AAR: [2nd] Searching Reagents (2020-02-09@21:00 GMT)

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AAR: [2nd] Searching Reagents (2020-02-09@21:00 GMT)

Post by Aegharan » Sat Feb 08, 2020 9:26 pm

LFG: Searching Reagents
Time: 2020-02-09 @ 21:00 GMT
GM: Aegharan
Circle: 2
Difficulty: Medium

Rumor: A dwarfen Alchemical Grandmaster asks for a group of Adepts to accompany his apprentice on a search for certain reagents.

Please post your character as follows:

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[b]Notable Abilities:[/b]
Note: This game starts at 4pm Eastern.
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Re: LFG: [1st] Searching Reagents (2020-02-09@21:00 GMT)

Post by Alari » Sat Feb 08, 2020 10:11 pm

Name: A'lari
Circle: 2
Discipline: Swordmaster
Quote/Unique: There is nothing to fear when I am here!
Notable Abilities: Navigation and overall good combat stuffs.
Downtime: I suppose I can train you in my skills for cheap.

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Re: LFG: [1st] Searching Reagents (2020-02-09@21:00 GMT)

Post by Shokunin » Sun Feb 09, 2020 1:44 am

Name: Vlolkir
Circle: 1
Discipline: Sky Raider
Quote/Unique: 'With boiling blood and beating heart we'll smash the devils of the dark'
Notable Abilities: climbing, sneaking, noticing things, and uh, smashing
Downtime: none

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Re: LFG: [1st] Searching Reagents (2020-02-09@21:00 GMT)

Post by etherial » Sun Feb 09, 2020 4:09 am

Name: Daldorer
Circle: 1
Discipline: Nethermancer
Quote/Unique: Daddy can make you feel better
Notable Abilities:
Downtime: Alchemy

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Re: LFG: [1st] Searching Reagents (2020-02-09@21:00 GMT)

Post by nathaniel » Sun Feb 09, 2020 3:38 pm

Name: Jael
Circle: 2
Discipline: Beastmaster
Notable Abilities: Pets and Grapples
Downtime: n/a

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Re: LFG: [1st] Searching Reagents (2020-02-09@21:00 GMT)

Post by ChrisDDickey » Sun Feb 09, 2020 6:59 pm

Name: Zil
Race: Windling
Circle: 2
Discipline: Elementalist
Quote/Unique: Travel in style with a party Elementalist! Heat Food! Shelter! Purify Water! Air Mattress (pending).
Notable Abilities: Physician.
Downtime: Research rank 3, step 10 (step 13 if pay 20sp for library access).

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Re: AAR: [1st] Searching Reagents (2020-02-09@21:00 GMT)

Post by Aegharan » Mon Feb 10, 2020 2:27 am

Searching Reagents
Time: 2020-02-09@21:00 GMT
GM: Aeggy
Circle: 2
Difficulty: Medium

Player Rewards:
Jael: 3 TIP, 800 Legend, 230 Silver, -1 Hedbut, +1 Alpha Wolf
Vlolkir: 3 TIP, 800 LP, 105 sp, 5booster potions (half price)
Daldorer: 3 TIPs, 800 Legend, 205 Silver, 1 Booster Potion
Zil, 3 TIP, 800 Legend, 105 Silver, 2 Kelia’s Antidote
Alari: 3 TIP, 800 LP, 80 sp, 2 Booster Potions, 1 Salve of Closure

GM Reward:
Karl Tomsson: 1 TIP, 400 Legend, 115 Silver

Downtime Actions Available:
Zil: Research rank 3, step 10 (step 13 if pay 20sp for library access).

Further Information:
The group has fought some Baby Genhis in 38.12 and found a nest of Jehuthra Jounglings. The entrance of deserted mine-shaft in 37.10 was cleared of these Jehuthra Jounglings, although the group did not stay for long to look what else hides in the shadows.

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Re: AAR: [1st] Searching Reagents (2020-02-09@21:00 GMT)

Post by ChrisDDickey » Mon Feb 10, 2020 1:23 pm

From the journal of Zil, windling Elementalist of the 2nd circle. 
A grandmaster Alchemest is very eager to try out some old recipes that his guild has not had the ingredients for for centuries. He told us that he wants Genhis birth sacks, and Jehuthera thorax's. He had collected reports purporting to locate both creatures in specific locations in or near the Survos jungle a week or so's travel from Throal. We did some research on Gengis, and learned that the babies are extremely dangerous, and that after birth their own mothers run away. We did not learn much about Jehuthera other than that they were said to infest a certain old abandoned True Earth mine. They are however mentioned in many old legends, as being the downfall of many heroes of old. 

Several days outside of Throal, we were ambushed by a pack of wolves. Several of us were hamstrung, including me. Then Joel, our beastmaster tamed the Alpha wolf, and the rest ran away. 

