AAR: [Event 4] The Seventh Child 2020-05-12@22:00 GMT

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AAR: [Event 4] The Seventh Child 2020-05-12@22:00 GMT

Post by Reyntrannin » Sun May 10, 2020 7:28 pm

AAR: The Seventh Child
Time: 2020-05-12@22:00 GMT
GM: ReynTrannin
Circle: ECR 4
Difficulty: Medium
LFG: The Seventh Child
Time: 2020-05-12@22:00 GMT
GM: ReynTrannin
Circle: ECR 4
Difficulty: Medium

Rumor: Travelers heading North and east of Throal are being attacked by bandits. Although the highwaymen rarely take anything of significant value, they are noted as being extraordinarily violent and willing to kill at the least sign of resistance. A bounty has been placed on these criminals and will be paid to any who can provide proof of the removal of the threat. Pleas see Sergeant Crospin of the guard for more information.



Player Rewards:
Karl Tomsson: Legend: 2,200 LP, 287.5 Silver, 3 TIPs, 1 Kelia's Antidote, 1 Booster Potion
Temur Tengerkhan: 2200 LP, 287.5 Silver, 1x Kelia's Antidote, 1x Booster Potion, 3 TIPs (+110lp, +93.8sp)
Zivilyn: 2200 LP, 312.5 sp, 1x Kelia's Antidote, 3 TIPs (+110 LP, +93.8 sp)

Alternate awards:
Half price consumables

GM Reward:
Langren Vogel: 1,400 LP, 275 Sp, 3 TIP's

Downtime Actions Available:
Animal Training (talent rank 1 step 10)
Forge Weapon (rank 4 Step 11)
Research (Rank 2 Step 9, or Step 12 with Library Access)
Animal Training(talent) - Step 14

Further Information:
The Adepts managed to interrupt the bandit's ambush of another caravan of scholars, saving most of the travelers in the process.
They also disconvered that the bandits were in reality Raggok cultist's seeking an artifact of unknown Name and purpose, which may have been in the possession of a Warrior who was traveling with the caravan.
The Warrior, an Ork named Akgaran, claimed to be the descendant of a Questor of Rashomon, and is now hunting the people who broke into his kaer 6 months ago. He believes these cultists to be the same group.
The Adepts also discover the location of a new kaer named Rissen, where Akgaran hails from.
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Re: LFG: [Event 4] The Seventh Child 2020-05-12@22:00 GMT

Post by bronzemountain » Sun May 10, 2020 7:35 pm

This is a secondary character. Please prioritize primaries.

Name: Temur Tengerkhan
Circle: 4/3 (ECL 4)
Discipline: Spirit Rider / War Rider
Quote/Unique: "Those are good thoughts for thinking."
Notable Abilities: I ride an imaginary horse.
Downtime: Wine, women, dancing.
Last Played: 2020-04-30

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Re: LFG: [Event 4] The Seventh Child 2020-05-12@22:00 GMT

Post by sigfriedmcwild » Mon May 11, 2020 3:39 am

I'm going to have to drop out due to a previous commitment (I misread the date and didn't realize it was tuesday)

Name: Norg
Last played on: 2020-05-01
ECR: 5 (22460LP)
Discipline: Gauntlet 5
Quote/Unique: Endure, in enduring grow strong
Notable Abilities: PUNCH!, some wilderness survival
Downtime: none
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Re: LFG: [Event 4] The Seventh Child 2020-05-12@22:00 GMT

Post by Aegharan » Mon May 11, 2020 12:49 pm

Name: Karl Tomsson
Date of Last Game Played: 2020-04-24
ECR: 6
Discipline: Archer (6) & Beastmaster (3)
Quote/Unique: Let's try solving this without violence
Notable Abilities: Shooting stuff and taming stuff, sometimes in that Order.
Animal Training (talent rank 1 step 10)
Forge Weapon (rank 4 Step 11)
Research (Rank 2 Step 9, or Step 12 with Library Access)

Note: I'll gladly play in case there's room but lower Chars have preference.

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Re: LFG: [Event 4] The Seventh Child 2020-05-12@22:00 GMT

Post by Sharkforce » Tue May 12, 2020 1:49 am

Name: Zivilyn
Date of Last Game Played: May 10
Circle: 3, but ECR 4
Discipline: Shaman
Unique: Spells.
Downtime: Animal Training(talent) - Step 14 including karma - rank 4 (can teach up to 4 commands total or improve companion's skills, including attack step, by +1 per command used on it)

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Re: LFG: [Event 4] The Seventh Child 2020-05-12@22:00 GMT

Post by Aegharan » Wed May 13, 2020 2:38 am

Several Caravans have been attacked by Bandits acting extremely violent. I am hired by Seargent Crosping to look into these matters. Along with me there are Zivilyn, a Windling Shaman, and Temur, an Ork Spirit Rider.

