AAR [2M]: Tail on the Fence (2022-01-18 @ 2359 GMT)

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AAR [2M]: Tail on the Fence (2022-01-18 @ 2359 GMT)

Post by predajey » Thu Jan 13, 2022 5:01 am

LFG: [2M] Tail on the Fence
Time: 2022-01-18 @ 2359 GMT (7PM EST)
GM: Pub
Difficulty: 2M
Rumor Source: Kalandar

Rumor: Kalandar keeps his ear to the ground for interesting goings on in a number of nearby "Family Style Business Operations" near Throal n Bartertown. The other day, he heard an interesting snippet about a street tough going in to fence a copper ingot with a really unusual deep red color in Sosanopa. The source, a Dwarven noble by the name of Dellaty (who is less than inclined to give her personal name) has shown some severe concern about the lad who delivered the ingot, as he has not returned from Sosanopa. Track this man down and ensure his health and safety. If necessary, acquire the means to allow proper behavioral modification by the client.

Location: Sosanopa

Alt Reward: The Fence that was sold the Copper Ingot goes by the name of Fai-ard. While the Copper Ingot is the most-expensive item taken, several salves and poultices have also gone missing. He's willing to allow the party to keep up to 400 SP worth of these healing items, which can be sold for half price in the Grand Bazaar.

Note: 4-6 Players
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Re: LFG [2M]: Tail on the Fence @ 2022-01-18 @ 2359 GMT

Post by kickmurder » Thu Jan 13, 2022 2:38 pm

Name: Vargo
Dwarf Weaponsmith from Hustane in Throal
Last Played: 2021-12-08
Circle: ECR 2, Circle 2
Discipline: Dwarf Weaponsmith
Downtime: Forge Weapon 13 (Rank 3)
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Re: LFG [2M]: Tail on the Fence @ 2022-01-18 @ 2359 GMT

Post by Slimcreeper » Thu Jan 13, 2022 8:33 pm

Carrock Bacccus
Ork woman from Bethane, of the Sencus-i tribe. And a monkey.

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Circle: Circle 2
Discipline: Archer
Downtime: ?
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Re: LFG [2M]: Tail on the Fence @ 2022-01-18 @ 2359 GMT

Post by marcrobitschek » Fri Jan 14, 2022 1:59 am

Name: Kalandar
Circle 3
Last played: 12/27/21
Discipline: Thief
Down time: working with the guild
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Re: LFG [2M]: Tail on the Fence @ 2022-01-18 @ 2359 GMT

Post by Magnaric » Sat Jan 15, 2022 1:58 am

Name: Valoric
Dwarf Street Brawler from Throal
Last played: December 27th, 2021
Circle: ECL 2/Circle 2
Discipline: Gauntlet 2
Unique: Tough as heck and ready to throw down for a good cause.
Downtime: N/A
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Re: LFG [2M]: Tail on the Fence @ 2022-01-18 @ 2359 GMT

Post by SkunkD » Sat Jan 15, 2022 8:27 pm

Name: Melcar
Human Swordmaster
Last Played: 2021-12-08
Circle: ECR 2, Circle 2
Discipline: Human Swordmaster
Downtime: Research (skill) Rank 3 (step 9)
Quote: "I'll hold these 3 off, you take out that one..."

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Re: LFG [2M]: Tail on the Fence @ 2022-01-18 @ 2359 GMT

Post by sigfriedmcwild » Tue Jan 18, 2022 10:07 pm

Name: Teyo
Last played on: 2021-11-27
ECR: 3 (5210lp)
Discipline: Swordmaster 3
Quote/Unique: The truth is out there
Notable Abilities: Being aggravating
Downtime: None

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Re: AAR [2M]: Tail on the Fence @ 2022-01-18 @ 2359 GMT

