AAR [7m] A Very Useful Deed 2020-06-19 @ 20:00 gmt

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The Journal of Dvarim Bolg, Journeyman Weaponsmith of Throal

Post by bronzemountain » Sat Jun 20, 2020 2:26 pm

Two T's Make a Bridge (TT)
Or, The Scales of Justice

William Carver, Scout and general ombudsman, had to show appreciation to the creator of his Very Useful Gloves; such was the deed required to add more power to the Thread had already woven to this wonderful item. A bit of preliminary research indicated that the creator of the gloves might be from the far away city of Travar - a place unheard of since before the Scourge. And so, we made preparations and set off, we intrepid explorers and representatives of the great nation of Throal: Xeviouz, Karl, Daldorer (further representing the Badasumm Liferock), and myself.

I will elide the details of the overland journey. There are enough journals in this august library that describe the plains surrounding Throal and the flora and fauna therein. Suffice it to say that we made good time and were not unduly harassed along the way.

We eventually came to the great Byrose river, which flows north from the foothills of the Dragon Mountains, until it empties into the southern reach of the Serpent. Here, we encountered other namegivers - Humans, for the most part. Fisher folk who were working the river. Civilization! We convinced them to take us to Travar in the traditional way, which is to say that we convinced them with coin. More on that later.

In our journey to this city, we had already seen its great protective dome, a thing of True Fire which glowed so powerfully it was visible from fifty miles away, and at daytime at that. It was not blinding, but was certainly notable and present. Truly a great working. We were told that the Thunder Gate was the only entrance to the city, at present, and that made sense to me. If the Ward was still up, it would not be easy to poke holes through it.

In fact, as we approached the gate, we found that the locals had built a quite ingenious, though hideously expensive, shaft through the ward by way of creating an orichalcum corridor. There were soldiers, or guards, I'm not sure which, to meet us at the gate. They were quite polite, especially upon hearing that we had come all the way from Throal. Their commander, in particular, a human gentleman by the name of Jamile Firecairn, indicated that his uncles would be most pleased to meet us and offered us the hospitality of their home. He also warned us to haggle, and haggle hard. Travar was a city defined by coin.

And by the Passions, how right he was! Tens of silver per person to enter their city? This was an 'inspection fee' that was assessed as a tax and did not include the per day rites of passage. Nonsense! Calumny! Perfidy! I gave the inspector a good talking to and we worked the price down to something still inordinately expensive but manageable.

Attached: Copy of William's map of the city, locations marked.

I'll leave it to the others to describe the layout of the city, and will only say that it was a quite tidy hub and spoke design with an arena in the middle, a pentagonal wall surrounding the inner district, and broad avenues creating the arcs of development. We visited various places to track down William's gloves' creator. Of note was the Dragon's Forge, a lovely community of weaponsmiths and enchanters with an attached storefront. I met a human enchanter by the name of Bashira who had a good head on her shoulders and did good work. I should like to correspond with her more often.

In taking advantage of Jamile's offer of hospitality, we also made arrangements with the Firecairn family. They were overland traders before the Scourge and, predictably, had suffered during the isolation required by that terrible time. I believe both their fortunes and Throal's will be improved if we begin to establish trade between our great nation and their quite decent city, and have begun to make introductions to that effect. Travar's airships, like Throal's, were being repaired and refurbished and crews had been practicing for maiden flights. We had the good fortune of riding one of those merchant airships back to Throal, to start the introductions and trade negotiations. Padimis and Liminor Firecairn of House Dumorjen (Jamile's uncles) will be most pleased.

William, meanwhile, was able to track down one Bram Loman, the rather creepy and socially awkward creator of the gloves. He seems to have enchanted the deed into the glove just to have someone come and do him a favor. Hmph. A bad look for all of us. Anyway, he had some business to settle with the slave-owning and all around predatory merchant [/i]Filman Potts.[/i]

To that end, we redacted and then William was able to redacted. Bram was happy, William's deed was done, and we sailed the winds back to Throal.

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Re: AAR [7m] A Very Useful Deed 2020-06-19 @ 20:00 gmt

Post by Montaugh » Sat Jun 20, 2020 5:52 pm

My name is William Carver I am a 7th circle Scout, 5th circle Thief, and First Rank on the path of the Journeyman.