They are seemingly less interest in the loot but looking for something the people were supposed to wear. And of course they did take the cargo with them.
A lot of Scholars had been sent out, some by the library, some by others, going in the direction of Sosanopa and the Cloister of Silence, places of great trouble.
Last caravan had 5 hired swords to accompany it, but that one just plain disappeared. Asking around the library did unfortunately not yield good results. I seem to have struck a wrong tone with them. I definitely need to work on this.
As it seemed that all the Caravans had Scholars with them, Temur went out towards a series of pubs and did some drinking, telling everybody who would listen that he has a fancy job escorting a scholar to the Cloister of Silence.

With no other leads to follow we set out the next morning. After a day of travel we are stopped by some T'Skrang with badly hidden friends. They talked about representing an association called something like Barsaive Security and asked us to disarm ourselves and let them search us, which I think was BS. They kept approaching and drawing their knives until a fight erupted. After not being able to talk straight in the library, I missed taunting them. My arrows however never missed.

We tied up the survivor and searched the Bandits. Among several knives hidden in differnet places, we found various pieces of jewelry, mostly costume. Zivilyn recognized a Tattoo of a Ram's Head as the sign of Raggok. We determined these Bandits to be cultists.
We questioned the survivor and got information about a caravan that had passed some hours earlier and that will run into an ambush in an hour. Regarding his statements of how much earlier the caravan has passed and how early in the day it was, I concluded that we might have time to save them, if we hurried. Zivilyn and I mounted his horse Pepper, and Temur summoned a Horse Spirit that he mounted. Truly a sight to behold, an entire group charging after a group of dwarves to rescue.

About two hours up we reach the site of the ambush, with a wide assortment of enemies fighting. Several dwarves had already been killed, or lay curled up in the dirt, barely moving.
There were a couple of Ghouls fighting some more dwarves who were still standing. To the side there were some elves fighting an Ork, and a Troll and an Obsidiman were standing between the caravan and a couple of tree logs blocking the caravan's back.
I took care to stay at range and started shooting at the Ghouls, successfully felling one with a single arrow. While Zivilyn closed in on the enemies and attacked in unison with his horse Pepper, Temur rode around the enemies and shot arrows from the back of his Horse Spirit Ayanga. The Troll and Obsidiman noticed us and approached us, but the three of us managed to kill the Obsidiman with a quick hit from each of us. After getting rid of the Ghouls, Temur rid the Ork Scholar of the Elves who were double-teaming him by knocking one over and getting followed by the other.
We saved three merchants and the Ork, but were too late for nearly a dozen of others. We noticed the Ork taking a wrapped item from one of the Elves.

After exchanging some pleasentries and tending to the wounded, we shared a couple of stories over a Hero's Feast. Temur tells a story of sleepless lands, corrupted by a Questor of Raggok. I told the story of the Cloister of Silence, of furious undead hordes, screaming warpigs, and a repelled attack. The Ork Scholar, Akgaran, told the story of one of the last Questors of Rashomon, Mifyune. His ancestor was the Obsidiman that we just buried.

He was very reluctant to share info about what he safed from the Elves, he only acknowledged that it was some kind of artifact. The rest of the way back to Throal was safe and quick.

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Journal: Temur Tengerkhan

Post by bronzemountain » Wed May 13, 2020 2:45 am

Song of the Immortal Sky - Part 5
Know that the agents of Raggok, mad and bitter, grew ever bolder in their efforts. Know that against them stood Temur of the Monkhiin-Tenger, as well as his old friend, the Windling Zivilyn, and a new friend, Karl son of Tom, a Human Archer.

It began with news of attacks on travelers and caravans. Taken with the winning demeanor of Karl son of Tom, the agent who began this mission spoke of a common thread. Know that it was not silks or spices, gold or gems, that the bandits sought. Know that it was the wisdom of scholars and the ancient and arcane things that they might carry.

Know that Temur of the Monkhiin-Tenger did make of himself a target in the fashion of his ancestors. He strode from ale house to tavern and in each he declared that it had fallen to him to protect the wise scholar, Zivilyn. He bragged and he boasted and drank his fill. And then he went home. Drunk.

Know that the next day, the three did set out, along with Pepper, whose friendship Zivilyn had one on Temur's courtship quest, and also a goat. Know that in these stories, there is always a goat.

The seeds planted in the taprooms and public houses of Throal bore fruit. For only a few days into their journey to nowhere, the three found their path blocked by bandits.

Know that these bandits were fools, for they identified themselves as inspectors of Throal in search of contraband. Know that the world is young and there are no such things.

