AAR: [2M] Mountain Salvage 2020-02-16@21:00GMT

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Re: LFG: [2] Mountain Salvage 2020-02-16@21:00GMT

Post by Dougansf » Mon Feb 17, 2020 1:45 am

We do some research in the Great Library about the ships, moots, and travel routes. We cross-reference with some information on where treasure has been found, and narrow it down to a location that looks promising on the other side of the Throalic mountains, next to the Serpent River (approx 50.10). We decide to take a road north to Sosonopa, then follow the Serpent down to the site.

We get to Sosonopa easily in 7 days in the afternoon. We’re greeted by the palisade. Some of us are recognized. We perform our Greeting Rituals. Jael has some trouble with his wood carving and is denied entry for the day. The rest of us are invited inside. They’ve made some progress building up their structures.

Volkir accepts all challengers to arm wrestling.
Sandrin talks with the locals, we can’t get one of their few boats away from them. They have seen some T’skrang ships, but they haven’t interacted with them. They haven’t scouted too far away from town, about an hour in each direction. The t’skrang ships are coming by regularly, about once a week.

There seems to be no connection with the town and the nethermancer. The Blood Ravens were controlled by the nethermancer, about a week before the last party got here.

The next day passes without issue. Jael is allowed inside.

3rd day in town, a boat arrives (we see it 30 min before it arrives). It coming upstream, slowly. We rush to the dock. Sandrin uses some semaphore to signal them to dock. Vlolkir also shouts very loudly. The ship approaches the docks to a shouting distance. The Captain wants to eat a bear instead of fish. They’ll be back in 3 days. If we don’t have it ready, then never ask again. They shove off and continue on their way.

We figure it’s better to head for the nearby mountains to search for bears. We travel for over a day and start tracking. Jael’s wolf, Fang, picks up something, but not a bear. Probably a crocodile. More tracks leading to the water than away from it. We avoid the crocodiles and push onward into the foothills.

We find several Great Bears, two are full-grown, three are cubs.

Fang charges one of the parents, wounding it.
The other parent charges up the path at us, roaring a challenge.
One of the cubs follows.
Vlokir heads up the path and hits the adult bear.
Xeviouz heads up and attacks the same parent on the path, wounding it.
Dubhan fails to weave a thread.
A second cub approaches Vlokir from behind, grappling him.
Jael joins Fang on the parent on the side of the path, wounding it.
Sandrin rushes the bear holding Vlolkir, prying him loose.

Great Bear 4 attacks Jael, missing.
Fang attacks Great Bear 4 (Mama), wounding it.
Jael attacks Great Bear 4 (Mama), killing it.
Great Bear 3 misses Vlokir.
Sandrin hits Great Bear Cub 1, wounding it.
Dubhan weaves threads and moves up behind the warriors.
Cub 2 moves up to attack Vlokir, missing.
Xeviouz attacks the Great Bear 5 (Papa), missing.
Papa bear misses Xeviouz.
Vlolkir moves around Papa, and hits, wounding it.
Cub attacks Sandrin, he avoids.

Vlolkir misses Papa Bear.
Papa misses Xevious.
Fang goes to Jael.
Dubhan casts Iron Hand on Sandrin, Jael, and Xeviouz.
Xeviouz hits Papa.
Great Bear Cub 2 moves in, missing Jael but frightening him.
Jael misses Papa bear.
Bear misses Sandrin.

Fang looks for an opening.
Bear cub hits Sandrin.
Vlolkir hits Papa bear but bounces off.
Xevious hits Papa bear, glancing off.
Papa bear roars and runs away.
Cub 2 runs as well.
Jael attacks Cub 1, injuring it.
Sandrin kills Cub 1.
Dubhan weaves a Thread to Iron Hand.

