we attempted to catch up to the Windlings. We felt we were getting near as dark descended upon us. I opted to try and disguise our movements from notice as we decided to push on to our destination. We made it to the cobbled cross-road landmark Nelavyn had given us and started across their uneven heave as a mist descended with the night chill. We headed in the direction we felt the survivors must have made camp and were set upon by demiwraiths. Their chittering skulls foretelling doom for whomever they touched. Battle was joined while the mist swirled around us. A pair of ghouls joined the fray, and then the mist began to chill and spoke to each of us trying to induce Terror. Luckily, my diligent use of Assuring Touch was for just such a reason. Some of us were rattled, but we slowly shook it off. I provided a distraction by generating Phantom Warriors for everyone, and then tried to help take care of the minion creatures so we could focus on the mist. Claws, arrows, and blades cut the last of the ghouls and demiwraiths down. At this point as people attempted to attack the coalesced mist, it would quickly rush to their side chilling and attempting to fear them again. Judging that this may be a more canny opponent, and that a physical illusion may not be as effective, I unleashed True Ephemeral Bolt after True Ephemeral Bolt. I could tell that my party was becoming exhausted, but we battled on. An offhanded taunt drew it's attention to me giving Nez and Sagarmatha the opportunity to strike and finish the creature.

We made our way to the survivor encampment and rested. Nez spoke further with Nelavyn, and she advised that he had proven his prowess and skill, but now he needed to prove his leadership. These Windlings needed to be lead to a new home. He must find that location and come back to lead his people there. Kain and I finally reached our destination and did not come across anyone more than the Windlings. I'm sure Edvird will not be pleased, but the area is clear for further exploration and mining, thus he paid our increased party in full. The entire trip back to Throal Azurea kept saying how she felt 'tingly', and the ground was funny. I suspected a possible Horror mark after the encounter with The Mist, but every test seemed to indicate differently. Perhaps this is the manifestation of her Purifier powers. I will need to follow up in the future to be sure.

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Messenger Report

Post by Xzandrate » Thu Jul 09, 2020 1:19 pm

**As the magic flows across the page the words come into view**

Recent expiditions into the Marrek Valley with increase accessibility due to river travel have turned up new kaers and threats. Tracking Adept interactions with area.

Faction: Windling Kaer
Brief: Windling Kaer that appeared to have sealed away mist like Horror
Status: abandoned, seal breached.
Notable Actors:
Nevalyn Venlyn
The Mist

Faction: Windling Survivors
Brief: Windlings from the Kaer looking to escape danger and find a location to re-settle
Status: fortified in Marrek Valley, awaiting Windmaster contingent to locate and lead to new home
Notable Actors:
Nevalyn Venlyn
NezPerce GrosVentre

Faction: Purifiers
Brief: Eco-warrior faction looking to purify people and land of taint
Status: Actively recruiting, naturally drawn to the happenings of Marrek Valley
Notable Actors:
Feliana Halcyon
Aktar Maglai

Faction: Horrors - The Mist
Brief: Coalescent mist looking to inflict terror and feed upon emotion
Status: Defeated?
Notable Actors:

After Action Report: Various Throalic Adepts had ventured into the Marrek Valley for independent reasons. Upon encountering one another, allied to better handle threats. Discovered a tainted windling killing field that will need to be purified. Horror responsible was seemingly found and seemingly dealt with. Windling survivors from kaer that was had sealed the horror away were sheltering within the valley, awaiting a contingent to locate and lead them to a new home.

Marrek Valley should contain more kaers, and as such will likely contain higher density of Horrors and associated constructs. Should maintain high visibility of anyone/thing moving into or out of the area.

Windling settlement will be advantageous to monitor, agent within settlement will also allow more direct access to Windmaster contingent if needed in the future.

Reporting Agent: Bearded Dragon

**The words vanish as the magic dissipates**

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Re: AAR: [5H] Fancy Meeting You Here (2020-07-08 2200GMT)

Post by Jexel » Thu Jul 09, 2020 9:24 pm

The Written Histories of Nez and Sagarmatha

I had helped other Windlings in the past get through some troubles with a common wild Tiger. At the time it did not seem of note but apparently I had made a name for myself which led to an interesting week in the Marrek Valley.

I was working with Sagarmatha at one of the local training pens when a fellow Windling named Threven Milavi sent me to find another Windling who had traveled to the Marrek Valley. He mentioned this Windling could use my assistance and in return could help me in becoming a protector for my people. Interestingly he instructed me to head alone and use all my resources.

I headed north to Sosonapa where due to a lack of coin Sagarmatha and I stowed away on a river ship that was heading Southeast down the Serpent. After a while it became apparent that Sagarmatha was getting hungry so we needed to get off the boat quickly.

Fortunately I believe we got off the boat at a good time. At first I thought Sagarmatha was lost and leading us in circles but he was really just leading me to my friends. Amazingly Azurea, Kain and Moe were all in the same area of the Marrek valley. This particular place had some nasty creatures that were causing us all problems along with a ghoul who once used to be a Windling.

As we travelled towards a fire mine for Moe and Kain we found a stone outcropping and went into a hatch that dropped far down. We found that it was an old Windling kaer that was abandoned and looted. I noticed a round door with several mechanisms on a Windling sized door with a crack. I looked at it astrally and could see that the door is obscured with corruption but the kaer is open.

As we head toward the mine I see some Windling tracks. We follow those tracks into the Valley where we enter into what is a Windling boneyard. As we enter we see some of the bones start to twitch and then start flying through the air. As more and more bones gathered, terrible noises came from the trees. A giant swarm of Windling Bones came flying out of the trees. I hid near the trees but it struck out at Kain damaging him early. Sagarmatha and I charged into the whirling destruction and along with the companions we were able to take the unnatural Horror down.

