AAR: Do Horrors Dream of Corrupted Sheep

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AAR: Do Horrors Dream of Corrupted Sheep

Post by Fortesque » Thu Jun 21, 2018 4:05 am

Time: 2018-06-20@23:00 GMT
GM: Fortesque (Whyr'wyndyl)
Circle: 2
Difficulty: Hard

Player Rewards:
Teddy: 4TIP, 1200 Legend, 345 silver
Qis'Tan: 4TIP, 1200 Legend, 345 silver
Gwinthearn: 4 TIP, 1200 Legend, 345 Silver.
Fenrir: 4 TIP, 1200 Legend, 345 Silver.
Lasairfhiona: 4 TIP, 1200 Legend, 345 Silver.

Downtime Actions Available:
Fenrir: Alchemy step 10 (2);
Fenrir: Animal Training step 7 (1)

Further Information:
Jake Rancher got the adepts back in time to save Sally...and the rest of her family.
The "misunderstood" T'skrang wizard - Yanni - was defeated....along with his "cowboys".
The Group stayed an extra few days to help get the cattle to market.

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Re: AAR: Do Horrors Dream of Corrupted Sheep

Post by ender3rd » Mon Jun 25, 2018 1:44 am

The Copper Shoe cattle ranch well outside Throal asked for help with missing beasts. I joined with a number of others to help one Jake with the problem. Jake was not a well-traveled man and did not know any efficient ways to return to his ranch. A stop in Borgan's Rest acquired better directions than were otherwise available and we set out cross-country to the ranch.

The group as a whole was camped in the lee of a ruined building. Yet more damage from the scourge at a glance. We had been pushing hard and it appears the others succumbed to flesh's weaknesses. The first watch had warned us of the sounds of wild canine howling to be heard. I was doing a perimeter patrol looking for signs of the wolves when I found a bloated pulsating pseudo-insectile worm-thing in the bowl of a tree limb just outside the ruin. I returned to the camp and found all asleep. Given that combat was imminent I chose to forgo the typical punishments for those asleep on watch and woke everyone and got them prepared for combat. Once begun the fighting showed two more of these monstrous things had infiltrated our camping area. After dispatching what were almost certainly horror constructs if not horrors in full several bedrolls were burned and those that could returned to sleep.

Though doing Jaspree's work by restoring the land to fertility all was not well at the ranch. There was a T'Skrang claiming the name of Yanni and the discipline of Wizard on the roof of the house. Inside was the Jake's "love" Sally and her family, remarkably unharmed despite the severity of the situation - praise Garlen. The fields were manned by human-bodied beasts with the heads of cattle. After trying to determine whether Yanni was guilty of creating these "cowboys" or not I determined that the best immediate course of action was to clear the fields of the filth now infesting them. As soon as I engaged Yanni made it obvious that he was, in fact, involved in the creation of these constructs and intended to defend them. Having quickly dispatched my first target I reigned in, examined the situation for a moment and leapt myself and Xintan onto the roof, dealing a heavy blow to Yanni and bringing us both down through the roof. With the skill that I have worked for, and some measure of luck, I managed to keep my seat during and after the fall. The only other action of tactical significance is the note that these beast men are very stupid and easily distracted into irrelevance by high-flying windlings. That fact allowed for a fairly rapid defeat in detail of those enemies which remained.

We remained to fix what we could and help drive the herd to market. As good an end as could be managed.

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Re: AAR: Do Horrors Dream of Corrupted Sheep

Post by BattleChad » Mon Jun 25, 2018 3:27 am

The Great Library of Throal thanks Quis'Tan for his contribution.

Journal Reward: 60 Legend Points and 86 Silver

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Re: AAR: Do Horrors Dream of Corrupted Sheep

Post by Imperial Mustachman » Wed Jun 27, 2018 1:05 am

oui! names Ludvikt!
Second Yun of a ruddersmun. No less no more.

where to start?
I suppose we started out on a job headed out to do with cows or some kind of ranchers dilemma, i wasn't paying as much attention as a suppose i was supposed to on the account that i had just came from the docks and being tired from loading the great elven warship "the lady Matadora Isadora" a real fancy junk she was!

perhaps it was allot of moving parts or the rigging strung just right but i can say with out a DOUBT I got a few great ideas for what I want on my ship, when I make it that is. However that neither being here nor there i can say the first stop of our adventure had us following the swordswoman to a neat little stomping ground, it figures they would put a "Bruno" like me on first watch! I was great, nothing got past me from my watch post atop the dilapidated ruins and my time passed quickly, next the groups defacto leader ran a group of three the swordswoman( Illayia or Lorhaya perhaps?) the animal talker-to-do ( Quinton!) and the stone man... I don't know his name, but his figure was a welcome sight, all made of Obsidian and that shone like a brilliant fire! I swear I could see my face in his backside! ( I don't think he knew he reflected allot of light).

I was woken to find not 1 but three meat puppets that were wrapped in a skin like cocoon that dancing about on the limbs of the very tree we slept under and kept spitting fluids at us! They had me and the leader poke the meat puppets and I think we got them all? i was heading back to catch some "zzz" when they jumping wormy things slimed the Obsideonman and the party fought hard to keep our fire place and gear secured... I think I threw some embers and burning coals at the stupid blighter... it was a quick work after that.

i had a good rest after that, the swordswoman said I couldn't eat the meat puppets, too bad it would have saved me a ration or two.

We made it to the rance palce and everyone was being angry about something, there was a lizard thing on the house and everyone expected me to speak, it was a very weird day... they said something about a cow keeper being angry and I made my way while everyone was busy down towards the horse stable to get a look, I did get very far. the guy ion the horse charged out and hit one of the ranch hands ( the dopes were wearing cow heads as masks!). the whole situation got out of hand, the roof of the structure caved in, Quinton got hurt pretty badly and the swordswoman did a good job of keeping us alive. The party had a windling ( don't know his name either) who was traveling with us ( I didn't talk to him, he didn't even have a riggers hat!) he disappeared for a ew-while and I helped move the civilians out of harms before moving to the outlying ranch hands ( cow men..or cow boys?) and cut off the few reinforcements before they could also group up.

the battle was hard fought and i wasn't able to see everything that happened, the poor lizard man (skal?) died under the hoofs of a cowboy it was all very tragic and we could not save him.. however we could and did save out friend Quinton. we all stayed to help get the cattle to market: Its only right I would think otherwise maybe some of those meat puppets might have come after them.

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Re: AAR: Do Horrors Dream of Corrupted Sheep

Post by BattleChad » Thu Jun 28, 2018 12:32 am

The Great Library of Throal thanks Teddy for his contribution.

Journal Reward: 60 Legend Points and 86 Silver