AAR: The Show Must Go On

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AAR: The Show Must Go On

Post by Fortesque » Thu Jun 28, 2018 6:02 am

The Show Must Go On
Time: 2018-06-27@23:00 GMT
GM: Fortesque (Whyr'wyndyl)
Circle: 2
Difficulty: Medium

Player Rewards:
Fenrir: 800 legend, 127.5 silver, 3 TIPs, Kukulkan The Zoak, Strength attribute Training
Quis'Tan: 800 Legend, -180sp, 3 TIPs, strength attribute training
Lasairfhiona: 800 Legend, -30sp, 3 TIPs, Dexterity attribute training
teddy 800 legend, -180 silver, 3 TIPs

Downtime Actions Available:
Fenrir: Alchemy 11 (3) - recipe: Booster Potion
Fenrir: Animal Training 7 (1)

Further Information:
Vin'ja's Spectacle, the newest traveling circus, had a successful Opening Day.
Kurt Beck got his payment and FFI no longer has financial leverage against Vin'ja.
Who hired FFI Linus Carr to interrupt Opening Day?

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Re: AAR: The Show Must Go On

Post by ender3rd » Sun Jul 22, 2018 2:42 am

A circus was in being created and needed some help getting itself started. As we later learned Vin'Ja (Obsidiman Troubadour) had put himself in debt to FFI rather significantly to fund this venture. However he had enough backing to be guaranteed to pay the loan whether the circus succeeded or not. This left FFIs then-second in command with an opportunity to scuttle the show to make an even greater profit by, somehow, shorting the circus. The second planned to assassinate several star performers to ruin the show but was prevented by "Prank", an Illusionist who was romantically involved with one of the stars. This prevention being accomplished by kidnapping and hypnotizing the lot. None of this we found out about until much later however.

We investigated each star's tent looking for evidence. The strongman used mechanical advantages to assist his act, The trapeeze artists (Jenna and Jurik) had a wide variety of presumably academical substances in their nightstand. The clown (Illusionist) "loom" was nigh-monosyllabic when acting, which was almost always. He was hired to scare the audience. What kind of person sets out to instill Terror in their own paying customers?!? The animal trainer had quite a stock of animals. In each star's place we found some small playing cards with the occupant's fingerprints in brown. These cards we tracked to a local artist who was selling the packs. This lead us to Prank who led us to the stars.

Before we found the artist I was "ambushed" (unsuccessfully) by some underlings whom we chased but who were dumb enough to die rather than surrender and talk.

At the end we confronted FFI and brought the second to task. Unfortunately my knowledge of the details of contract law was not sufficient to reduce Vin'Ja's debts. He probably didn't deserve it though - he was deliberately terrorizing his customers!

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Re: AAR: The Show Must Go On

Post by BattleChad » Fri Jul 27, 2018 1:24 pm

The Great Library of Throal thanks Quis'Tan for his contribution.

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