AAR: Snatch and Gob

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AAR: Snatch and Gob

Post by etherial » Fri Mar 23, 2018 3:13 am

Mission: Snatch and Gob
GM: etherial
Date: 2018-03-22
Difficulty and circle rating: Circle 2 Medium

Player Rewards:
Durgan Trotter: 3 TIPs, 800 Legend, 230 Silver
Osahar: 3 TIPs, 800 Legend, 230 Silver
Robert: 3 TIPs, 800 Legend, 230 Silver
Whyr'wyndyl: 3 TIPs, 800 Legend, 230 Silver

Downtime Actions Available:
Robert: Item History 15 (Rank 4)
Robert: Research 21
Researchers may spend 20/2 Silver for +3 Steps

Further Information:
Bog Antony will be using the statue of Boggulus and Gobbus, the first Bog Gobs and...the other item...to retake Bog Gopolis.

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Re: AAR: Snatch and Gob

Post by ender3rd » Fri Mar 23, 2018 3:26 am

A nice easy mission that actually wasn't too bad. Gotta say that was a nice change of pace. The usual trek to Durgin's rest followed by talking to the drunk and the captured bog gobs. We needed to grab a statue and a "ball of feces" from the bog gobs so that Bog Antony could gain the political leverage to start an attempt to retake power from King Gobba after the fall of RaseaC. We got a wagon and a couple daredevil teenaged drivers to bring the stuff back with us. Then we headed out to bog gopolis with the plan to Meld with Shadow, Cloak, and distract with a Disaster, sneak in, grab stuff and go. We ran into a patrol of bog gobs and were able to kill them without letting them escape. Then my attempt to distract failed horribly but Whyr'wyndyl made up for it nicely. The others grabbed the statue while I determined that the "building" with the feces was actually a cave. After getting the statue out we regrouped as a party and descended. After being ambushed by some spiders we got the (obviously magic) source of new bog gobs from the cave and returned to the surface. Whyr did his Distraction thing amazingly well again and we returned with everything not too much the worse for wear. Dropped the goods with Bog Antony and back to Throal. Hardly that bad at all.

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Re: AAR: Snatch and Gob

Post by Slimcreeper » Fri Mar 23, 2018 12:43 pm

I must say, the bog gobs are just as unpleasant to be around as you might imagine, but they can be dealt with, with words or spear, depending on the situation. Burgan's Rest (sometimes called Durgin's Rest, because I sometimes rest there) had found themselves in the middle of a bog gob political crisis. Their politics were not subtle - Gubba had killed the old leader, Resic, and Bog Anthony wanted to kill Gubba. We needed Laurence, the drunken adept of Burgan's Rest, to translate from Bog Gob for the negotiations. Laurence might not be much of an adventurer, but Troubadours don't need to adventure to be valuable. Laurence, unfortunately, does need a few glasses of wine before he is of any use.

At any rate, Anthony told us of two artifacts - a statue and a ball of mud. If he had these symbols of power, Gubba's faction would be weakened enough that Bog Anthony could return to power. In exchange, Bog Anthony promised to leave Burgan's Rest and it's environs in peace. I tried to make an exception for Clem, the incompetent bird herder. Just to sweeten the pot for the Bog Gobs, you understand, but the others wouldn't have it. I shall compose an Emotion Song on the subject, No Clemency for Clem, to see if I can change a few minds. That fool is going to get people killed.

The actual heist was not too tough. Our little band seems to be getting its rhythm for combat, even as its membership shifts. This time, we numbered Robert, the human wizard and so on; Osahar, elf archer; and Whyr'wyndyl, a windling warrior. Dubhan and Fliver were unable to join us. I was finding that taking a more aggressive approach ended the combats more quickly. Even if I did get hit more often, as a percentage, there were fewer total attacks on our party. Robert exemplifies the human tendency towards adaptability - he seems to have a spell for every situation. Whyr'wyndyl proved to be quite adept at pulling the attention of the foes - in Bog Opolis, he successfully kept us out of combat altogether, until we were ambushed by Ceiling Spiders. He was poisoned, but fortunately I had procured an Antidote in town. My spear was particularly pointed in this encounter, and Osahar was able to shoot down the last one before it was able to get away to warn the Ceiling Spider Queen, which no doubt lurks deep in those muddy caverns.

Altogether, quite satisfying. I had considered pausing in my adept training to develop my constitution, but I believe I will pursue 3rd Circle and invest in the Throwing Weapons Talent. I had not truly understood the value of martial prowess before setting out on this path. Obviously, I knew that it was necessary to defend and reclaim our land, but I didn't know it could be so ... fun.

- Durgin Trotter

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Re: AAR: Snatch and Gob

Post by CodexDragon » Fri Mar 23, 2018 1:07 pm

Notes submitted by Osahar

Whyr'wyndyl, a windling warrior, wanted to follow up on a rumor about Bog Gopolis being on war footing and posing a danger to Borgan's Rest and the surrounding area. He is interested in averting any possible hostilities. So Durgin, a Dwarf troubadour, Robert, a Human wizard, and I accompanied him.

