AAR: [1] Ambushed Caravans (2020-04-04 @14:00 GMT)

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AAR: [1] Ambushed Caravans (2020-04-04 @14:00 GMT)

Post by ChrisDDickey » Sun Mar 29, 2020 5:13 pm

LFG: Ambushed Caravans
Time: 2020-04-04 @14:00GMT (Saturday morning 10am Eastern)
GM: Chris D
Rating: 1 or 2 - Medium. Depending upon signups (ended up as 1)
Eligible Characters: ECR 1 to 3

A caravan returning to Throal reported being surprised and attacked by bandits. They remain an ongoing threat to the new trade leaving Throal.
Location: Hexes 43.14 and 43.15

Please sign up with the following.

Code: Select all

[b]Notable Abilities:[/b]
Also, in your signup, please rough out a brief plan for how you would like to deal with this. Go hunting bandits? Hire on as Caravan guards? Shadow caravans? What would your preferred plan be?
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Re: Ambushed Caravans (ECL 1 or 2) depending upon signups

Post by OldKingCole » Sun Mar 29, 2020 5:26 pm

Name: Rama
Circle: 1
Discipline: Warrior
Quote/Unique: "Listen to the Rocks of the Earth"
Notable Abilities: Walking Tank

Proposed plan:

Find a caravan and convince them to let us travel incognito as fellow merchants so the caravan appears lightly defended and more likely to draw attention. Offer to compensate the caravan for taking this risk by giving them a share of whatever plunder we find on the bandits.

We need to allow a bandit to escape so we can track him back to wherever the bandits are hiding. We must make sure they are no longer a threat.

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Re: LFG: [1-2] Ambushed Caravans (2020-04-04 @14:00 GMT)

Post by Vladimir » Mon Mar 30, 2020 9:12 pm

Name: Ogden
Circle: 1
Discipline: Archer
Quote/Unique: Outside the city? I'm in!
Notable Abilities: Shoot, Navigate, Survive.
Downtime: Alchemist and map maker.

Rama's plan is solid. Especially is sharing plunder can be avoided ;)

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Re: LFG: [1-2] Ambushed Caravans (2020-04-04 @14:00 GMT)

Post by Alari » Tue Mar 31, 2020 8:27 pm

Name: A'lari
Circle: 3
Discipline: Swordmaster
Quote/Unique: There is nothing to fear when I am here!
Notable Abilities: Good word talky-talky and flashy combat.
Downtime: None

Plan: Disguising ourselves as merchants sounds viable. I may be able to talk them into letting us shadow them for less/no fee!

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Re: LFG: [1-2] Ambushed Caravans (2020-04-04 @14:00 GMT)

Post by Dweer » Thu Apr 02, 2020 11:17 pm

Circle: one
Discipline:Weapon Smith
Quote/Unique:Obsidiman Stability :)
Notable Abilities:Physician rank 3 (step9)
Downtime:Forge Weapon rank 2 (step8), Alchemy rank 3 (step 9)

Plan: agree with Rama's plan. Sounds like an excellent Idea.

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Re: AAR: [1] Ambushed Caravans (2020-04-04 @14:00 GMT)

Post by ChrisDDickey » Sat Apr 04, 2020 6:11 pm

AAR: Ambushed Caravans. 

Hexes: From Throal down to 43,16, then SW to 41,17, Down to 41,19, then over and up to circle anti-clockwise back to 43,16 and back North to Throal again. 

Player Rewards:
Rama : 200 lp, 150 sp, 3 TIPs.
Ogden: 200 lp, 150 sp, 3 TIPs.
A'lari: 200 lp, 112.5 sp, 3 TIPs Divining Rod.
Forge: 200 lp, 100 sp, 3 TIPs.  100 sp of alchemical supplies.
GM Reward:
Zil: 4000lp, 475sp, 3 TIPs

Downtime Actions Available:
Forge:Forge Weapon rank 2 (step8),            Alchemy rank 3 (step 9)  
Further Information:
Despite rumors, the bandits do not seem to be organized or closely confederated, or if the leaders are, it is not known to be so among the lower level bandits. A group of Ork Scorchers were defeated, and one prisoner returned to Throal. He says that many of the bandits are just non-ork scum and not good Ork Scorchers like him and his pals. 
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Re: AAR: [1] Ambushed Caravans (2020-04-04 @14:00 GMT)

Post by Dweer » Sat Apr 04, 2020 7:24 pm

From the Journal of Forge, Obsidimen Weapon Smith:

I am so excited to be able to make my first contribution to this journal that is not just my ramblings about training and my time spent in the great city of Thoral. This is about my first foray out into the new world and my first adventure!

