Companion, Questors, and one Year Oh My!

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Companion, Questors, and one Year Oh My!

Post by etherial » Wed Aug 15, 2018 6:45 pm

As we come upon the end of the first year of gameplay for Earthdawn West Marches, comprising approximately 4 /12 years of game time, over 50 different unique PCs going on over 100 different unique adventures, and the tragic losses of Bortruk, Dwarf Air Sailor and Robert, Human Wizard, we are almost done revising our rules for the next year and the approval of Companion Circles, Talents, Talent Knacks, Enchantments, and even Skills, as well as the Questors book. If you retain an interest in the game but haven't been on Discord in a while, please take a look at the updated rules and see if you have any questions. ... spnrx5cw8h