AAR [2M] - Of Quartz I'll Go (2020-6-6 @ 1800 GMT)

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Re: AAR [2M] - Of Quartz I'll Go (2020-6-6 @ 1800 GMT)

Post by Xzandrate » Sat Jun 06, 2020 11:27 pm

The Dwarf will help me get better at axes. But I must get more crystal. He suggested I travel with 4 other bodies.

I travelled with the troll with knives, the t'skrang with no weapons, and a pair of windlings. One with knives the other with a lizard, their safety is greatly impaired. I will show them the power of the axe.

The dwarf lead us to climb back up the mountain. We encountered 10 bodies and their pack animals had been slain. The blows seemed decisive and overly aggressive.

We encountered 5 wolves, I drew threat with my axe.
1 blow avoided
2 blows not avoided
2 successful hits doing a small amount of damage.
I was flanked on many sides, and they attempted to take me down. My magic stood strong 2 times and took a defensive stance resulting in 2 misses and then the wolves overwhelmed me.

We rested for a day and continued towards the crystal. We crawled through a windy tunnel and started mining the crystal. We were then assaulted by 5 bugs.
1 miss
2 hits causing little damage
1 failed distract
1 masterful avoid
Hit greatly for suitable damage

We finished collecting quartz, collected the lost wagon on the way back to Throal, procured two blood charms to assist in fights.

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Field Notes of A'horangi Ha'hana Syrtis, Vol. 1

Post by bronzemountain » Mon Jun 08, 2020 11:50 pm

Entry 2.

We assist an independent mining venture in acquiring low grade living crystal of the sort well suited to Blood Charms. Calling us to gather is Ursal, the Axemaster (see Entry 1). Also with us is Azurea, the Shadow Blade (see Entry 1). Joining for the first time: Elisen (Cavalryman) and LaShana (Thief), both Windlings.

Initial finding of the expedition: Trolls unfamiliar with concept of soap. Auxiliary finding: Windling soap insufficient. (Note: Conduct practicum on proper hygiene).

Knowledge imparted: Difference in mammal and T'skrang gender presentations.

Quartz seam to be found a day, perhaps two into Throal mountains. Statuettes of Rashomon mark distance along old road. Most fascinating. Each successive marker is more disfigured than the last. Most troubling. Path into mountains mirrors Rashomon descent into fury? Path to Quartz = Path to Madness? Hm.

Along way, find evidence of camp site. Further investigation of site reveals slaughter. Human and equine bodies torn apart, mingled together in the violence. Indications of animal attack. Nature red in tooth and claw, not Namegiver intent. Strange - fragments of crystal in wounds. (Crystal fragment sample attached to page with melted wax.) Elemental imbalance?

Cartloads of ore abandoned. Marked with Borodai Mining Company symbol. Appears to be mining team returning to Throal. Was attacked. Slaughtered. Most unfortunate. Combined with corruption of Rashomon markers, most troubling.

Further on, encounter pack of wolves. Wolves are wounded. Perhaps by same crystal-inflected attackers? Wounded, they are desperate. Ferocious. We drive them away but we are terribly wounded. Personally, left calf torn, right shoulder dislocated. We resolve to spend necessary time to heal. Grateful for restorative powers of being an Adept. Our employer grateful for the combative powers of us being Adepts.

Two days rest, then we continue.

Rashomon markers now fully transformed to modern representation of Raggok. We come to a tunnel bored through the mountain. Perfectly cylindrical, smooth. Created by Namegivers? Rockworm bore tunnel? Interesting. Cold wind blows through the tunnel. It is cooler at altitude, but this wind seems somehow unnatural. Uncomfortable. Seems to speak to Azurea's mind. Does her magical connection to darkness (as Shadow) make her more receptive? Consider experimenting.

Azurea's innocence is a vulnerability. But it also protects her spirit. She is strong, resists these voices.

We come to a mountaintop shrine. Once devoted to Rashomon, now fully degraded. Menhirs and dolmens abound, etched with unidentifiable arcane runes (charcoal rubbings attached to pages). Further study interrupted by arrival of strange black insects, crystal in their carapace. Clearly the perpetrators of miner attack, potentially the ones that wounded wolves. (Note: Cross-referencing with library suggests these are Prisma larvae)

Warning to all travelers: elemental infusion of crystal makes natural chitin extremely hard and durable. Precision strikes do significantly less harm than usual. Larvae are tough, but we coordinate tactics and exterminate them one at a time. One flees.

Quartz is mined, ore is recovered and returned to Borodai Mining Company, we return safely and, as our young tradition demands, celebrate with libations and good company.

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Re: AAR [2M] - Of Quartz I'll Go (2020-6-6 @ 1800 GMT)

Post by sigfriedmcwild » Fri Jun 12, 2020 8:14 pm

From the Songs of Dawn by Elisen of clan Adorjan, Haressa-tis aspirant

When the Goronich family was in need of crystals for they crafting knew no obstacle
And the adepts joined for it was a worthy cause
And the adepts were happy for it was their chance to make the world better
And the adepts were Ursal of the mighty axe
And the adepts were Azurea of the shadow blades
And the adepts were LaShana of the stealthy ways
And the adepts were A'horangi of the wise mind and strong fist
And the adepts were Elisen rider in the silent wind
And the adepts were determined and would not fail their task

And the journey toke them into the mountains
In the mountains they found miners dead
The miners where dead of tooth and claw

And the adepts gave the miners what peace they could
And the adepts sang songs to soothe the miner's souls
And the adepts made a might pyre to soothe the miner's bodies

And the journey took them to a pack of wolves
Wolves wounded and scared
Wolves hungry and hunting

And the adepts fought to defend themselves
And the adepts fought to continue the journey
And the adepts suffered great wounds
And A'horangi is soon to be prey
And Ursal is dragged down by the wolves
And the adepts prevail
And the adepts rest

And the journey took them to a cave
A cave dark and forbidding
A cave marked with the signs of Raggok

And the adepts walked into the darkness to seek light
And the frozen winds tempted Elisen
And the frozen winds whispered lies
And the frozen winds tempted Azurea
And the frozen winds whispered lies
And the adepts ignored the lies
And the adepts endured the cold
And the adepts found the light

And the journey took them to an old shrine
The shrine long abandoned now but a mine
The shrine but a memory of something forever lost
The shrine now lair to monsters

And the adepts fought the monsters
And the adepts avenged the miners
And the adepts avenged the wolves

And the journey had now reached its destination
And the Goronich mined his fill of crystals
And the journey took them back home
And the adepts brought back the miners treasure

And the journey ended
And the adepts celebrated

And so the light of dawn spread further over the land

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