We first headed to Borgan's Rest to see if any information could be learned. We spoke with Larry and Bog Antony. Bog Antony said he could claim leadership of Bog Gopolis if we recovered two important (to bogs) item, a statue and a large lump of mud, and if he were in charge, things would go back to being (relatively) peaceful. We borrowed a cart and mule from the town and got a few youngsters to drive it.

When we got close to Bog Gopolis, we ran into a patrol of 4 bog gobs. We killed them so they could not bring any warning back to Bog Gopolis. Then, with the help of Robert's spells, we snuck into Bog Gopolis. The plan was for Robert to distract the guards with some kind of spell, but it did not work. Our backup plan then went into effect; Whyr'wyndyl flew around and distracted the guards. Durgin and I snatched the statue while Durgin looked for the ball of mud. We took the statue back to the cart and when we got back Durgin had found the entrance to a mine, where the mud was supposed to be.

The three of us went into the mine and the Whyr'wyndyl broke off from his taunting and joined us. We killed three giant spiders and found the ball of mud, which Robert says is magical. We rolled the ball of mud out while Whyr'wyndyl distracted the guards again. Got it back to the cart and made it back to Borgan's Rest, where we turned the two items over to Bog Antony.

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Re: AAR: Snatch and Gob

Post by Fortesque » Sun Mar 25, 2018 8:12 am

Journal 2 - Snatch and Gob

My research has brought me to this conclusion: wine is an enemy. As a Warrior, I must find a way to defeat this creature. And this will take more research...and more wine.

Following up on the rumors from Borgan’s rest, we’ve heard there might be a way to strike a blow to the morale of the bog gopolisians. Bog gopolites? Bog gopolisifolk? Why does it matter?

Bog Anthony has offered a compelling compromise. We get him the statue of his Progenitor Queen T’skrang - and a giant mud ball named Feces - and he will rally his political following to lead a civil war in bog gopolis, installing peace among the nearby communities as payment. And, apparently, some of the people who get to make decisions around here believe him.

So, off we go.

The statue and Feces weigh too much to be carrying around, especially great distances. This fact forced us to recruit some brave and stupid cart hands from Borgan’s Rest. Oh, and a cart and horse too. I’m thinking there needs to be a better way than to lead civilians into the heart of these matters. I just can’t figure what that way is. A portable hole? Ridiculous notion...nevermind.

Osahar and Robert are with me again. Fliver was probably eaten by the last horror he tried to speak with. And we traded Dubhan in for Durgin. This dwarf has more words and less magic. Also, he wears practical adventurer’s armor. First impressions? I like him better.

As we get close to Bog gopolis, the landscape becomes swampy. Normally, I would not count that as an issue, but for the cart and horse and boys. Robert is going to “treat” us to that levitation trick to move the cart across the water streams. I wonder how the horse likes that spell?

A bog gob patrol finds us while Robert works his tome. We fight. We win. And none of them managed to get away to warn the others either.

With stealth as our ally, we infiltrate the hollow hill that is Bog gopolis. To do this right, we need the right distraction. Robert whips up another spell, one of fire and rain, sorrow and pain. And fizzles it past his outstretched arms. So much for that.

I charge the bog gobs with a whoop and a swoop, and drag them off to the far side of the “city?”. Daring I am. A pack-mule I’m not.

While I play with my prey, I’m signalled to join the others deeper into the city. They found a mineshaft where there should be a house. It is dark and smells funny, kinda like a butthole into the earth. And we’re going in!

I mentioned it was dark, right? Well, that’s the only reason that stupid spider got the jump on me. It lives here. It knows these hallways. And it’s a spider, it probably can see in the dark. Anyway, this one has poisonous fangs. And the poison makes you whoozy. Slowed me down a little, but I tried not to let it show. My talents failed me just as often as before! But no one got overly hurt, so I’d say I did my job.

It was four versus three. Naturally, we won.

After dispatching the octopeds, - see? Big words again - and with a little searching, we found feces. Excuse me. Feces. It has a pattern, so says the Robert.

I exchange unpleasantries with the bog gobs in the main city area again while the others carry off the great mound of fec - even I get tired of this joke eventually.

The trip back to Borgan’s Rest is uneventful. I can’t even think of a single anecdote for the time we spent traveling. Spider poison? Wine yearning? I can’t even think of what I was thinking of during that time. Oh, but I DO need to work on my arialbatics; I was told my choreography is stale.

No one seemed to like my idea of only giving Bog Anthony one of the items. We could have kept the other in Throal to force diplomacy upon bog gobs in the future. Probably should have offered this idea BEFORE we had already given over the items. It was a good idea, nonetheless.

Post adventure celebrations at the Gates of Throal again! I remember the third pour, for sure. I think there was a fourth. But I’ll be damned if I can figure out where the rest of that bottle went. Maybe elves make their bottles with very thick walls.

When this mental fog lifts again, I’ve got a few things to learn. Maybe, even, I’m ready for a new Circle!

- Whyr'wyndyl Evenflame, Warrior of the first circle.

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Re: AAR: Snatch and Gob

Post by BattleChad » Tue Mar 27, 2018 5:33 pm

The Great Library of Throal thanks Durgin, Osahar, Robert, and Whyr'wyndyl for their contributions.

Journal Rewards: 40 Legend Points and 57 Silver