Post by predajey » Wed Jan 19, 2022 3:11 pm

AAR: Tail on the Fence
GM: Pub
ECR: 2
Difficulty: Medium

Player Rewards:
Carrock Baccus: 800 LP, 200 SP, 3 TIPs
Kalandar: 800 LP, 200 SP, 3 TIPs
Melcar: 800 LP, 200 SP, 3 TIPs
Teyo: 800 LP, 200 SP, 3 TIPs
Valoric: 800 LP, 200 SP, 3 TIPs
Vargo:: 800 LP, 200 SP, 3 TIPs

Alt Rewards: Half-priced Healing Aids

Journals: 40 LP, 50 SP

GM Reward: Nyx (800 LP, 200 SP, 3 TIPs)

[Forge Weapon] Rank 3, step 13
[Research] Rank 3, Step 9

The party was hired by Dellaty to locate Daht Ood, who was sent to sell a rather unique and radiant deep red copper ingot. They found themselves in Sosanopa, whereupon they were enlisted to locate the ingot, which had been stolen. Led to believe the ingot was sold and then stolen, they familiarized themselves with a lawyer who represented several thieves, a residential district run by Harold Ware which was both called and used as Ware Houses, and a group of dwarves who were attempting to create a better version of a fire engine. Each of these groups turned out to be innocent, as the truth of occurrences was that Fai-Ard, the fence who supposedly bought the ingot, actually kidnapped Daht Ood in hopes of obtaining the ingot for free. Daht Ood turned out to be mildly more intelligent than his reputation led others to believe, as he had hidden the ingot outside of Sosanopa. Both Daht and the ingot were returned to Dellaty, and a large number of healing aids were taken from Fai-Ard's shop. Fai-Ard was able to skip town during the investigation.

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Re: AAR [2M]: Tail on the Fence @ 2022-01-18 @ 2359 GMT

Post by SkunkD » Thu Jan 20, 2022 6:42 am

Met again at the Ghost Pepper, this time Kalandar had called us together because he had a hot lead on some potential job. The usual suspects were around as always, a decent group to travel with. I've worked two jobs with Kalandar and Vargo, each knows how to do there job. Valoric is newer to the group, only having met him on our last job. He's not much for words but he's always there for when words aren't the solution for the moment. It also looked like Kalandar brought along another acquaintance, Teyo, for the job. We also happened upon an Archer, Carrock, who joined us with her pet monkey Tum-Tum. Vargo was very enthralled with a monkey and I suspect he may try to talk his Mother into letting him have one after this job is over.

Kalandar's contact, Dellaty, finally found us to discuss the job. Seems she tasked a courier, Daht Ood, to Sasanopa to try and sell off some special brass ingot and the courier hasn't returned. She wants us to go find Daht and bring him and the ingot or the money back to Throal. Seems like the job will pay decent enough but I'm not sure what kind of company we're working with here. She didn't have much to go on as far as helping us get started so it looks like we'll have to start a bit of a search locally

Odd name that Dellaty.... De llaty... Da laty... The Lady??? *shakes his head* Rogues and their none-too-subtle naming conventions when they don't want strangers knowing their real names.

Anyway, the coin isn't going to earn its self, maybe this will be a chance to test out the new spear. The reach is much better than the axe and it is a way more elegant dancer too.

Valoric and I decided to check out the weapons shop in the Grand Bazaar, thinking someone might have tried to sell the ingot to an enthusiastic weaponsmith, while the others chased down some other possibilities. Valoric took the point in talking with the shop keep, though I'm quite certain this is the first time he's ever ventured into a weapons shop. I took the opportunity to check out all the weapons I could while keeping an eye out to see if anyone's attention perked up at the conversation Valoric was having non-too-quietly. The shop though was a dead end, seems weaponsmiths don't much like trying to work magical ingots... afraid it might explode or something. I'm going to have to remember this shop, the wares look much better than those out in Bartertown. About the same luck was found from everyone else.