It was so exciting just to be out in this new world. While you can still see the scars of what the horrors did to the land, I prefer to focus on how much has already healed while we waited in the safety of the Keir. The plants are growing everywhere, there are animals all around, and the namegivers have begun setting up many settlements. My opportunity to see this new land was made by joining a group of Adepts set to protect a trade caravan! Think of it! Not so long ago, especially to my obsidimen eyes, we were all still huddled in the earth, wondering what might be outside. Now? Now we are sending trade caravans out into the world to meet new people! I am still amazed. People that were not in the Keir with us! It brings me such hope.

But here I am blathering about the new world and not even mentioning the actual adventure...
So, there were reports of bandits attacking the trade caravans that I mentioned. A group of Adepts decided to join the caravan, disguised as merchants, in the hopes of luring out the bandits. I met some new, amazing namegivers. First there was another obsidimen named Rama, a great warrior. Then there was the T'skrang swordsmaster A'lari. He fought with a dwarf sword lashed to his tail! Next we had Ogdan, a dwarf Archer and master of the Crossbow.

Rama came up with the plan to try and lure out the bandits so that we might capture one and question them as to ascertain the extent of their numbers and the whereabouts of their camps. We all agreed to the plan and the caravan masters allowed us to join so long as we agreed to help with the animals.

An thus we set off. It was not long before the trip became memorable. First, we were almost overtaken and cooked alive by a brush fire! Rama had noted a strange lightning strike to the north and then the smoke of a brush fire that the lightning started. We pushed the mules as fast as we could but eventually had to stop to rest. Ogdan decided to get a better view of how close the fire might be and so climbed a tall tree. It amazed me to watch such a small creature climb into such fragile looking branches. I was sure he would fall! He was nimble though, scampered to the top and let us know that the fire was right behind us and that we must flee! Heeding his warning we pushed the stubborn mules as fast as we could, and then managed to escape the fire by crossing a stream. A very exciting start to our trip!

A few days later we came across some curious little creatures barring our way. They appeared to be small humanoids made of animate mud! They seemed to be foraging in an area that we needed to cross. I was afraid they would attack us and force us to destroy them, but it seems that Garlen was with us and Thystonious' attention was elsewhere as we were able to avoid a fight and decided to go around and leave the little creatures be. I wish I would have been able to communicate with them...

The rest of the trip to the jungle people was uneventful except for the marvelous sights of all the green around us. We made it to the first trade post and the caravan began the work of trade with the peoples of the jungle. They were a peculiar mix of races but all seemed so different from those we knew. To think that they say they lasted out the scourge in the jungle! Some even claimed to have been protected by a dragon, but surely this was just tall tales intended to fool gullible travelers.

After meeting with a few other tribes and making good trade we started to head back to civilization. Along the way Ogrun and I did manage to find some alchemy supplies, and it was wonderful to see nature's bounty on such display.

A few days later the bandits finally decided to make their presence known. A group of orc scorchers on fearsome horses suddenly surrounded us! The leader demanded that we surrender most of the pack animals or be killed. Of course, they did not know that we Adepts were there and ready for them!
The caravan leader, an ork himself, used some colorful ork euphemisms to tell the lead scorcher what he could do with his threat and then the fight was on!

While a few of the orks attacked the caravan crew, the rest charged us. One came at A'lari and then one at Ogdan. Rama charged another and I lent my aid to Ogdan by attacking the scorcher that charged him which Ogdan had already feathered with a quarrel. This was the first time that I have ever struck a being outside of training matches. When my mace connected with the scorcher I was surprised to see how...squishy... the little beings are. It was quite a mess, but that ork will harm no other innocent merchants.

From there the battle slightly turned, as the scorchers used their skills to dodge many of our attacks. One of the scorches managed to connect with Rama, and then the rider's horse dealt Rama a terrific blow! Just as I was sympathizing with my fellow obsidimen I was dealt the same treatment by another attacker. The scorcher clipped me and then his horse kicked me so hard as to crack a rib and knock me to the ground! Very embarrassing.

But then Thystonious smiled upon us and the battle again turned in our favor. Rama knocked out his attacker and then A'lair finished the last scorcher in a perfectly spectacular way, befitting the style of his race. He charged the rider and slashed low with his sword. When the scorcher parried the distracting blow A'lair whipped his tail in a lightning flash of the attached sword and the poor ork's head flew from his body!

After that the battle was done and we set about patching our wounds. By the time we finished our rest the ork that Rama had knocked out aroused. We set about interrogating him for information about the bandits. After much persuasion he finally told us that there was not just one large, organized group, but instead many small bandit bands. He told us of his group's near by camp, but we decided we were too small a force to seek it out and returning after more preparation would be the wiser choice. Thus we headed back to the great city to turn the bandit over to the authorities. As he did give us information we agreed to put in a kind word for him.

Overall it was a thrilling first trip out into the new world, and lived up to my expectations. I fondly await my next opportunity to adventure!

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Re: AAR: [1] Ambushed Caravans (2020-04-04 @14:00 GMT)

Post by ottdmk » Sun Apr 12, 2020 8:24 pm

The Great Library of Throal thanks Forge for his contribution. +10 LP, +37.5 sp.

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