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AAR (3H) Grakor Groundkeeping (2020-06-29@19:00 GMT)

Posted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 8:53 am
by Aegharan
LFG: Grakor Groundkeeping
Time: 2020-06-29@19:00 GMT
GM: Aeggy
Circle: 3
Difficulty: Hard

Rumor: Jaspree is angered by the foul manipulation of his creatures. At least one of the persons performing the foul transformations is thought to have escaped the cleansing of Grakor, and to be holed up in a cave not far from Wolf Ridge continuing his unholy rituals.

Mazor wants to become a Questor of Jaspree

Re: LFG (3H) Grakor Groundkeeping (2020-06-29@19:00 GMT)

Posted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 12:42 pm
by ChrisDDickey
Name: Mazor
Date Player last played: June 28th.
ECR: 3
Discipline: Beastmaster 3rd, Windling
Quote/Unique: The night is dark, and full of Horrors.
Notable Abilities: Claw Shape & Pet Tricks.
Downtime: None
Secondary character.

Re: LFG (3H) Grakor Groundkeeping (2020-06-29@19:00 GMT)

Posted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 4:58 pm
by predajey
Name: Vralino Hammer-Shield
Date of Last Game Played:June 26
ECR: 3
Discipline: Sword Master...or Spear Master, depending on popular opinion.
Unique: Stabbing, Shielding, and Social...somewhat.

Quote: Foxels are evil enough without corruption. I'm in!

Re: LFG (3H) Grakor Groundkeeping (2020-06-29@19:00 GMT)

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2020 5:29 am
by Sharkforce
This is a secondary character. Please prioritize primary characters.
Name: Hawza
Date of Last Game Played: June 27
Circle: ECR 2 (840 LP)
Discipline: Master of the Hunt 2
Unique: Some melee capabilities. Decent at tracking. Stupid enough to go in over his head against cultists of Raggok.
Downtime:[Animal Training] [Step 16 including 2 points of karma] (Rank 2) (Can train up to 2 commands, or give an animal +1 to an appropriate skill instead of using a command)

Re: LFG (3H) Grakor Groundkeeping (2020-06-29@19:00 GMT)

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2020 6:25 pm
by sigfriedmcwild
This is a secondary character
Name: Elisen
Last played on: 2020-06-28
ECR: 3 (4410lp)
Discipline: Cavalryman 3
Quote/Unique: Deliverance flies on silent wind
Notable Abilities: I believe I can fly, also am tiny
Downtime: Animal training step 14 (10 + karma)

Re: AAR (3H) Grakor Groundkeeping (2020-06-29@19:00 GMT)

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2020 11:41 pm
by Aegharan
Grakor Groundkeeping
Time: 2020-06-29@19:00 GMT
GM: Aeggy
Circle: 3
Difficulty: Hard

Player Rewards:
Mazor: 5 TIPs, 2,000 Legend, 413 Silver
Vralino: 5 TIPs, 2,000 Legend, 413 Silver
Elisen: 5 TIPs, 2,000 Legend, 413 Silver
Unlocked Questor of Jaspree

Journal Rewards:
100 Legend, 103.3 Silver

GM Reward:
Karl: 3 TIPs, 19,000 Legend, 900 Silver

Downtime Actions Available:
Elisen: Animal training step 14 (10 + karma)

Further Information:
A nest of cadaverous, corrupted creatures has been eradicated, the town of Wolf Ridge was saved. A mysterious hooded figure fled westward.

Re: AAR (3H) Grakor Groundkeeping (2020-06-29@19:00 GMT)

Posted: Tue Jun 30, 2020 2:37 am
by predajey
The following is a recollection from Vralino Hammer-Shield, a 15 year old Ork girl with limited exposure to society. The text remains unaltered to maintain its authenticity (Certain terms and names written wrong to keep in character). It is written in Or'zet.