Vargo seemed a bit more colored in the cheeks than normal though but he had been given the suggestion to check with the guards. The embarrassment seemed to coincide with this suggestion. *shrug*

One thing seemed to be apparent from all of our different questioning, Daht was not liked much and thought of as a bit of an oddity. Then again, any Dwarf walking about with only half his moustache is going to draw a lot of questions... especially among other Dwarves. Perhaps a punishment of some kind, I'll have to ask Vargo and Valoric about that.

All leads pointed that Dhat had left town as expected and had not tried to sell the ingot in town. Off to Sasanopa we go! Lots of rumors about this town make it out to be a rather seedy town with three major factions playing their games for power. Kalandar had the scoop on where one might try to sell rarities and took Valoric and Teyo to go inquire about. Vargo, Carrock, Tum-tum and I decided we should probably try and check out the local Inns and see what information we can find out about Daht.

Knowing Daht's reputation, we didn't expect that he would go for the Inn closer to the entrance to town and would probably prefer the cheaper Inn down by the docks. The Inn wasn't bad, run by an elf and rather quiet; quite a drastic difference from the Ghost Pepper. Not knowing what to expect though, we took a seat where we could see who was coming and going out of the Inn and also keep our back to a wall. We passed the time with a bit of food and drink and after a while I went up to the owner and inquired about Daht. She did remember him walking around town, hard to miss a Dwarf with half a moustache missing. But, that was about all the information she had for us.

When the rest of the party came back, they had arrived with a much better lead on where Daht might be. Apparently Daht had been wandering around looking for a buyer not very discreetly and managed to stumble upon a shop run by an individual by the name of Fai-Ard. Fai-Ard had apparently purchased the ingot from Daht but then was mysteriously robbed the night it happened. Apparently some questionable wears come in and out of this shop as it is known to be affiliated with one of the local thieves guilds or something. Fai-Ard had provided a contact for Kalandar to track down, a local lawyer, who was known to work with many of the more questionable individuals in the city; perhaps he might be of assistance.

Not being one for talking much, I let the rest of the group handle the conversations while I kept an eye out for anything suspicious. The lawyer seemed to be a dead end as well from what the group said... however Vargo seemed ready to give over almost all of his travel coin to him as payment for his time. Had the old Dwarf kept his mouth shut he probably could have pocketed that 200 sp. The other leads we had proved as much of a bust as the previous. Someone had us running in circles and was watching us quite closely. Valoric and I caught a glimpse of someone cloaked up on the roof tops watching us go through the Ware Houses district on our way to the docks. The docks were probably some of the biggest dead end that we'd encountered. On the bright side, Valoric was able to make the boat of Dwarves almost forget what they had been slaving away doing and nearly fall off into the water laughing when given Daht's description.

It was starting to become clear that we'd been sent on a wild goose chase. The day was getting late so we decided to head back to Fai-Ard, or possibly the Lawyer, to ask a few more questions. Our journey took us through the Ware Houses district again where we were set upon by some of the local thugs.

This wasn't by chance though... we must be getting close to the truth and someone wants us to stop asking around.

It all started when Teyo flew up to engage a T'skrang and a human that were having a conversation. All the sudden, 3 more came stumbling out of various hiding spots, you would think they had never seen a Windling in real life. It was obvious they were intent on surprising us, but seems they ended up being surprised more. The pesky cloaked individual on the rooftops was back too, this time they were trying to rain arrows down on us from far. Definitely a trap.

I took to the nearest thug that was intent on trying to get the jump on us, keeping my shield high and in front to guard against the archer, and with an elegant sweep I dropped the thug on his back. Kalandar, Valoric and Teyo seemed to have the ones they were engaged with under control... I could hear Teyo chirping at the thugs.

*sigh* Why must my sword brethren always be running their mouths, cant they just let their blade work do their talking for them.

