AAR: Elven Trade Negotiations - 50-A

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AAR: Elven Trade Negotiations - 50-A

Post by Jason » Wed Nov 29, 2017 3:31 am

GM: Jason
Quest: Elven Trade Negotiations - 50-A
Rumor: Gordad Treasureborn of the Cubrews Trading Alliance is seeking assistance with escorting trade convoy escort to the newly opened elven Kaer and openning trade negotiations.
Circle: 1
Difficulty: Medium

Robert: 200lp 12.5 Silver, Everclean Cloak
Ursula Knucklebreaker: 200 Legend, 120 Silver, 12 bottles of Fine Wine
Pethrytholilanista: 200 Legend, 72.5 Silver, Elfweave Robe, Small Pot of Grumbah
Rilya: 200 LP, Large Pot of Grumbah, 50 silver


Code: Select all

Robert   Research      s16
Rilya    Forge Weapon  s12 r2
Rilya    Item History  s12 r2
Rilya    Alchemy       s 7 r3
Rilya    Animal Train  s 8 r1
Rilya    Craftsman     s17 r2
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Re: AAR: Elven Trade Negotiations - 50-A

Post by etherial » Wed Nov 29, 2017 4:27 am

Dearest Mother and Father:

I hope this letter finds you well. As you will discover from later on in this missive, I have not terminated my association with the Circus. Despite your unseemly behaviour in sending me to that awful prison they dare call a school, I have not abandoned you, either.

Finding myself short on funds and unwilling to yet debase myself by asking for a loan, I responded to a work notice from the Cubrews Trade Alliance, in the interest of exploring the wilds of Barsaive and reconnecting civilizations. The leader of Cubrews, one Gordad Treasureborn, seemed quite overwhelmed. His quartermaster George led the horses through the front offices! Three other Adepts were hired, one Windling Weaponsmith who claimed to know Navigation but was easily lost; one Human Wizard who was full of ideas and talked too much, and one Elf Nethermancer who spoke too little and thankfully had just come from the Kaer that was our destination and was able to guide us there.

On the third day of our trek through the wilderness, we came across a small fortification on the road and some armed guards. They claimed that there was a toll of 10 silver each - a stiff price indeed - and upon further questioning did not seem willing to take our credit. As a matter of fact, they seemed to belong to some sort of criminal syndicate, being that they were adamant that they did not report to our most High Majesty the King or to any other Nameable Authority figure. Eventually they lost their patience and opened fire on us, hoping to cow us into submission, but our Spellcasters sent withering spells in their direction. One jumped out from behind a tree and clobbered Robert, but Rilya and I made short work of him, with an assist from my animal companion Zimbu.

Pressing the attack, I rounded on the two original belligerents, wounding one in the face and leading them to both flee. Another hidden bandit tried to steal a saddlebag and indeed had run off with it, but a quick spell from Robert and a promise of Clemency caused him to dump its contents, allowing us to recover all but a small pouch of goods.

Two more days passed as we trekked into the mountains, and there was a brief pause as Rilya spotted two wolves lurking in the rocks. Pethrytholilanista was able to frighten one off and Rilya and Robert leapt into action against the other one. Whether through an excess of zeal or an unanticipated weakness on the wolf's part, it died in the battle. I'd hoped to make a new friend out of it, wolves generally being considered quite companionable creatures, but alas I shall have to try again in the future.

Later that day, we arrived in the construction site that would eventually become the village for the former residents of Kaer Avon, and began talks. Rilya spoke well with the local Weaponsmith and agreed to an exchange of our plentiful but plain weapons for the rare and ornate Elven kind. Pethrytholilanista spoke with the town leadership for an exchange of various seed materials -- and literal seeds -- to aid them in their growing of crops and a contract with Cubrews for further trade. Robert nearly ruined several deals but did manage to coax the village Elementalist into coming with us and exchanging some knowledge with him. As for myself, I did the family proud and met with the entertainers from their Kaer, told them of Throal's grand adventures so far, and offered you as masters of entertainment negotiations.

Our trip home passed generally peacefully, with the brief exception of encountering more bandits who attempted to spook the horses and failed. They feared dealing with us, and Treasureborn was quite pleased with the profit we made on the items we did trade, even though we lost a small pouch of goods.


