AAR: Wyrm Wood Botanicals

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AAR: Wyrm Wood Botanicals

Post by etherial » Fri Dec 01, 2017 12:34 am

Mission: Wyrm Wood Botaicals
GM: etherial
Date: 2017-11-30
Difficulty and circle rating: Circle 2 Medium

Player Rewards:
Aegharan: 800 Legend, 67,5 sp, Fernweave Armor (62,5 sp), Ingredients for 2 Booster Potions (-25 sp), 1st rank of Forge Armor (-25 sp, -1 week downtime (+1 PA)), 2nd rank of Forge Armor (-50 sp, -1 week downtime (+1 PA))
Pethrytholilanista: 800 legend, 160 silver, Alchemy training (20 sp), Booster Potion ingredients x4 (50 sp)
Vlolkir: 800 Legend, 200 Silver, Alchemy Training, Forge Weapon on Spiked Mace (Rank 1)

Downtime Actions Available:
Aegharan: Alchemy Step 7, Rank 3
Pethrytholilanista: Alchemy Rank 1 Step 5

Further Information:
The Wyrm Wood is now the Blood Wood!????

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Re: AAR: Wyrm Wood Botanicals

Post by rosinavs » Fri Dec 01, 2017 1:47 am

[from a copy in the Diary of Pethrytholilanista sera Ferianimalie la Avon, in the Sperethiel dialect of Avon Kaer]

From Pethrytholilanista Mestrisanialira Ferianimalirira Alcantoritalirnora Restimotronora Caminantenorlira Zefrandestinornora,
To Restimotrokilar Caminantelir Zefrandestinor,

Greetings Most Esteemed Father,

I hope this Missive finds that You are Well, and have found the Surface more Pleasurable than You first thought. I love and miss You. Please extend my Love and good Wishes to my beloved Son. I hope that he is continuing to find the Surface to be a Place of Wonder and Employment, and that he is still much better than I at remembering to call it the Sky, not the Ceiling.

As You advised me to do, I went to the Wyrmwood to see What, if any, of my Mother's Line remained after these many Centuries. I took Employment from a Merchant, Jubal Nusserman, wishing to examine and collect the Botanicals for alchemical Purposes to pay my Way. My traveling Companions included another Elf, a Wizard named Aegharan, who strangely went by an even shorter Name, Aeggy, and called me Nista even when not in Combat. The other Traveler was a Troll Sky Raider, Vlolkir, who was quite formidable in Combat but knew nothing of Alchemy. Our Trip was fairly smooth, but I am afraid that the Scourge has changed our ancestral Home for Ill.

Once we arrived in the Wyrmwood, it was obvious that the Forest had grown Strange over the Years. There was a very thick Border of Undergrowth that blocked all Entry save for a narrow Path. The Trees were covered in red Leaves, and the Ground everywhere near the Entrance was Soaked in Blood. Just after Entering we were attacked by a Flock of Birds who took One of my Employer's Eyes before we defeated them. Two Nights while Camping, we were attacked by Tree Creatures. The first Battle with them, I had difficulty casting Spells on them, so horrified was I that within Weeks of first seeing Trees I must injure them.

After the second Battle, the most terrifying Sight I have ever seen emerged from the Forest. He was an Elf, and would have been Comely, but that he had Thorns growing from beneath his Skin everywhere one could see. They were not just unsightly Growths, but had Blood trickling from the Wounds they inflicted upon his Person. He called the place the Bloodwood, and said that the line of Ferianimalie still continued in the Place. He wished our Party to leave the Wood, but said that the other Elf and I might stay - but only if we had the Ritual that caused the abominable Thorns to pierce his Flesh be performed on us. He said that this was a Gift of never ending Agony that made him Safe from the Horrors.

