AAR: Return to the Temple of Raggok

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AAR: Return to the Temple of Raggok

Post by etherial » Tue May 22, 2018 2:14 pm

Return to the Temple of Raggok
Time: 2018-05-21@23:59 GMT
GM: etherial (Gronk)
Circle: 3
Difficulty: Medium

Player Rewards:
Avalandohamagannahnieventhallailmar: 3 TIPs, 1400 Legend, 370 silver
Blaethynn: 3 TIPs, 1400 Legend, 345 silver, Alchemical Reagents (50)
Fliver: 3 TIPs, 1400 Legend, 370 Silver
Fredi: 3 TIPs, 1400 Legend, 370 Silver
Whyr'wyndyl: 3 TIPs, 1400 Legend, 370 Silver

Downtime Actions Available:
Blaethynn: Alchemy 10 (Rank 2) (Booster Potion)
Blaethynn: Forge weapon 14 (Rank 3)
Blaethynn: Craftsman 17 (Rank 2)
Blaethynn: Item History 14 (Rank 3)
Fliver: Research 10 (Rank 3)
Fliver: Mapmaking 8 (Rank 1)
Researchers may spend 20/2 Silver for +3 Steps

Further Information:
The Raggok Kaer has been fully explored...or has it?
A Deceiver is known to be active in the region.

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Re: AAR: Return to the Temple of Raggok

Post by ChrisDDickey » Tue May 22, 2018 9:21 pm

From the journal of Fliver.

Some Adepts have been more thoroughly exploring the Kaer near Merrith . Their first expedition turned up Cadaver men and other evidence of active corruption. I decided to join them. Aside from myself there was Blaethynn Windling the Weaponsmith, Avalandohamagannahnieventhallailmar the Obsidiman Elementalist, Whyr'wyndyl the windling warrior, and Fredi Dram the Dwarf Cavelrywoman and her Faithful mount Su.

As I joined them, they were examining some writings they had collected hear in the Kaer. One mentioned that the way to enter the Dormitory level was to stab the statue with it's own sword. Apparently manipulating the statue of Rashomon had already opened one secret passage. It had many openings and whatnot. We found the one that looked like the sword would fit perfectly, and a hidden staircase appeared.

At the bottom of the stairs, we saw 4 dimly glowing lights ahead. We advanced upon them, and discovered that they were each Will o’ the Wisp. Each of the 4 could cast spells of one Spellcasting Discipline. They were very hard to hit, but if hit, fairly easy to kill. We ganged up and focused fire, and destroyed them fairly quickly. But in the meantime several of us took grievous wounds from mind Dagger and Earth Dart spells. We took an initial recovery test, and decided to go back upstairs to eat lunch before taking another. However when we returned to the staircase, we found that it had closed, and we were facing a wall of solid rock.

Some more reading was done in one of the journals that had been found, and it mentioned that the way to get out of the dormitory level involved a lodestone, and that at the time of his writing it, the journal writer had one hidden in his bed. Whyr'wyndyl went looking for the dormitories, and I moved to the intersection where I could both see him, keep the group in sight, and keep an eye upon the approach to our cul-de-sac. I was releaved when Whyr.wyndyl came back, because several of the others were still talking about the need to eat a hot meal, rest for an hour, and take another recovery. I was saying that this cul-de-sac was a good place to do so. However instead of waiting the hour, Whyr'wyndyl instead simply asked Blaethynn to accompany him as the two of them explored further.

At first the two other windlings kept fairly near. They explored a storeroom to the south, and then entered another corridor to the North. Apparently they encountered another intersection, and decided to explore further. Once several minutes had gone by without them making a reappearance, the rest of us decided we had best follow them quickly in case they ran into trouble. We had just barely reached the end of the first corridor however when we heard an anguished scream and the sounds of combat, as the two of them had blundered all alone into an ambush.

By the time the 3 of us had a chance to come up, both had been poisoned, and Blaethynn had been already been rendered immobile. Whyr'wyndyl was being attacked by two Giant trap door spiders. We rushed to his aid. What we did not know was that the spider who had poisoned Blaethynn had re-hidden himself, so attacked Avalan from the rear. I got a light bite, that I was much afraid had poisoned me. By the time the spiders were defeated several of us were well and truly tapped. The fight would have been much easier if it was 5 of us against the three of them, rather than the three of them against two of us, followed by 3 more of us.