Ursula Knuckebreaker, née Nusserman

Pethrytholilanista, female Elf Nethermancer
Rilya, female Windling Weaponsmith
Robert, son of Paul, male Human Wizard

Gordad Treasureborn, Cubrews Trading Alliance
George, an Employee

Dasyra Mialar, female Elf, leader of Kaer Avon
Vulred Bigen, male Elf Blacksmith
Renna Vapetor, female Elf Elementalist

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Re: AAR: Elven Trade Negotiations - 50-A

Post by rosinavs » Wed Nov 29, 2017 4:31 am

The Diary of Pethrytholilanista

The Trip Home to Kaer Avon

While looking through the shops of Throal for unusual items, I noticed an ad for adventurers to take a trading journey to Avon. I felt this would be a good way to travel home and see my son, so I took the job. My traveling companions are a chatterbox wizard named Robert, a windling with a spear named Rilya, and a dwarf named Ursula with a pet monkey. We were to take two horses loaded with trade goods to my home Kaer, trade them for new goods and coin, and set up trade agreements with my neighbors.

The nights were peaceful, but along the way we encountered some people wishing to collect a toll on the road. They were not there when I passed that way on my way to Throal, so they seemed quite suspicious. We killed one and ran the rest off, but they seem to have made off with a bag of gems. Then we ran into some wolves in the mountains, but they were quite easy to drive off.

Once at the village outside the kaer, I spent some time negotiating for reasonable prices for our trade goods. It is a good thing that I was there, for my companions nearly gave away the entirety of our goods for free. I did not think that my negotiation skills are particularly good, but perhaps these skills are not taught in Throal. Once we had traded our goods and acquired new goods and trade agreements, I had an enjoyable visit with my son and father.

My father reminded me that I am now head of the female line of Ferianimalirie. I find it unlikely that those of the line who chose to stay near the court in the Wyrmwood would acknowledge my claim after such a time, but my father believes that they will do what is right. I suppose I must make the effort to press my claim for the honor of my mother and grandmother and her line back to the mists of time. It seems strange to do so, when my grandmother turned her back to the lineage and kept only her own name when she chose to stay in the Kaer. However, if this will honor my ancestors I must attempt it.

On the journey back we were joined by Renna the elementalist. Robert had tried to pester her for some training, but I could see how rude his constant chatter was. However, Robert seemed more interested in learning my name than most in Throal. I do not understand; my name is of reasonable length . I do not even insist that people include my lineage, either in full, which is a bit unwieldy, or my first name and family line. In any case, the tollmen shot a few arrows at us and accomplished nothing for it, and we returned to Throal in safety.

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Re: AAR: Elven Trade Negotiations - 50-A

Post by Jason » Wed Nov 29, 2017 6:32 pm

From the Journal of Renna Vapetor, Elven Elementalist of the 8th circle

Pethrytholilaista showed back up in the village, escorting a group of other adepts to open trade negotiations between Avon and Thoral by way of Gordad Treasureborn of the Cubrews Trading Alliance. Her companions were Ursula Knuckebreaker, female Dwarven beastmaster; Rilya, female Windling Weaponsmith; and Robert, son of Paul, male Human Wizard.

Rilya made quite the good first impression with her upbeat demeanor and willingness to help out around the village.
Ursula made some rounds asking about entertainers and even opened up some trade of stories between our village and the Thoral.
Pethrytholilaista was her usual self and was plesent to talk with on the way back.
Robert - Very talkative, even by my understanding of that of the shorter lived races, full of untested ideas, wanting to share every one. He eventually let Pethrytholilaista handle the negotiations. Which was good for Gordad, Robert would have given away everything for a pittance, I think, had she not stepped in, just to be done with the trading. but what should one really expected of a short lived race, when they need to live a whole life in but a season of an elf's.

I decided to go back with Pethrytholilaista to see this 'great city' of Thoral. On the way were were best by some bandits who seemed to be trying to spook the caravan horses, but didn't seem to want to face these young ones down. Apparently the left quite the impression when they came through on the way to the village.

When we arrived to Throal, I acquiesced and offered to teach Robert the basics of Elementalism. Hopefully dealing with the elemental ideas will cause him to understand that the world is more then abstract theories. It will be interesting to watch how Robert handles his learning. - and to Robert, if you happen to read this - yes I am watching you --.