The heroes did laugh in the face of these bandits, which angered the fools as fools are wont to anger easily. Battle was on! Temur was wounded, but the conflict was otherwise swiftly resolved. In questioning the surviving bandit, the Adepts did learn that there was another ambush set, further to the north.

Know that the Adepts did not spare more than a moment for their own wounds. They did not rest the night nor did they sit for a proper meal. Instead, they took to the path with haste, with urgency, and with the desperate desire to save those who might otherwise fall.

In two hours, they came upon a caravan beset. Many dwarfs lay fallen. Some few still fought bravely, axes and shields raised against the ghouls that beset them. A brave ork battled two sly elves. And behind them, a ponderous Obisidiman and a fierce Troll.

Know that while the previous battle, though lesser, was full of chaos. Know that these heroes had learned their lesson. They tricked their foes by sending the smallest of them into the front lines. Zivilyn charged forward along with Pepper and though the brave horse was wounded, Zivilyn was unscathed.

From one flank, Karl son of Tom did lay upon the enemies with his swarm of arrows. And from the other, Temur of the Monkhiin-Tenger did circle and shoot from Ayanga's mighty back. The ork did brave battle with the elves. Karl son of Tom picked off the ghouls, one by one. Wise Zivilyn called the spirits of hunting cats who harried and knocked down the enemies.

And then did Temur of the Monkhiin-Tenger give voice to his battle cry. And Ayanga's hooves did thunder upon the ground like a summer storm. And together they killed the stone man, rendering him to gravel and dust. And then again to one of the Elf brothers. Karl son of Tom and little wise Zivilyn did murder to the rest.

Weary and wounded but light of spirit, those who survived gathered together to share a meal after giving Agkaran, the Ork, time to bury his family's ancient friend, Grinakar, who had once been an Obsidiman and had been turned into a slow and shambling thing. Agkaran told his tragic tale, of his home Kaer of Rissen. Of his family's commitment to Rashomon, before his fall into Madness, and his father's Quest for the Passion.

Know that these cultists of Raggok, who wear the Mad Passion's ram's head mark, rage against those who have memories of Rashomon. They seem to seek artifacts of the same.

Know that this story has ended. Know that this story continues.

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Re: AAR: [Event 4] The Seventh Child 2020-05-12@22:00 GMT

Post by Sharkforce » Wed May 13, 2020 4:50 am

From the Journal of Zivilyn, Windling Magician: The Seventh Child

Well, I am pleased to report that my training as a Wizard has now been completed. I trust that I'll be able to use that to learn more about the world we find ourselves in, and to unravel the mysteries of our enemies so that they are unable to hide in the shadows so easily. I shall also be able to better identify the tools we Adepts can use against those enemies. I regret that I was unable to complete my studies in time to assist my friend Temur in studying his new armour, but I am sure I will have the opportunity to learn about more of these thread items as time passes.

But I digress. Recently, word had reached me that the Throalic Guard were looking for assistance in dealing with a group of highwaymen that were attacking caravans to the northwest of Throal. It seems that they had been attacking a number of people, often not stealing much but demanding to know where "it" is without explaining exactly what "it" is. As that area happens to be close to the Cloister of Silence and I have resolved to make efforts to work on dealing with the culists at Grakor, I decided to see what I could do to help. Accompanying me on this occasion were my friend Temur as well as a new Adept I had never previously met, Karl, a Human Archer and Beastmaster. It was a pleasure to be able to discuss the finer points of befriending the beasts that roam the wilds of our fair province with him; he hasn't taken on a large number of companions himself, having only his cat, but still, a pleasure.

We set out to meet the fellow we had heard to contact, one Sergeant Crospin of the Guard. We learned a little bit more from him about our quarry; it seems there were a number of them, they usually dress in dark cloaks and face masks, and... well, the good Sergeant said the last part was something he was trying to keep quiet. I trust that the Library already knows about it, in any event. In any event, it was not much to go on. We also learned that the latest caravan that had been attacked included 5 "troubleshooters" who were supposed to guard it, but were overwhelmed; I understand that on some occasions as many as two dozen of these criminals were present, although I count myself fortunate that we never encountered so many at once. Unfortunately, we were unable to obtain any personal articles of those individuals, or Karl might have been able to use it to track them. We would have to track our prey by some other means.

Temur settled upon the idea of having a night of partying in the taverns to celebrate his new job of escorting a "famed" Windling of a variety that he supposed would particularly interest these bandits. I'm not sure if it worked, and frankly it was probably just an excuse to have a night on the town anyways. Karl didn't notice anyone paying particular attention, and I had made myself scarce since I was supposed to be the bait. As it turns out, I seem to make quite good bait, so perhaps it worked, it's hard to say.