Whyr'wyndyl started to say that he had learned a lesson, but then he went on to state what that lesson was, and I am afraid I lost my temper a bit when he did not say that the lesson he had learned was not to leave his friends and wander around almost alone in a dangerous kaer.

We holed up near the spider lairs for the night, and in the morning did more searching. We searched several more rooms, and eventually found a large chapel. It had light quartz lanterns, and so we saw several Cadaver Men. They also saw our lights, and started to approach. Each of us spellcasters got one quick buff spell off (Monstrous Mantel for myself, Flame Blade for Avalon). We were fairly careful to focus our fire and never had more than two CM wounded at a time. We were on the balcony level of the chapel, and I wondered if perhaps the CM would be stupid enough to fall for a simple trick. I flew to the other side of the railing, and Taunted a CM. it flew into a horrible rage and did in fact leap after me. It made an absolutely pathetic leap, and did not so much jump over the railing as trip over it, nevertheless, it somehow ended up near me, and attempted a flurry of blows as it fell past. Luckily all missed me. Unfortunately, it seemed to take very little damage from it's plummet, and seemed to care about falling damage even less. It did show us where the stairs were as it rushed back up to attempt another attack. However it, and it's last compatriot, was very quickly put down.

We looked around, and were amazed to see a being that looked exactly like Robert son of Paul, who died just a few months ago. All of us who knew him, knew it could not really be him, since we had burned his dead body ourselves. I have read about a type of horror called a Deceiver, and called out that it was a trick. I attempted a spell at it, but in spite of what I felt was a very good casting, failed utterly. The horror mocked us briefly and then fled. It is clear that we must needs return here.

Further searching turned up a lodestone, and we were able to use it open the staircase.

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Re: AAR: Return to the Temple of Raggok

Post by Reyntrannin » Wed May 23, 2018 2:54 pm


I know it's a been a while since I've written an actual letter to you, but it's been a busy month.

Whyr'Wyndyl, Fredi, Avalan, and I continued our investigation into the Temple of Raggok. Although Quis Tan was unable to stay with us, Fliver, a Windling Illusionist, joined us in his stead. You know, you told me that once I left our family, I wouldn't see very many Windlings out in the world, but it seems that everywhere I go, I meet a new Windling friend. Perhaps more of our people are finally choosing to set out on lives of adventure. Anyhow, on with the story, right?

Amongst the personal effects of the librarians we found previously (see the copy of my journal I enclosed with my last letter) was an old, worn copy of The Book of Tomorrow with quite a few hand-written notes that appear to have been scribed by one of the Raggok cultists. Well, I say he appeared to be one of the cultists, but the notes implied that he was there as some sort of spy, perhaps a follower of Rashomon who had not succumbed to madness and hoped to put things right. Either way, it did not go as he (or maybe she? I really have no idea since they never identified themselves) planned. The first entry I read caused me to look again at the statue at the entrance. I found that the sword he was holding could be removed, and the entry implied that there would be a place to 'stab' the statue. Whyr'Wyndyl and I both looked at the numerous wounds covering the torso of Rashomon, but it was Avalan who discovered the right one. Running the statue through as the entry suggested opened a new set of stairs for us to follow down, deeper into the Temple and its mysteries.

After we reached the new area and made sure we were (relatively) safe to proceed, we began exploring. I led the way, searching for traps and wary of anything suspicious. However, when we reached a large room with what I thought were colored candles lighting it, I was in for a shock, for the candle flames turned out to be Will o'the Wisps, four of them! They were probably originally created by adepts in the service of the temple, but now were vicious and aggressive. I was almost immediately struck by some kind of spell which hurt me a lot, but did not manage to knock me unconscious. The spellcasting wisps proved to be dangerous foes, as Whyr'Wyndyl's usual agility availed him very little and both he and Fredi, as well as Fredi's mount, Su, took some brutal punishment. No one was severely disabled, but we had suffered heavy injuries, so we decided to make camp for a short while and recover. As we moved to go to the upper level, we found that the stairs we had descended were now replaced by a solid wall of stone. Whyr'Wyndyl got his breath back very quickly, so he went a short ways from where we had stopped to see if there was anything of note down a passage we had previously passed by. Meanwhile, I began studying the notes in the 'journal' that had gained us entrance. I found that the exit key was tied to use of a lodestone, and that the author of the notes had kept one hidden in their bunk.