I found out that the great library of Thoral, which indeed is quite the library, pays for copies of journal entries from adepts and others who have braved the wilds, so I decided to provide them with this documentation of my journey from AVon to Thoral. Perhaps I will stay for a spell, see what is here and take back news home.

- Renna Vapetor, Elven Elementalist of the 8th circle
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Re: AAR: Elven Trade Negotiations - 50-A

Post by BattleChad » Wed Nov 29, 2017 9:35 pm

The Great Library of Throal thanks Ursula, Pethrytholilanista, and Renna for their contributions.

Journal Rewards: 10 Legend Points and 37 Silver

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Re: AAR: Elven Trade Negotiations - 50-A

Post by Arikail » Thu Dec 07, 2017 4:10 am

On establishing Elven Trade negotiations, a journal entry by Rilya

A group of adventurers and myself were recruited by Gordad Treasureborn of the Cubrews Trading Alliance to establish some trade relations with the newly found elvan kaer of Avon. Myself, Robert (a Human Wizard), Ursula Knucklebreaker (a Dwarven Beastmaster) and his monkey Zimbu, and Pethrytholilanista (an Elven Nethermancer) set out after some small bit of shennanigans with horses at the Cubrews warehouse. There were some problems with the sextant I was using (I think I was sold defective gear, it said the direction we wanted to go was into the mountains. I'm sure I lined everything up correctly and performed all the calculations right, and it's just the sextant. I'll have to get it replaced when I make it back to Throal. I can't believe they would give me defective merchandise). Our goal was to sell some goods at the new Kaer and establish trade negotiations with the people there. Gordad was particularly interested in elven made items and luxuries for Throal. Fortunately, Pethrytholilanista (also called Nista) knew where we were going, as she was from Kaer Avon, and was able to point us in the right direction.

A few days after setting out (and having some very interesting conversations with Robert and Pethrytholilanista), we encountered a group of bandits posing as members of some Protectorate, trying to extort travelers to pay them to protect them from bandits. We did determine they were trying to extort us, but they did that themselves, mostly, by threatening and then drawing their weapons. I did notice a couple off to either side of the path, hiding in the bushes. When the horses were left, they ran off with one of the bags. We were able to recover the bag, but he did get away with a small pouch of gems. Most of the others fled after being handily dispatched by the group of us. Also, it seems the horses are very different in personality. One likes me, letting me ride on him and give Ixran a bit of a break every once in a while, and the other has a better bond with Ursula. Ursula seems a bit surprised they both don't like her, but truthfully, the animals are just like Namegivers in some respects, each with their own quirks. Ixran, for example, has quite taken to his colorful flowers, and I have to make him a new necklace every week or so, each one with different sets. I may have to learn to grow some of my own and see which he likes best.

A few more days into our journey (and yet another encounter with the defective sextant that has no idea how to tell directions!!) we ran into a couple of hungry wolves. Once again, no match for my companions and me. I do hope they found something to eat, and not hapless travelers. Pethrytholilanista displayed quite the proficiency with scaring one off without even drawing a weapon. Soon after, we arrived in the currently being established surface settlement for Kaer Avon.

I saw they had a blacksmith, so stepped forward and introduced myself, and tried to make a good trade with the goods we brought. Sadly, the blacksmith was not confident in his wares and their quality, feeling it necessary to try and cloud our judgement with honeyed words and Adept magic. Such a disappointment. I thought they at least would be better than some of the merchants of Throal. A craftsman should be confident enough in his work to not need to resort to such petty tricks. Fortunately, Pethrytholilanista was able to step in and make a better deal with him. I refuse to deal with such people. Lareth does not resort to such underhanded tactics, at least. I understand they are establishing themselves, but that is no reason to try those things. As Pethrytholilanista went to make more trades, I decided that my talents would be better put to use helping out the rest of the community in their construction efforts. They, at least, were more honest than that merchant, welcoming my assistance with open arms, and talking freely about their community. The work was tiring, but good.

Robert made himself a friend with an Elementalist, who decided she would accompany us back to Throal, as she must see this city. It was good to have a new face to journey with, and another person to talk to and learn about magic (so many different types out there). I believe Pethrytholilanista went to visit family to let them know she was ok (no bandits laid a hand on her, luckily for them). And then we set out the following day, with a whole new set of goods to bring back to Throal, and some potentially very lucrative contracts as well, enough to make Gordad happy.

