Sarrok, Orkish Swordmaster

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Sarrok, Orkish Swordmaster

Post by marsuniversity » Mon Oct 16, 2017 2:26 am

Roll20 Name: marsuniversity
Character Name: Sarrok
Race: Ork
Discipline: Swordmaster
Dex: 16
Str: 15
Tou: 11
Per: 12
Wil: 8
Cha: 16
Karma: 5
Uncon: 29
Death: 35
PD: 10
PA: 4
MD: 7
MA: 1
SD: 9
Recovery tests per day: 2
Carrying Capacity: 155
Wound Threshold: 8
Discipline Talent 1st circle(Rank): Avoid Blow(1)
Discipline Talent 1st circle(Rank): Maneuver(2)
Discipline Talent 1st circle(Rank): Melee Weapons(2)
Discipline Talent 1st circle(Rank): Taunt(1)
Discipline Talent 1st circle(Rank): Thread Weaving (Weapon Weaving)(1)
Optional Talent 1st circle(Rank): Tiger Spring(1)
Free Talent: None
Race Talent(Rank): None
Knowledge skills(rank): Legendary Military Units(1), Ork Lore(1)
Artisan Skill(rank): Dancer(3)
Speak language skills(rank): Dwarf, Or'Zet(2)
Read/Write Language Skill(rank): Dwarf, Or'Zet(2)
Other Skills(Rank): Awareness(1), Conversation(1), Impressive Display(3)
Spells: None
Equipment: Adventurer's Kit
Dancer's Tools (Costume, Sheet Music for performers)
Traveler's Garb
Trail Rations (1 week)
Padded Leather Armor
Writing Kit
27 Silver
Brief Backstory: Sarrok descends from a proud ork line of Swordmasters, tracing his lineage back to the lost nation of Cara Fahd. Beneath the Throalic Mountains, his mother and uncle taught him the dance of blades and told him of the glory days of his family, ever in service to the throne, even if their skills went somewhat unappreciated in a land known for its cavalry. Before the outer world opened to him, the best Sarrok could hope for was a long life as an entertainer for dwarves nobility and merchants, but now he sees a practical chance to apply his skills and seek anything left behind from those half-forgotten hearthside stories.