My research into the very useful gloves has lead me to head to Travar for a deed I needed to complete. I had to find who created these fine gloves and then show them my thanks and appreciation.
I gathered a group of adventurers for the journey Karl, Dvarim, Xevious, and an adept I had not met before an Obsidiman Nethermancer named Daldorer, since Dubhan had not been available and I wanted more magical support than Dvarim, though he is coming a long way as an elementalist.

I had planned our trip to take us around the Servous Jungle. Dvarim wished to travel on a boat as it would take a bit off of our travel times, I conceded the point to him and we booked travel as far down the river as we could go.

Leaving from Skyreader island we traveled down the river to 48.17 and got off and followed the river south towards 48.18 and then from there we traveled into the hills just outside the jungles. The hills were beautiful and I contacted many an elemental while we were traveling using my safe path talent. They were always friendly and warned me of dangers that they knew of potentially. The hills stretched on for a few days and Charlie was at home in them while we rode along. Camping in the wilds was wonderful, and Dvarim was doing a good job as our quartermaster. Karl and the others were keeping an eye out for danger.

We came upon a River at 48.21 a few hours of travel from the hills we were into and into the grassy plains. We needed to cross the river so Dvarim built a raft to do so. From here we traveled to the south east along the plains but looking around the jungles. 48.22, to 45.23 when we ended up in some hills and plains. The Flora and Fauna out this way is ripe for exploration. I go on and on about how much fun this adventure is so. We have not run into real threats as my safe path talents helps to guide us around them. We finally get to about 40.26 and we are a good distance from Throal now! Image that two years ago the gates opened and here we are all the way to Travar. It took us a good 21 days to get here, give or take a few days. I mean how can you really count the days when you are traveling in such good company and surrounded by such beauty.

The sight of Travar is something to behold, you can see the barrier of air and fire far off in the distance. This is one of the only barriers of air and fire that held through the scourge from what the earthdawn reported. It is beautiful and terrifying as I watched a bird fly into the barrier and simply explode into a cloud of ash.

When we approached the river, the river was being fished! Travar was opened?! Well they are sort of opened, they have a tube of Orichalcum that they travel through and a singular gate called the Thundergate. We had to pay a fee to get inside and another to cross the river, small things of no consequence.

The city was immense. It had a circular outer area and an interior walls with five sided, most likely forming the points of a pentagram. We were invited to the home of a local merchant group Jamile, Padimis & liminor Firecairn. House Dumorjen on Founders Way. We stayed with them while in the city and they are going to get their air ships up and running and are seeking Trade Routes to Throal, Dvarim told them that he would put them into contact with them.

As for my gloves and the reason for heading out all this way. The Dragon forge was our first stop, the people there were very helpful and told us of some crafters that could have made the gloves. We sought them out, but we hit a dead end. That was when I decided to look into the leather of the gloves, I know they had come from a belloid collector, and they had an arena so we went there to look for exotic animals. They told us of an adventuring group that was known to have killed some collectors. We sought them out and found out where they sold the leather, from there we found the enchanter that crafted these wonderful gloves. Bram Lowman was his name. The others said he was a creepy sort of fellow, but I don't see it. He is an excellent enchanter and he even took in a small boy after the boy's family died. The boy lived across the way from him and he is teaching the boy his trade.

Meeting Bram he asked a task of me, so I went and did the simply favor for such wonderful enchanter and completed the deed.

Librarian note -- We asked William to expand upon the favor that was required of him. He simply said the man wanted a trinket that came from Throal, to use to impress others. We pushed the issue we could tell that William is lying, but that is all he would say on the matter. We accepted his answer and added this note here. We feel he did something that he does not want to admit to, and could be seen as illegal.

We stayed a few more days in town and took the airship back. We sample the local fare in the town and Karl's bear was amusing to see walking around the city.

William Carver
Scout, Thief, Journeyman

One other point of interest that I almost forgot to mention. Most of the citizens of Travar speak and read in human. The shopkeepers and the more upper class folks speak a dwarven Dialect as they did not have the book of tomorrow when the city sealed itself off from the outside world.

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