On our return journey, we once again encountered bandits (and that defective sextant, oh it makes me so mad!! Trying to lead me in the wrong direction. It is definitely getting replaced as soon as we return to Throal. I tried there in the settlement, but no one had one they were willing to trade). This time, they did no approach. Instead, they were firing arrows, trying to spook the horses into startling and fleeing, making them easy pickings to rob. But with soothing words and calm reassurances, my charm and Ursula's skill were able to keep them from being too bothered, and eventually, realizing it was fruitless, the bandits gave up and retreated. Funny they are so close. I wonder where they are stationed out of.

Returning to Gordad in Throal, we presented him with our trade contracts and new goods. He did notice the missing bag of gems unaccounted for. The exchange with the bandits was pointed out, which seemed to mollify him, but not a lot. Fortunately, Pethrytholilanista made some really really good deals with the leader of the settlement (she seemed to know everyone there, it was a delight to watch), and those made him forget about the gems in short order. Overall, it was a great success, and I look forward to returning and seeing how the settlement is coming along. Maybe after they get set up and get established, they can find a real blacksmith to do the work, instead of that merchant they have now. Still, the pay was nice, and I did get a large Pot of Grumbah, for storing alchemical reagents and other time sensitive items out of the goods we brought back. Overall, a needed success. But those bandits worry me. Something must be done about them. Hmmm......

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Re: AAR: Elven Trade Negotiations - 50-A

Post by BattleChad » Fri Dec 08, 2017 1:20 pm

The Great Library thanks Rilya for her contribution.

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Re: AAR: Elven Trade Negotiations - 50-A

Post by ender3rd » Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:36 am

My first adventure - I nearly died, was at least useful and learned a bit about elementalism! We were hired by the Cubrews Trading Alliance and a guy Named Treasureborn to guard a caravan to and from a newly opened kaer, along with negotiating trade deals while there. BOOOORING! However, it appears that the kaer's occupants have a powerful Elementalist among their number - which would be a great learning experience for me! Too bad she was all standoffish and grumpy! Still, I was able to learn a few basics - but not enough to make anything really gel in my head. That's later though!

To start with the "Trading Alliance" clearly is disorganized as all get up - horses through the front door! Still, their money is good and all the experienced people say that caravan work is a good, safe way to start a career - yeah right! Once we got started outside we got lost... a lot. After a while though the outdoorspeople got themselves sorted and our path straightened out. That stuff must be harder than it looks - they fought competantly enough. The first big fight was a bunch of lowlifes trying to "collect a toll" on the road we were traveling. After some talking it became clear that they were BSing us and that we weren't buying it so they opened fire with some bows. I ended up with a knife in the ribs from some guy who was hiding in a bush. That bush shouldn't have been big enough to hide in! I need to learn some of that sneaky stuff for myself! Anyway we managed to rout the bandits and I clobbered one guy who was trying to escape. I offered him clemency for his surrender of the saddlebag he'd stolen. Little did we know that he'd palmed a bag of gems before putting it down! If you can't trust surrendering thieves and murderers who can you trust? Maybe next time I should skip the part where we let them go... whatever's efficient in the moment I guess.

Then there was a short tussle with a pair of wolves. The only thing of note there was that our Beastmaster Ursula wanted to make a friend of one, but the one that didn't run died. Sad for him but at least it wasn't too dangerous.

We arrived at Kaer Avon and then the important stuff began! The other people did some trading stuff and apparently got a good price - our patron was happy anyway. I got myself a nice everclean cloak! Boy do I look spiffy in it! If only I could get the shoulders adjusted just right... ah well some sacrifices must be made for the sake of fashion. Most importantly though I met Renna Vapetor who's the local Elementalist! I told her about my theory and how I was hoping that her experiences in a smaller kaer would give me some valuable extra data but I think she was just grumpy. She kept cutting me off before I'd even started to describe my findings so far - let alone the next sets of tests I want to perform! Still though she promised to teach me some basic Elementalism if I promised not to talk so much. It was hard but I did it and got some good notes. Oh yeah - some more bandits tried to spook our horses one night on the way back but Ursula stopped that in it's tracks. Back home to "honor and glory" AKA cleaning the mud off of my everything!

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Re: AAR: Elven Trade Negotiations - 50-A

Post by BattleChad » Thu Feb 15, 2018 4:10 pm

The Great Library thanks Robert for his contribution.

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