Approaching the reported location of the herd of Genhis, we talked to several herdsmen, who reported that the herd had given birth, and they were taking the surviving adults several days away from the babies. Later that day, we spotted 6 baby Genhis before they spotted us, and also spotted their birth sacks. Daldorer, our nethermancer wanted to try to frighten them away, so we snuck up, and he jumped out and attempted to frighten them. He says he succeeded in frightening them, but apparently a baby Genhis's reaction to being frightened is to try to eat whatever frightens it. We had a very fun fight. I used my new Icy Surface spell great effect keeping the majority of the baby Genhis away from the others and only gating in one or two at a time. Each Genhis took a great deal of subduing, so the others would gang up on them as they finally managed to slip and slide their way over the ice patches. I think it took nearly a minute for the last one to make over, as it had to crawl nearly the entire way. Since adult Genhis are very useful beasts, we did not kill the ones we merely knocked unconscious, but instead gathered the birth sacks as quickly as we could and high-tailed it out of there. 

In the Servos jungle, we traveled to a hilly area, and found an ancient road in remarkably good condition. Just as we spotted the entrance to the ancient mine, we were ambushed by Cadaver-men. More kept coming out of the mine, until in all we slew 6 of them. Within the mine we found many Jehuthra. Two were big, but not as big as the legends had caused me to expect, but two were much smaller. They were dangerous, and had powerful magic. The bigger ones had very good armor, one we much have hit at least a dozen times before it finally went down. We collected the silvery Thorax's, and returned to Throal. The alchemist was unimpressed and told us that even the "big" jehuthra we had fought were "lessor". He is talking about funding an expedition back to the mines with "better adventurers" to get some "proper" thorax. 

He did pay us for the sacks and thorax's, and gave us a discount on his goods. I picked up a couple of antidotes. 

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Re: AAR: [1st] Searching Reagents (2020-02-09@21:00 GMT)

Post by Shokunin » Mon Feb 10, 2020 3:08 pm

From a roughly bound stack of loose paper titled 'Vlolkir'

I come back from the mountains, tell a lot of stories, show teeth from the bear we killed, have pints and slap backs with others in Throal. I felt the wind calling, and asked around to see who would need a strong arm. A potion maker wants adepts, trying to make rare potions I think. He says we have to find rare creatures for it. Something called a ghenis that eats its own, and a jehuthra that lives in old mines. I felt great honor in standing without fear against the bear and the dead things before, I hope to do so again.

We go southwest from throal. We walk a long time. Days out we come to what are trees. I have never seen the like, so tall, not like a mountain but among them is like being in a kaer in a way. I am looking at the green and up trying to still see the sky between the trees. We walk into wolves because I did not see them from looking up. We take stance and fight, I pick a wolf to try myself with. I cant seem to strike the wolf, I cant hurt the wolf. The wolf tears my leathers and cuts my flesh deep. I step back to burn my wounds close as raiders do, and Jael who can talk to beasts makes one tell the others to leave, I think, as they do. That one stays though.

We go on to a clearing following the potionmaker's rumors of ghenis. We find the herders, they say the move the survivors away from the small ghenis. We ask which way, and they point us on. We look hard for them and move silent, until we find small ghenis in a clearing they made eating trees. We decide to ambush from the side. After coming out and startling the ghenis we have to kill them all, it is good hard work, and we have a good battle. Zil the windling who I have known before does a thing with magic that makes ice on the ground, and the ghenis come at us one by one. This makes a better fight, more enjoyable. We kill the little beasts, but it is not the beasts the potionmaker wants, it is their birthing sacks? We take them and leave.

We walk northwest, follow an old road, looking for an old mine. Takes some long time. Then, the dwarf tells us he sees the mine. We go to look, but dead men come out and surround us. We fight hard. I tell the others to kill them fast, many blades make short work. Many of us are wounded and bloodied. The fight is hard and there are many to kill. We rest and eat fresh goat stew. When we are strong again, going into the mine takes us into the dark. The others light torches or use crystals. I am ahead and am hit with something cold that makes it hard to run. Then jehuthra come. I do not like jehuthra. They run from the fight and come back behind me and the others in bad places. Their shells turn my mace. I do not like jehuthra. We kill two, the two biggest and strongest. The potionmaker takes their parts, and is happy. He gives us silver, I think not enough, but it is silver I have now, and I can train and join the second circle so I am pleased. I was hurt bad in this journey. I hope to be stronger soon, I dont want to stay in Throal long.

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Re: AAR: [1st] Searching Reagents (2020-02-09@21:00 GMT)

Post by ottdmk » Sat Feb 15, 2020 2:56 am

The Great Library of Throal thanks Z'il and Vlolkir for their contributions. +40 Legend Points, +50 Silver Pieces.

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