Vargo didn't seem to be faring as well as the others and seemed to have taken a substantial wound from the thug that jumped out at him. My spear had lost interest in the thug on the ground and took me over to the one facing off with Vargo. Coming up along side Vargo in a low fluid movement I extended my spear behind the rogue's legs and swept them out from under him in one clean move before he knew I was there. After that, Vargo made short work of the the person who had attacked him. It was quite the clumsy strike with his spiked mace, no elegance to it at all... but it was effective. The look of confusion was plain to see on poor Vargo, up until now he's only battled creatures, not other humans.

Four of the thugs were already either killed or knocked unconscious. I stepped over the body of the one Vargo finished and took at one of the few that were remaining standing. He was surrounded by Valoric, Kalandar and Teyo. The spear guided me again to where it wanted to be and deftly I swept the one surrounded by party off his feet. Looking up, I noticed that Carrock had made her way up onto the roof tops and was firing arrows down upon the thugs too.

The fight was over quite quick, and Teyo even told one that if he ran right then, that he could go. Despite Teyo's generosity. Valoric took this as an opportunity to perfect his brick throwing technique towards the thug that was running away... lucky for the thug though, Valoric's brick just missed him. Though, I don't think he even noticed it while he was running.

The T'skrang was bruised, but he'd survive. We woke him up and started questioning him about who sent him and his crew after us. He pointed us back in the direction of Fai-Ard.

Upon reaching Fai-Ard's establishment, we noticed that the whole building had been abandoned. Everything worth much was taken and gone and not a single person around. Well, there was ONE person around. Daht was tied up down in the basement of the establishment. He told us that when he tried to sell the ingot that they captured him and locked him up. Luckily though, Daht ended up being a little smarter than we expected. He wasn't carrying the ingot with him when he was trying to sell it and had hidden it outside of town. On the suggestion from Kalandar and Daht, we picked up the healing aids that had been left behind. These should easily cover the additional troubles this little venture has caused.

As it was getting late, we decided to take Daht back to the Inn with us. He could show us where the ingot was in the morning and we would all set off, back to Throal, from there. Daht, was not very happy with us keeping such a close watch on him through the night; but, what was he going to do against 6 adepts and a monkey.

The next morning Daht led us right to where he had hidden the ingot. We collected the ingot and made our way back to Throal along the standard routes. This made travel fast and much safer from any other obstacles.

Once we got into Throal, Daht tried to run but it was easy to follow where he was going and he led us right the The Lady's residence. This did not seem to sit well with Dellaty as the glared towards Daht. I could almost feel sorry for him. However, our job is done here, all we needed was to collect our pay.

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Re: AAR [2M]: Tail on the Fence @ 2022-01-18 @ 2359 GMT

Post by kickmurder » Thu Jan 20, 2022 8:09 pm

A simple journal of Vargo Tusur Stonebreaker, Weaponsmith from Hustane

I, or rather my good mother, received a message from Kalandar for a piece of easy work. To her credit she didn't lose this one in a juvenile attempt to dissuade me from adventuring. My friend, friend, it feels strange to say that but it must be true if we have spent so much time together, needs some assistance in finding a missing courier.

We find ourselves predictably at the Ghost Pepper of such adventures as Tassidae Farms and the McGill Clay Works, my most recent journeys with Kalandar!

Its a dwarven noble named Dellaty, an obvious pseudonym. They were looking for a missing courier who was to deliver a special copper ingot. This ingot we learned was tainted with blood from an Obsidiman Purifier, giving it a deeper red colour! I am not sure where this information was learned but I will need to find out. The source of this copper is unknown to us! I must find out more about this forbidden mine and smelting operation.

Anyways, the mission survived it's newest members joining us, the ork Carrock and Teyo a windling, an Archer and Swordmaster respectively. Valoric tried to drink the signature hurlgh but failed this time to keep it down. Thankfully we had exited the splash zone and Gran-Gran was not in range.

Our new group rounded out with the worthy Melcar, and a monkey named Tum-Tum who travels with Carrock the Archer. I really must speak to mother about a monkey - it seemed very useful and I have never been able to have pets.