My beloved Father, I am sure you will agree that such a Price is not to be thought of, even if it were to bring me Power, Position, or Wealth in the elven Court. As much as it pains me to know that the Descendants of my esteemed Grandmother's younger Sister hold her Place among the sylvan Throng, as much as taking such a Step would benefit my dear Son and any future Children I might bear, and as much as my own Discipline of Nethermancy inclines me to see blood Magic to be a useful Tool for Protection and Strength, I cannot, I will not take part in such a Ritual. I would divide myself from You and my Son and our Kaer by the Fountain of Blood that would pour from me, and the never ending Pain this Abomination would instill in me. I beg of You, please grant me Forgiveness, for I cannot fulfill the Purpose of the Task which You have set me.

In leaving the Kaer we have held Hope that we might be reunited with the Court, and that Fences could be mended, and our Family might be One again, but I fear this will never be so. If You ask it of me, I will return to the Bloodwood to see if any Method might still accomplish this Reunion without the terrible Ritual. However, I suspect that in the End I may, like my Grandmother Centuries ago, be forced to separate myself in Name and Spirit as well as in Body from those who share my Descent.

Your Obedient Daughter,

Pethrytholilanista - of what other name I am not sure

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Re: AAR: Wyrm Wood Botanicals

Post by Shokunin » Fri Dec 01, 2017 2:07 am

1421 T.H.

I see the sky of Throal. Outside the tunnels in the open. Just like the Stories. I feel the wind in my horns and there is no going back. No more caves over my head, no more bumping around Dwarf-homes. Open sky, just like Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandsire Armgir The Reckless travels to battle across in his Drakkar. I am done waiting, they call me Vlolkir The Restless, tell me the outside is full of horrors and inside the walls is all that is safe. They confuse me, this is why I leave. Safe feels like falling asleep forever. I want to be awake, I want to taste battle, hear my heartbeat thunder in the valley, carve my life into the stones of the Earth. 

But there is no silver. Brother and Sister work with Dwarfs, work in shops, lift large goods and help out. There is no waiting for me. I hear someone in tavern say a weaponsmith looks for armed guard. A weaponsmith finds battle and glory outside the walls, and pays too for fighters. I take old family shield and club, and join two small Elfs at the gate. I am leaving. Will return with silver and tales. 

We are walking. We are walking days from Throal, just walking. But the sky is high, no more Dwarf ceilings to scrape my horns on, and the grass is good, and the trees are good, and the fires and the stars at night are good. We go to Wyrm Wood, to get plants. First is river to cross, wide river, wide as a great hall in kaer of Throal. People live on river, make me show them woodcarving to prove my spirit is bright with no taint. Mother shows me how to carve well, and I show them how I carve well, and they are happy. We cross on small boat from swamp islands, leave behind river, leave behind towns. We walk alone in place none have been. The map is empty. My spirit burns with joy. We take a new world and sing a new song with each step further. 

Forest close now, big trees, lots of trees. Not the trees of Wyrm Wood, Jubal says. We walk in and I remember stories of attacks, Namegivers hiding to attack all at once in forests. I walk quietly like we do playing games in kaer as little ones. Walk so quietly, outlaw Menfolk step from trees and say give us silver! But Menfolk do not notice me. One strikes He-Elf Aegharan, I run from trees and show them how Trollkind strikes a blow. Jubal fights an outlaw and I help him. The Elfs use magic of the threads, send strong spells against the Menfolk, I am surprised how hard magic strikes. She-Elf Nista wears great armor, like the heroes. Menfolk run, we move on to Wyrm Wood and stupid birds claw at my eyes. Birds do not like being smashed with a club, but it is easy.

We pick plants for Jubal, we rest around fire. I hear something in the trees. Trees come out and fight us! I fight how we Raiders do, and the trees hurt me worse. Logs can burn, so I use a torch to fight walking tree men. They burn too, this is a good thing to know. Two dead, a good victory, they fight hard. Jubal and the Elfs pick more plants. Our wounds heal around the fire. Then, three more tree men come to fight! I hear them stomp easy, we hide in trees like Menfolk and wait to strike. Tree men go for Jubal, I attack, can't lose silver for this walk. The tree men circle me and the He-Elf. We stand together, and fight hard. The She-Elf Nista runs fast, goes far away and weaves strong magic. Tree men burn and die. Three this time, a good victory!

