Character Advancement rules and Template

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Character Advancement rules and Template

Post by BrandenV » Sat Sep 23, 2017 2:30 am

After each adventure you will need to add a response to your character post detailing rewards gained and items used. Any character changes made before your next mission should be noted after the reply containing the template. Which you will then apply to your main post as this will serve as the updated version of your character.

Code: Select all

[b][u]Name of the mission[/u][/b]
Link to the post of the mission

Legend points

[b][i]Items used:[/i][/b]
Any items your character used up during the mission

[b][i]Are you going to write a Journal?[/i][/b]
Yes/No/Link (Journal Reward)

Activity (Details) (Duration)

[b][i]Legend Spent:[/i][/b]
Raised [Talent] to [Rank] ([Legend Cost])
Raised [Attribute] to [Value] ([Legend Cost])
Tied Rank [Rank] Thread to [Thread Item] ([Legend Cost])
Learned [Spell/Recipe/Talent Knack]

[b][i]Purchases in the Grand Bazaar:[/i][/b]
Such as new equipment, spells, or training that did not come as an Adventure Reward

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