After Whyr'Wyndyl had come back from his brief exploration, he and left the others to rest while we made a bit further survey of the area, looking for either an alternate path up or a lodestone we could use to exit. The halls we were checking were covered in cobwebs, and this should have been a clue about the dangers that awaited us, but we both pressed forward without worry. A mistake, as it turned out. I found a section where the webbing looked slightly different, and as I approached to observe more closely, a giant spider sprang its trap on me, injecting me with its paralytic venom. I had at least managed to warn Whyr'Wyndyl that something was off, and as the spiders mounted an assault on the two of us, he called out to our companions, giving directions to reach us quickly.

The poison quickly rendered me insensible, and I don't know how much of what I saw was from the spinning in my head or real. I'm pretty sure that the giant sentinel that stood over me was actually Avalan, who I learned later had bravely fended off the spiders from my insensate body, but I was unable to track much else that happened. Aside from the wounds I received from the spiders, Whyr'Wyndyl had been bitten badly a couple times, but was fine enough due to the quick application of a poultice. My companion found a place to fortify, and we set up camp for the night, with me rendering what assistance I could once the poison's effects had passed.

After a fitful night's sleep, worried that more spiders or other beasties might appear, we continued our exploration (somewhat more cautiously in my case, near death experiences aren't fun). We found what appeared to be the dormitories for the acolytes, but no lodestone hidden in any of the beds. We did find evidence that the acolytes had been poisoned and converted to cadavermen after their death. Their were ten beds, so we expected to find a rather large horde of the things. From what I heard in our previous encounter, the cadavermen we faced with the flesh beasts were too fresh to be from this lot, so it seems that this Temple is becoming a veritable cadaverperson factory. Further searching of the journal revealed that the likely cause of this poisoning might be it's author, who had clearly begun sliding into a revenge obsessed madness. This was born out by later entries which also imply he was responsible for raising them as undead.

We continued searching the floor, and eventually found a large atrium that was lit with burning lanterns. And half the expected horde of undead. There was a pitched battle, with Whyr'Wyndyl holding off three of the creatures while the rest of us concentrated on destroying the remaining two. The first went down quickly to Fredi and Su, and a second was actually taunted into jumping a railing to a long fall by Fliver's quick thinking. I swooped and harassed them as best I could, but the most amazing kill came from our Elementalist. As he had only been prepared to cast support spells on he rest of us, he took an opportunity to strike on of the cadavermen in the head, completely destroying it. He is really the first Obsid I've ever met, but I begin to see that stories of their strength and toughness have not been exaggerated. Whyr'Wyndyl began striking his opponents sharply and repeatedly knocked them from their feet, which, combined with Fredi's sword and mount and Fliver's spell casting brought the rest of the group to its demise. We ourselves had been slightly injured, but were on the whole in good shape, so we pressed on.

In the next area something... horrible... awaited us. Do you remember Robert, from my first trip out of Throal? The Human wizard who died? His ghost, or something like it was waiting for us, casting accusatory comments and vague threats of retribution. There was something unearthly about the whole encounter, with a feeling of being drained. However, after only a brief exchange with the.. ghost, I guess?... it vanished into the gloom and left us mostly unmolested. We eventually managed to get back out, so that we could recover before attempting to delve deeper into this Temple... and its mysteries.

Have you ever come across a restless shade like this? If so, please write back with some advice. Even if you haven't, please write back if only to reassure worried cousin,


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Re: AAR: Return to the Temple of Raggok

Post by BattleChad » Sat May 26, 2018 3:44 pm

The Great Library of Throal thanks Fliver and Blaethynn for their contributions.