A strange Elf comes and tells us the Wyrm Wood is bloody. Tells us all real Elfs are bloody. Says we can leave but must leave and will only let us take some plants if we tell Throal how great bloody Elfs are. Great Great Great Great Grandsire Omgak says Elfs always say Elfs are bloody great, he is right. 

Jubal gives us silvers for keeping him alive, he forges my family's club. I feel strong, awake, I have overcome strong foes. This is a fine day. 

Pethrytholilanista, Elf Nethermancer
Aegharan, Elf Illusionist
Vlolkir, Troll Skyraider

Jubal Nusserman, Weaponsmith and dealer in fine things

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Re: AAR: Wyrm Wood Botanicals

Post by BattleChad » Sat Dec 02, 2017 1:05 am

The Great Library of Throal thanks Pethrytholilanista and Vlolkir for their contributions.
Journal Rewards: 40 Legend Points and 57 Silver

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Re: AAR: Wyrm Wood Botanicals

Post by Aegharan » Wed Dec 13, 2017 3:20 pm

Journal of Aegharan

A certain Jubal Nusserman, Weaponsmith and dealer in fine things, asked us to escort him to the Wyrm Woods, north-west of Throal behind Sosanopa. We were accompanied by Pethrytholilanista, an Elf Nethermancer, and Vlolkir, a Troll Sky Raider. We ran into some bandits on the way, but were able to scare them away pretty easily. Apparanetly they starve severely and are resorting to banditry in order to survive. Maybe we can find a way to profit from this situation and employ those willing to do an honest job?

We met friendly people in Sosanopa and crossed the Serpent River without problems. Some days later we reached the Wyrm Woods. The ground was extremely spongy, or sticky, and we were shocked to find out that the floor was actually soaked in blood.

We made our way through a way deeper into the forest, when we were attacked by ravens. Vlolkir got the brute, but I was able to adjust his size and scary-ness, which he liked. I also experimented with displacing the images of Pethrytholilanista, Vlolkir, Jubal and me, in alternating turns. The ravens got utterly confused and we made quick works of them. Still our employer, Jubal, got injured severely, temporarily both eyes blinded by the ravens.

We found a good spot to spend the night and set up camp. During the night 2 enormous living trees showed up. They gave us a hell of a fight, but Vlolkir really understood how to utilize my illusions to cover for Nista and me while avoiding most of the damage. We stayed a day to recover and tend to our wounds. When dusk approached we noticed some movement in the dark. We hid in one of the brushes, but were seen. This time it was 3 living trees against the three of us, our employer unfortunately not partaking in the combat at all.

The spiel was pretty much the same. I concentrated on keeping up as many illusions as possible, while Vlolkir and Nista made good work of them. It really helped that trees are made out of wood and we had a campfire. Vlolkir resorted to using torches as clubs, lighting the trees on fire. Unfortunately he was not able to push the trees into the firepit, but them burning outside of the fire helped a great deal too. I think it was getting really close for Vlolkir to remain standing as buffer between us and the trees, when Nista finished off the last moving tree.

An Elf stepped out of the shadows and asked us to refrain from hitting his friends. I answered that we will gladly stop defending us, if we're not attacked anymore. He stepped closer and he is one of the most beautiful Elfs I have ever seen, while at the same time the most horribly maimed being I ever saw until today and that includes undead ghouls. All over his body there were thorns piercing his skin, blood dripping off of them. We learned that his name is Takaris and they do this to themselves voluntarily. He told us that we were not welcome in the Blood Forest, except if we undergo the same Ritual of Thorns they did. Nista asked for her family that resided within the Wyrm Wood before the plague and seemingly her family is still known, although they also now have painful thorn-piercings.

It seems that Takaris took a liking to me and recognized Nista's family, as he offered us to undergo their ritual and become Blood Elves. It seems he really liked me, so we got a nice discount on some nice Fernweave Armor and he started to insist in us joining them, but we managed to politely decline and head back home to Throal.

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Re: AAR: Wyrm Wood Botanicals

Post by BattleChad » Wed Dec 13, 2017 6:42 pm

The Great Library of Throal thanks Aegharan for his contribution.

Journal Rewards: 40 Legend Points and 57 Silver