So I was wandering Throal today, trying to find something to do, when a cute little windling flew by. He was armed for an expedition of some sort, so I decided to tag along. His name was Mazor. He eventually stopped, and just stood there waiting. When I asked, he said he was trying to put a team together, but as of yet, hadn't heard from anyone except another windling. I told him to wait for me and I went to go get Thorkell.
He wasn't available, but I found Howza on my way back. When we met back up with Mazor, his windling buddy was with him. So with our team all formed up, we left Throal, getting lost on the way to wherever we were going. I suppose next time I navigate, I should pay attention to our destination. Along the way we fought some over-sized chickens. They had a nasty bite to them; I couldn't move after one of them landed a decent blow. I couldn't move halfway through the fight, but luckily, Mazor, Howza, and Elizen were there. They didn't have much issue with the birds. They threw me on the back of my horse, and I just took a nap as we went to Jupiter Hollows. I woke up in a pile of drool, and found out some information about some tainted animals about a weeks trip away.

The next section of the journal is written with less precision. The strokes of each character are shaky, indicative of stress or some other form of psychological distress.
Howza died! I can't believe it! I know life outside of Throal is dangerous, but he was one of our best fighters! We almost lost Elizen, too! If it wasn't for Mazor, I'm not sure I'd'a survived. I wonder if Howza had any family in the area. Does he have any children? What's going to happen to his bat!?! I guess I don't know much about him. That's not much of a friend. I feel even worse about that than him dying. I'll have to hold a memorial or something when I get back. I wonder how many people know him? He hadn't been on many jobs outside of Throal. I hope the turn out is good. He deserves to be remembered.

We returned to Jupiter Hollows and give Elizen some time to recover, then we headed for Wolf Ridge.

The rest of the journal's handwriting is significantly better, making apparent Vralino's recovery from the loss of Hawza.
So we arrive at Wolf Ridge. The place is completely decayed. It definitely didn't make dealing with Howza's death any easier. We sheltered up in the vacated town, then dove into a cavern. Deep inside we found a large crystal and an altar of some sort. Some guy in a hoodie on the other side of the cavern breaks something on the ground, and a few rotted rabbits start making their way towards us. As we fight them, cadavers begin to rise. With the rabbits gone, we're facing at least 8 cadavers. We left out the back of the cavern to try to hunt down the guy we saw, but he was long gone. We return to take care of the cadavers, and Elizen gets to work dismantling the altar. After he finishes, a few more guys show up, but they aren't hostile. They talk to Mazor, but I didn't pay attention. I just want to go home at this point.

Re: AAR (3H) Grakor Groundkeeping (2020-06-29@19:00 GMT)

Posted: Tue Jun 30, 2020 2:58 am
by ChrisDDickey
From the journal of Mazor of the Deep Servos. 

It has been a year since a plague depopulated Wolf Ridge, and other settlers have been moving into the area. Word has reached Throal that suddenly foul and unnatural creatures and undead have again been overrunning the village. Many have fallen to them and the survivors have all fled. Jaspree is angered by the foul manipulation of his creatures. The speculation is that at least one of the persons performing the foul transformations is thought to have escaped the cleansing of Grakor, and to be holed up in a cave not far from Wolf Ridge continuing his unholy rituals.As soon as I heard this, I gathered some acquaintances and set out for Juniper Hollow, the nearest settlement to Wolf Ridge. With me were Vralino Hammer-Shield (ork female), Hawza the Swift (Human Master of the Hunt), and Elisen (windling cavalryman). 

Unfortunately none of us were any good at navigation and we managed to get lost following a paved road with clear markers every mile. Sigh. We ended up circling around Juniper Hollow and were attacked by 4 Cockatrice, which we defeated quickly. I dominated two and sent them running. I realized that the Cockatrices were terrified of something elsewhere and were migrating away from Wolf Ridge. We got to Juniper Hollow, but they were unable to tell us much more than what we already knew. Horrible things in Wolf Ridge. many killed, everybody else left. 