We set out the next morning, perhaps the only group to leave Throal in some time hoping that these miscreants would attack us. Pepper and Jolly Jumper were in fine spirits as we rode out, and after some time we were waylaid by a group of three (not-very-accomplished) bandits. They fit the description, and had the weakest cover story I had ever heard. Well, they managed to hurt us a little, but overall we took them down and found them to be marked as cultists of Raggok, and Temur managed to fool them into revealing some valuable information; there was another caravan they were planning to ambush, and we might be able to interfere before they could do anything about it. Karl did something to persuade Pepper to allow us to ride her (Temur of course rode Ayanga), and I sent Jolly Jumper home because she was injured and could not run as fast. Speed was of the essence.
We caught up just in time, it seems; the caravan guards were on their last legs, the merchants were cowering, and a group of Ghouls as well as a Troll and a strange Obsidiman seemed to be overseeing the proceedings. Additionally, a pair of Elves were wrestling an ork, trying to take something from him. Well, we couldn't allow that to go on; Pepper and I went ahead first, while Temur and Karl kept their distance and peppered our foes at range with arrows and bolts. The caravan guards, who had been barely holding off a ghoul assault, we were too late to save. Meanwhile, between the mighty blows struck by Karl and Temur, and my own Invoked pouncing Leopard Spirit the Troll and Obsidimen were staggering about unable to land an effective blow, though unfortunately not before poor Pepper took a nasty blow from the twisted Obsidiman. She managed to escape its wrath, and her courage in charging those ghouls was exceptional, so I am glad her training did not make her feel that she had to stay and face probable death. I think she likes Temur quite well, for she ran in his direction. Or perhaps she likes Ayanga, Temur's grandmother's Spirit Horse. Or quite possibly both; I suspect he has on occasion spoiled her with a tasty treat when I wasn't looking, but this day she certainly earned it.

At the last, once our foes were worn down Temur began charging, and just about went right through the Obsidiman first, and then one of the two Elves. The other became enraged by the death of his brother and started chasing him, which I suppose makes sense if you are completely irrational as a Cultist of Raggok must be. Of course, it should be no surprise that it did not end well for him, either; Karl put an arrow through him from what must have been nearly 40 yards away, I think, and Mercy granted the fool a swift death.

Afterwards, the merchants and their one remaining guard were able to start setting up camp. I thought it odd to find that one of the ghouls must have had a poison that lasted beyond its death, for one of them treated another for poison; a terrifying thought. It's bad enough when the poison can be ended by ending the ghoul. Perhaps I shall make a point of doing some reading and see if I can't find some way to recognize such dangerous creatures in the future. I prepared a Hero's feast for Temur and Karl (fighting as they do takes a lot out of a person) and the Ork who had been accosted by the Elves, who it turns out was Named Agkaran. I was not able to speak with him directly, it seems he is not familiar with Throalic (perhaps his kaer never received a copy of the Book of Tomorrow), so I could not hear his stories, but fortunately both Temur and Karl speak Or'zet. It seems he was the descendant of a Questor of Rashomon from long ago before the Passion went mad, and some 6 months ago his Kaer had been raided by a group he believes to be these same cultists. He says that he believes they are seeking some artifact, related in some way to Rashomon from the old times, and that is why they attacked Kaer Rissen, his old home, and that is why they were attacking him now. Perhaps those two elves were important in some way to the cultists; I should like to believe it, anyways. It would be nice to think that we had sent their plans awry. If nothing else, we have reduced their numbers a little. We burned the corpses, of course, to keep their fellows from using them in some fell ritual to create more perversions of nature. The Obsidiman, it seemed, was a friend of Agkaran's family, who had been in some way maddened and corrupted by the cult, and Agkaran insisted on a proper burial. I hope that he stays buried; it may be that if Agkaran is correct in why these cultists were after him, in which case that Obsidiman may be of some import to the cult as a source of information. Perhaps he knew something of the artifact that I suspect our new Ork friend carries (he never admitted to any such thing, and the Astral was too corrupted for me to get a better look unfortunately).

Unfortunately, I doubt that we have ended the threat of the highwaymen entirely. We could not fully cleanse the foulness that spreads from Grakor with just the three of us. But I do hope that we have left some holes in their leadership, thwarted their plans, and allowed the prize they sought to escape. Perhaps we have even done some lasting damage. In any event, I intend to see this threat ended, and shall continue in my efforts to make Barsaive a safer place. Their vile sorceries and perversions of the natural order shall not be tolerated.

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Re: AAR: [Event 4] The Seventh Child 2020-05-12@22:00 GMT

Post by ottdmk » Sun May 17, 2020 3:48 am

The Great Library of Throal thanks Karl, Zivilyn and Temur for their contributions. +110 Legend, +93.8 sp.

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