We allow the surviving bears to run away, and start harvesting the meat from Mama and Cub 1.
We strip Mama for meat, and drag the cub body back home to us.
We return to Sosonopa with bear meat in tow. The village gathers, their hunters are on the way out, and nearly faint at the sight of our kill. They tell us they found bears, but not like those. We share some of the Mama Bear meat with the village. They build a large fire that night to celebrate.

Next morning, we head for the docks and the boat returns. They send a ferry to pick us and the bear up.

En route, the Captain asks us why we’re going there, and what we’re going to do with the salvage. Because he got so much meat, he offers to give passage back to Sosonopa, provided we bring him back something interesting. He’ll be back in about a week.

We head up into the mountains. The terrain gets difficult. The local flora thins out, it starts getting hard to find things to eat, but we have a good amount of rations and bear meat.

Xeviouz overhears something ahead and spots something flying. As we round the next bend, we spot two harpies. They begin to approach.

Harpy taunts Xevious.
Most of us wait for the harpies to approach.
Sandrin hurls a throwing dagger at Harpy 3.
Dubhan casts Mind Dagger at Harpy 3, missing.
Harpy 2 ambushes Dubhan, insulting him but missing with its club.
Jael and Fang leap on Harpy 2, Fang clips it’s wings and wounds it.
Xevious leaps upon Harpy 2, killing it.

Harpy 3 attacks Vlolkir with it’s claws, and taunt Sandrin.
Harpy 1 backstabs Vlolkir, missing.
Fang attacks Harpy 3, missing.
Sandrin misses Harpy 3.
Vlolkir misses Harpy 3, and moves out of the middle.
Dubhan’s Mind Dagger misses.
Jael rushes Harpy 3, wounding it.

Vlolkir harries Harpy 3, wounding it.
Harpy 1 turns and shrieks, pointing up the hill at something, and both harpies flee.
Sandrin retrieves his throwing dagger.
Jael and Vlolkir head up the path to take a look.
Fang’s pupils get huge and he tucks his tail.
There’s an explosion yards above, and a huge worm bursts forth.

We run.

Jael knows that rockworms sense through the ground, so he throws a rock to make a minor rockslide and distract the worm.
Xeviouz throws a harpy corpse in the path.
Sandrin distracts the worm, then leaps off a cliff and uses Wind Catcher to fall safely.
We make it to the river bed and lose the worm.

We look for another path. We head up and down the river, then start climbing. We start finding signs of the troll moot that once existed here. We find no sign of life or a crashed air ship. We do find a cave entrance with a small crystal broken off of something that rockworms have all over their hides. We get picked up by the riverboat, trade the crystal for passage, and return to Sosonopa and then to Throal.

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Re: LFG: [2] Mountain Salvage 2020-02-16@21:00GMT

Post by ottdmk » Mon Feb 17, 2020 2:28 am

From the Journal of Dubhan Goronich:

Well, this was an interesting first foray into the wonders of field research. I, alongside a number of other Adepts, was approached to locate a downed airship and salvage the remains. Now this airship was from the time of the Orichalkum Wars, a fascinating period. While my colleagues pursued other avenues, I looked into histories from that time.

Having discovered a possible resting place, next the group decided upon an approach. We ultimately decided to stick to known territories (such as they are) as much as possible. Hence, we struck out for the recently discovered town of Sosonopa. My colleagues had been in the area before, battling a Nethermancer from the sounds of things.

Jael, our Beastmaster, produced a horrible carving that did nothing to allay the guards' suspicions about horror taint. Hence we were forced to wait until the next day when the guards were willing to let him try again. Thankfully, he produced a much nicer work on the second attempt.

The locals were not willing to give us passage, so we attempted to hire a T'skrang boat passing by. The captain agreeed, but only in exchange for bear meat. We went hunting and met with considerable success. I was fortunate my colleagues possessed a great deal of martial skill. (Besides the Beastmaster there was Sandrin, an Air Sailor, Xevious, a Warrior, and Vlolkir... who professes to follow the somewhat sinister Sky Raider Discipline.)