Not long after we set out for Wolf Ridge, we were ambushed by some Ghouls. 3 "normal" foul undead, and one giant of a ghoul. The fight went horribly. Twice ghouls laid horribly deadly wounds upon party members that almost killed them on the spon, and the ghoul poison then quickly finished them off. Elisen was knocked of her kue, and fell unconscious from the poison within seconds of climbing back on. Fortunately her Kue carried her off, and she managed to recover from the poison in her sleep. Brave Hawza the Swift was also laid low, but was not so fortunate, fatally succumbing to the poison within half a minute of combat being joined. With half of our number dead or apparently dead, and none of the ghouls even seriously wounded, it was looking grim for Vralino and me, and I admit that I considered that we might have to flee.  I was keeping high and doing swoop attacks. She went into a defensive stance which saved her life as the undead failed to hit her. However we quickly killed the leader, and then two more. The last had gone chasing off after Elisen's kue, after checking Hawiza and confirming that he was dead we chased it and slew it. Then we had to track down Elisen's kue, and were amazed to find that though Elisen was unconscious, she was still alive. We got her awake, then burned Hawiza the Swift's body (and the bodies of the ghouls). I took custody of Hawiza's bat Seeker, and eventually returned it to his family along with his other possessions. 

Elisen took forever to heal. We returned to Juniper Hollow for two days, and nether of her wounds had healed in that time. We felt the need to advance to Wolf Ridge where we found a defensible base and carefully patrolled, slaying several solo or very small groups of ghouls. We quickly identified a cave system where this trouble was emanating from, but we did not go in until two days later when Elisen had finally healed her wounds. We then entered the caves and had some more fights. 

We found the source of the ghouls. First we smelt the most horrible of smell, then saw a light. A hooded figure was working near a large crystal and an alter. The floor was littered with body parts from namegivers of all races, ages, and sexes. The hooded figure saw us as soon as we saw him, and did something to call allies, then fled. We were very lucky that the rotten bunnies never managed to hit us, and we hit them hard. The walking corpses were bad, but slow, so after we had slain the last of the swift moving rotten bunnies we sprinted out of the chamber in pursuit of the hooded figure that had fled some 30 seconds before us. Alas the lead was enough and the hooded figure got away. We were able to note that it fled westward. After it was clear that the figure had given us the slip, we went back and destroyed the walking corpses, then smashed the alter and the huge crystal next to it. This seems to have had a large and immediate effect on the amount of corruption in the area. 

A few days later some questors of Jaspree and some Purifiers showed up to remove the taint from the area. I was privileged to spend much time with the Questor, and was accepted as a follower of Jaspree.

Re: AAR (3H) Grakor Groundkeeping (2020-06-29@19:00 GMT)

Posted: Tue Jun 30, 2020 5:02 am
by predajey

Re: AAR (3H) Grakor Groundkeeping (2020-06-29@19:00 GMT)

Posted: Fri Jul 03, 2020 8:54 pm
by sigfriedmcwild
From the Songs of Passion by Elisen of clan Adorjan, Haressa-tis

When Mazor wished to quest for Jaspree, to cleanse the land of Raggok's foul corruption
And the adepts joined for it was worthy cause
And the adepts were Hawza master of the hunt
And the adepts were Mazor of the many pets
And the adepts were Vralino of the stabbing spear
And the adepts were Elisen rider in the silent wind
And the adepts wished to preserve the land

And the journey took them somewhere in the plains
In the plains where cockatrices roamed wild
Cockatrices running from some horror
Cockatrices angry and aggressive

And the adepts defended themselves
And the adepts put the beasts to rest
And the adepts continued on

And the journey took them to Juniper Hollow
Juniper Hollow haunted by Wolfridge's shadow
Juniper Hollow haunted by Raggok's will

And the journey took them to tragedy
Ambush by ghouls on the road
Ghouls venomous and hungry
And the venom overcame Elisen rider in the silent wind
And the venom fell Hawza master of the hunt
And the adepts survived by the passions favor

And the journey took them to Juniper Hollow
Juniper Hollow safe shelter to rest
Juniper Hollow safe shelter to mourn
And the adepts rested
And the adepts set forth again for their quest would not wait

And the journey took them to Wolfridge
Wolfridge lair of undead
Wolfridge ruined and abandoned

And the adepts explored looking for the source
And the adepts found a cave
And adepts rested some more to heal their wounds
And the adepts braved the depths

And the journey took them to a chamber
A chamber made into a shrine
A shrine to Raggok's will and corruption
A shrine guarded by abominations

And the adepts tore through the abominations
And the adepts chased the cultist through the caves

And the cultist fled
And the shrine was destroyed
And the corruption was cleansed by Jaspree's will
And the horrors grasp was loosened

And the journey ended
And the adepts mourned

And so the legend of Hawza master of the hunt will be told