Journal Reward: 70 Legend Points and 92 Silver

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Re: AAR: Return to the Temple of Raggok

Post by Fusilliban » Wed May 30, 2018 5:08 pm

The Observations of Avalandohamagannahnieventhallailmar

Hatred and vengeance are awful things, and I am glad to have found companions to stand against them with me. Our last exploration into the kaer devoted to Raggok was incomplete. and I felt it important to cleanse this place. I was not alone, and most of the former group agreed to venture forth again. Quis'Tan was unable to join us, having other obligations, but instead we were joined by yet another Windling! Now I know why there were so few of them in Throal - every one of these tiny, wonderful people must have gone aboveground, where they can fly freely. My companions this time:

Blaethynn, a Windling Weaponsmith,
Fliver, a Windling Illusionist,
Fredi, a Dwarf Cavalrywoman,
Whyr'wyndyl, Windling Warrior

The first challenge was finding entry to the yet-unrevealed parts of the kaer. We consulted the journal of Fundal the Scribe (Throalic reference number viewtopic.php?f=40&t=814 ). Her notes suggested that the statue of Rashomon, being a Passion of endurance, could be run through with her own sword in order to open a door. The statue had many wounds for this purposes. Because it was made of Earth, I opened my senses to it, and was guided to a particular wound. I can't say if it was Elementalism or luck, but a new door opened, and we were able to descend!

Whyr'wyndyl descended first, carefully watching for traps. She is most valorous, and willingly takes this risk (and many others) to defend her companions. We found no traps in the darkness, but we did find some magical light sources, which had somehow survived this whole time. We began to consider that the magic used to create them must be exceptionally powerful, and this was immediately proven correct. They were alive, and attacked us immediately! They cast basic attack spells known to every spellcasting Discipline, but with more power than any beginner spellcaster can muster. Fredi and Whyr'wyndyl nearly died, as did Fredi's animal companion, Su. Most of our attacks were ineffective - they are difficult to hit, and to injure - and most effective was hitting them with a metal shield. Perhaps the dispersed nature of these creatures makes them most vulnerable to attacks with a wide, blunt object?

We returned to the stairs, to go upstairs and recover from our many wounds, but the door had closed behind us. While scouting for a better campsite, Blaethynn and Whyr'wyndyl found a campsite so good, it was already in use! The poor Windlings were set upon by spiders, large enough to be frightening to any Namegiver, and which must have been exceptionally terrifying for them. Blaethynn (our Weaponsmith) was immediately paralyzed, and we feared she might die of poison. The spiders were as hardy as they were oversized, but they were much easier to hit than the magical lights. It was a close fight, as many of us were still injured, but at the end we remained standing and the spiders did not. After this, we resolved to rest and recover immediately, which we did. We took an entire evening to sleep, and I gave Whyr'wyndyl an Air Mattress empowered specifically to assist her healing. (She needed it!) We slept calmly, coolly; entirely without incident.

Further searches showed us a dormitory, which was long since empty. Fundal's journal suggested that a lodestone was the key to leaving the area, and we found none here. We continued searching until we found what looked like an altar, in a room populated by more rageful cadavers. I put Fire into the weapons of my companions, and they attacked. This fight went much better than the previous two, with our Warrior holding some of them off, while the rest of us were able to focus our attacks. I hadn't had time to change my Spell Matrixes, and had no attack spells, and so was forced to result to unarmed combat. This went very well, though, and I was able to re-kill a cadaver with a single punch! I will have to look into this further in the future; it was much more effective than any Earth Dart I have ever cast.

Elsewhere in the temple was a Human who I did not recognize. My companions called her Robert, and swore that she must be dead, and that this was impossible. It spoke words of mockery, and then vanished. All of my companions knew this Robert, and many had been there when she died. The twisted words wounded my companions in their souls, and they were in ill spirits the entire journey home. I attempted to raise their spirits by feeding them Heated Food, and asking them to tell me joyous stories of the deceased. Robert was a spellcaster, but when I asked what kind, they all said "well, Robert was complicated," and grinned. I hope I was able to bolster their spirits somewhat, and I will be checking in on them in the future.

Fliver believes that the creature that stole their friend's face was a Horror - a Deceiver. If any would know what a Deceiver looks like, it would be an Illusionist.

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Re: AAR: Return to the Temple of Raggok

Post by BattleChad » Mon Jun 04, 2018 3:16 pm

The Great Library of Throal thanks Avalandohamagannahnieventhallailmar for their contributions.

Journal Reward: 70 Legend Points and 92 Silver