With more bear meat than we knew what to do with, we successfully booked passage. The captain was so impressed with our haul that he offered passage back to Sosonopa for simply "an interesting relic" of our adventure.

Heading into the mountains, we first encounter a small band of harpies. That was bad enough... infuriating creatures! But then, the two surviving ones ran away. We found ourselves staring down a massive rock worm, and all we could do was run.

This concerned me, as we Dwarves are not renowned for our speed. Still, we managed to escape. Going into the mountains by another route we unfortunately did not find the airship. We did find an interesting crystal however, which our T'skrang captain accepted as payment. We returned to Sosonopa, and then to Throal.

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Re: LFG: [2] Mountain Salvage 2020-02-16@21:00GMT

Post by Shokunin » Mon Feb 17, 2020 2:37 am

From a roughly bound stack of loose paper titled 'Vlolkir'

I hear someone knows of a crashed airship, a moot ship. I think a Drakkar! Exciting news, I sign on to go find it and see what is left. Good sword arm Xeviouz is going too, and the beastmaster I have fought with before. There are two new adepts, a wizard and an air sailor. If the drakkar is still there and will still fly he wont have it, it is a ship for warriors. We ask around, ask for maps, I ask about the ship, what may have been on it and what may be left.

We all set out from Throal, it is good to be going again. At first we go back to Sosonopa, I would rather go another way. I have seen this village already. But we go to Sosonopa to find a ship to go downriver, the crash is on the other side of the mountains. Would take a long time, no one has gone across since the long night. So we go to find a ship. At the village, we spend some time waiting and eating salt fish. They remember me and Xeviouz, and haven't seen the nethermancer since he escaped. Oh well, a problem for later. We see a ship on the river the next day, and hail it. The captain says the ship goes the other way on the river. Says he will be back in a few days, and wants lots of silver, or meat to eat on the journey. We say we will give him bear meat, and set out along the bank from village to find creatures.

We find bears. Many of them. Two are very big, and shock me with their loudness. I still try to fight, get surrounded, get bit and held down by one. Sandrin sticks his sword in and gets my leg out. We keep fighting, and drive the rest of the bears away. We have much meat, and return to the village. The villagers want to eat the bear, and I do not think they should have any, they did not fight the bears, they did not shed blood, but the others say we have more than enough, and it is okay. They cook much of the meat, and smoke some of it for us. This is fair.

We get on the river boat when it returns, and hand much of the meat over to the captain for passage. We go down river quickly. Much more quick than walking, I like seeing so much of the land, but would rather have a ship that flies. Maybe some day soon. The river boat drops us on the bank, and we are near to where we hear the crash is. Trekking into the mountains is good. I like being in the mountains better than under them. We climb for some time, but then others hear sounds. The sounds are harpies, the harpies are braggers and rotmouths, I try to teach them a lesson but they are small and fast and hard to hit.

One is dead, but the other harpies fly off. We look and see a big worm come from the mountain, it is big, many many paces long, almost as tall as me. It burns strangely, scorching ground near it. We run, throwing dead harpy and bear meat behind us, hope the worm will eat that instead of us. We run fast, I keep my eyes on the path, try not to trip on rocks of the peak. After a minute the worm must be tired and it stops chasing. We find our way down, and try a different path up. This takes us up to the remains of an old moot, it is deserted. There is nothing good to see here, I was hoping to find something. We do see a crystal, looks like a worm scale, but no trolls, no ship to fly. The crystal buys passage back to Sosonopa. I am back in Throal now, still waiting to find something. I will have to listen well as travelers bring rumors.

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Re: LFG: [2] Mountain Salvage 2020-02-16@21:00GMT

Post by ottdmk » Sun Feb 23, 2020 5:27 pm

The Great Library of Throal thanks Sandrin, Vlolkir, Xeviouz, and Dubhan for their contributions. +40 Legend, +50 Silver.

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