We were to seek Daht Ood, a dwarven courier and his ingot somewhere between Throal and Sosanopa. We did some investigating around the merchants and after some plausible leads we had found nothing. The only information being that Daht Ood was notoriously unreliable as a courier and not given to bathing. Also his moustache seemed to be a point of conversation being as it had recently been vandalized or he chose to wear it have shorn. It was all very confusing given any dwarf with a moustache would value it's thickeness and luxuriousness. But I digress.

Only after making a fool of myself questioning locals did it become obvious that the guards at almost all communities keep a list of comings and goings through their gates. A completely reasonable precaution given the times in which we live. Such an elementary deduction in location knowledge and bureaucracy and I missed it. I was mortified. I have resolved to learn about the place in which I live. The savvy of a Kalandar in dealing with the streets will be very valuable I am sure. I will talk to him about it.

The nature of the ingot also led us to nothing but we did find some things that made sense. It is unlikely for an object this specialized to be passed locally. It is very expensive and also a magical ingot can be dangerous to the Weaponsmith that works with it. Who knows what kinds of contraindications could occur when applying your own enchantments. We resolved to look further afield.

At the gates it was revealed that Daht had left not a few days earlier and was most likely heading to Sosanopa! The very tall Troll guardsman, Strombul, stated he had last been seen heading north so Sosanopa seemed our most likely destination.

We had an uneventful trip to Sosanopa and all the while Kalandar regaled us with tales of the town's colourful past! Murder-cults! Lost adepts! A more wretched hive of scum and villainy. I could sense the darkness on this place as we closed to its gates. The guardsmen were lax but did take our name and information and did confirm for us that Daht was in the town and had not left.

We took up room at the inn while Kalandar and Valoric went to speak to the local "colour". We learned that there were 3 groups the Wrights (Shipwrights), the Wares (Warehouse Workers), and the last that eludes me. I must take better notes.

We met with a lawyer who might have contacts but he didn't have much for us but we did come up with the name of a local fence and he revealed he did purchase the ingot but had no idea where Daht was. This left us investigating the other three groups. We identified that we were being followed and though we gave chase we lost the cloaked figure to the corners and darkness of the warehouse district. After more investigating and demoralized we decided to head back to inn when we were ambushed!!

They materialized! It is the only way to describe it. One moment nothing. The next? Ambushers within arm's reach! And they were so skilled! So skilled that they invited the first strike! Well they now rue this decision as we struck a mighty blow. Six ambushers with weapons of glittering steel. They knew their business and one hit me so hard as to almost gut me. I have never in my life been hurt so badly. And I admit I may have yelled a bit dramatically. But to my defense this was my first fight EVER against humanoid foes. Melcar and Teyo hewed around them with the natural aplomb of trained warriors, Melcar specifically putting his opponents off balance so as to make them vulnerable for the rest of us! Truly amazing skill!

I hesitate to write these next words. I killed a man. A human. And though he meant to take my life I still see his stricken face as I raise my spiked mace over my head. And hear the sound of bone breaking when it fell. The finality will stay with me a very long time. My trainers told me that I would have these moments and that the past would find its way into my present but I didn't know it would be like this. Training with my father and the other miners to depend the mine heads against beasts was one thing but knowing that I ended the pattern of a man? It was almost too much. But thankfully the river that was our adventure pulled me along with it and I didn't have time to dwell on it then.

Upon questioning the survivor we returned to the fence and found his place all but looted, cleared out. And in the basement we found Daht Ood, moustache vandalized. He confirmed that the fence had in face stolen the ingot himself and imprisoned Daht. This was information enough for us to solve our case of the missing courier and return to our client. Trying to track the missing fence into his own warren and go to war with the organized crime of the murder city of Sosanopa was not in the cards.

Mission successful but I do have some valuable lessons to process from it. More adventures to follow.

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