Neliva flew up attracted by the combat and said that there are survivors but the monstrous things are near and they need help. She asks us to head to an old road.

She ran off to the survivors and gave us instructions to catch up once Kain recovered some of his wounds. As we headed down the Marrek Valley an unnatural fog rolled in against the wind. Out of the fog some Demiwraiths came out along with what looked like faces in the fog. The Mist had a chilling effect and raised some dead things which unfortunately explains the fate of the poor Windling I encountered earlier. I was able to help take out a Demiwraith and then Sagarmatha and I launched at the Mist Horror. It seemed to suck the energy from us. I was able to get some hits on areas of the Mist that seemed to coalesce and have more than average freaky faces in it. Sagarmatha and the others finished off the other Demiwraith and Kain destroyed the ghoul.

The mist would attack us with Terror and would keep whispering terrible things into our minds. After time we whittled it down and Sagarmatha finally dispersed the Horror. I have never seen something that could withstand so much. The curse of our land is truly great and the need for protection is high.

When we caught up to the Windling refugees Neliva informed me that we need to lead the surviving Windlings from where they are holed up to a safe, permanent settlement. I am also expected to protect them.

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Re: AAR: [5H] Fancy Meeting You Here (2020-07-08 2200GMT)

Post by LadyDragoon » Fri Jul 10, 2020 8:55 pm

Greetings from one to many,

I finally did it. I have finally found the reason I was placed into your loving arms and was brought to understand the values you have given me. With your guidance family, I was brave enough to start asking around about my vision. I was strong enough to meet these feelings head-on and because of you, I was able to take my first step towards something I feel that I belong to while not with all of you. I have found my way towards the Purifier path. No, I did not join some sort of cult. Well not really. At least I don’t think I did.

The best way to explain this is to tell you about the last adventure I went on. So I woke up one early morning hearing Fizbit chewing on something. I mean he usually is chewing on something, but this was early even for him. I played tug of war with him with the object for a little bit only to come up with a very slobbery letter. Even slobbery it had a certain smell to it over Fizbit’s slobber. It requested that I should meet someone at a tea house. Well since I have not had breakfast as of yet I thought I might as well.

When I enter the tea shop I was welcomed by a group of people. One was an Obsidifolk named Bitumalakitagat (I have no idea how to say his name. It seems to be a common theme), Elf named Feliana Halcyon and an Ork named Aktar Maglai. I guess in my search to find answers these three overheard and had a proposition for me. No, not that type of proposition! You see they belonged on this path called the Purification Path. From what I understand this path is one where you walk towards cleaning your mind, soul and the land around you. Kind of like being the world's doctor. This was exactly what I was looking for. They told me that they are having some issues with an area that the land was trying to cleanse through volcanic activity. You know it’s like when Cousin Droptzliketz' hot makes his famous fire-flame stew. That kind of cleanse. So off I went following their instruction to the Marrek Valley.

When I reach the location, I thought I should be I took extra precautions (being alone and all) that the area was safe. I checked the same location 3 times before moving forward. I had to make sure I had somewhere safe in case I had to fall back. No, I was not lost. I was being safe. Anyways, on my way back the third time I noticed that the area was burnt a bit and there was still an open flame that did not go out. Except this flame was alive. I know "all fire is alive in some way or another" but this one was alive in the means of I’m going to attack you and see if you burn just as well as everything else. Well, I guess my safe spot wasn’t so safe. I tried not to get to close to it but it had better ideas. I didn’t know how I was going to handle it until out of nowhere “POOF” my good friend Nez showed up and extinguished the flame. I guess Nez was requested to go and find a place that he heard about that was once been a home to a group of Windlings. Of course, as we are speaking I am again blessed and slightly surprised to see my other two friends Moe (fire breathing dragon) and Kain (my near death, thank you for the vision buddy) to also arrive at my no so safe location. They to were asked to go and check something out in the direction I was heading. Well, 4 is better than 1. Am I right?

On our journey, we found a large hole that looked like it was an entrance to something. After careful and lengthy consideration, Nez and I went down to take a look. It looks like it was a kaer at some point and was either raided or the inhabitants moved on. So we moved on as well. This is where it gets sad. As we were moving onwards I thought I saw some sort of ashes in the grove. These tiny white spots scattered all over the grove. To my sad and breaking heart, they were not ash but bone pieces form many, many Windlings. Poor Nez I could see his heartbreaking. As we started to collect what we could the bone pieces flew out of our hands and formed this giant whirling bone cloud of DOOOOOM. We could not let this thing disgrace these remains. So we hopefully put it rest once more. I felt so hopeless and lost seeing this. I felt almost sick not just physically but it felt like the land was crying to me. We had to figure out what was causing this sickness. Once we killed the bone thingy, a Windling came flying out of the cover ready to come to our aid. Seeing the monster defeated she goes on to tell us she returned to find any other survivors but has found none. We all agreed that once we healed up a little we would go back to her camp and help those who did survive.

On our way to the camp the fog started coming in. Now, this was no ordinary fog but a thick cold and unnatural fog. As we approached these things (I looked up this part later on in the library ) called Demiwraiths attacked us. They were being controlled by this large misty thing. Let’s call this thing “The Mist” for now. I don’t know how I knew but I could feel that this thing was what was causing the earth to feel so much pain. So we did what we all must do in this time of need. We killed it. We found the survivors and cared for their wounds. I made a vow that day. If my group of tea friends are not able to find someone to cleanse this area I would become strong enough that someday I will return and cleanse it myself.
So there you have it. I am now following the path to keep things clean. I think I will become known one day as Azurea M.D. (S.O.A.P =Sneakiest of all Purifiers)

Until I write again,

Azurea M.D. (S.O.A.P)

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