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Thread item guidelines

Post by Fusilliban » Tue Oct 02, 2018 9:50 pm

For combined bonuses from all of a character's Thread Items:
  • The maximum bonus to any single
    • Defense Rating
    • Talent
    • test type
    • Movement Rate in hexes
    • other characteristic
    a character can receive from their overall thread items is capped at their Thread Weaving Rank.
  • The maximum bonus to any single Attribute value is further capped at +6 (or Thread Weaving Rank, whichever is lower).
  • Reminder: No thread item can ever boost your actual Rank in Thread Weaving. No wishing for more wishes. :)
For individual items being crafted, some guidelines to make them be at least a little bit in step with existing/published items:
  • No more than half the Ranks of an item can be used for the same bonus. No Journeyman items that give +6 to Inspire Others. :) For things which are only possible at higher thread Ranks, no more than half the eligible Ranks can be used for that sort of bonus.
  • Maximum of one Attribute boost per item. Attribute bonuses are considered to count towards relevant Talents and Defenses for purposes of "half Ranks for the same bonus".
  • Maximum of one bonus Recovery Test per item.
  • If a Talent is only available to characters who are at least Warden tier, bonuses to it can only appear at Rank 7+ of items. If only at Master tier, bonuses can only appear at Rank 9+ of items. If a Talent is only available at Master tier and is only available to a single Discipline, we consider that an exclusive special capstone power, and no TI will give out Ranks of that ability.
  • We reserve the right to limit Journeyman Talents as well, but damage-boosters (Crushing Blow, etc) don't seem like they need to be limited - damage boosts are often available in Novice items.
  • An item may not have both a Spell Matrix and spell-like effects.
  • Incorporating a Matrix into an item incurs all the material costs of making a Standard or Enhanced Matrix, as appropriate, on top of the normal TI creation material costs.
The per-crafted-item list is designed based on impressions I've gotten from items in the GMG and Companion.