Feedback on and wishlist items for the FASA web site, forums, and shop.
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Post by Bonhumm » Sat Jul 28, 2018 3:23 pm


I'd like to comment and make some suggestions concerning the 'shop' section of your main website.

I'm sorry to say that it is... painful to navigate as they are too many steps to see the actual content.

I'll be using the Earthdawn section as an example.

Let's say I'd like to buy the campaign book Prelude to War from the 1st Edition in PDF. I'd have to:

1- Click on 'Shop' on the main page
2- Click on 'Earthdawn' in the left column
3- Click on 'Other Editions'
4- Click on 'First Edition'
5- Click on 'PDF'
6- Browse through the entire first page of products and fail to find the book
7- Click on the 2nd page, browse through it and fail to find the book
8- Click on the 3rd page, browse through it and fail to find the book
9- Click on the 4th page and finally find it (alphabetical order is for losers!)

That's bad and this is not just a question of many clicks. The shop section seem designed only for those who actually know exactly what they are looking for. Some people are, of course, but many people are there to browse, to see what's available, discover stuff they weren't aware of and buy them (just like in a brick and mortar shop). I cannot do that here unless I browse every single possible page.

Might I suggest:

Once you clicked on Shop/Earthdawn you are presented with a list of all Editions right away (with 4th Edition prominently on top of course) but with the other edition listed (no 'other section') under it. Something like:

4th EDITION (currently in production)

3rd Edition
Classic Edition
2nd Edition
1st Edition

and then the others (maybe in smaller font?)

Savage Edition
Revised Edition
Pathfinder Edition

THEN, once an edition is selected, you are presented with a list of ALL the products available for it with NO other information than the NAME of the book (PLEASE: alphabetical order) and MAYBE the product code. NO price, NO picture, NO medium (pdf/paper), NO description. All of those will come in the product page itself. Let people browse! (you are duplicating a lot of information currently).

See? This way my original research went from 7 clicks and 8 pages to 4 clicks and I was able to notice that there was many products that I was unaware of and might also purchase.

I'm aware this would be a major revamp but I'm sure it would help both sales and your fans.

If this is too complicated, might I at least BEG that you remove the 'which medium' (pdf/paper/bundle) step? The medium is NOT more important than the product. Please skip this step completely and once (and only once) you selected the desired product, list the mediums on which it is offered (think Amazon, they don't ask you whether you want the books available on paper or on Kindle before listing them).

Finally, on the main page of the 'shop' section: why is there 2 'new products in July' sections? Figurines in the center and the Questor books+other figurines in a column to the left. That gives a very clustered look to the page.

Thank you for your attention

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Re: Suggestions

Post by Andrew1879 » Sun Jul 29, 2018 1:30 am

Subdividing by edition actually could be done. Let me look into that.

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Re: Suggestions

Post by Slimcreeper » Sat Aug 18, 2018 12:08 am

Hear! Hear!

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