AAR: Kaer crashing for the wolf father

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AAR: Kaer crashing for the wolf father

Post by BrandenV » Sun Nov 19, 2017 6:19 am

Mission: The wolf father wants a book from the Kaer
Gm: Branden
Date: 11/18/17
Difficulty and circle rating: Circle 4 hard
Thread Item:
Spear 1, Ceadda
Crystal ringlet 1, Gronk
Blood pebble 2, Irwin
Ring 2, Bortruk
Player Rewards:
Irwin: 3000 LP 825 Silver & Blood Pebble armor (novice TI) - very shiny
Ceadda: 3000LP, 600 Silver and Thread Spear (Lightning)
Bortruk: 3000 LP 600 SP Death Cheat Charm ring
Gronk: 3000 LP 825 silver
Further Information: Raggok cultists Kaer has been cleared out.

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Re: AAR: Kaer crashing for the wolf father

Post by Jason » Sun Nov 19, 2017 2:52 pm

From the Journal of Irwin E. Hopperton

I had this odd dream... A wolf showed up and told me the wolf father needed something from the cultist Kaer... well we were planning on going there anyways... so sure.

Ceadda, Brotruk, and Gronk joined me.

We make sure we had some good antipoison stuff and headed out the gates.

Not long after we got out of the gates a Wolf showed up and asked us to follow via speaking into our minds. Ceadda and an Gronk seemed to reconize the behavior and felt that it was fine to follow. It seemed related to the dream... I followed with some apprehension.

The wolf lead us into a great library, that most definetly wasn't there the last few times I passed through that area.

We meet with the wolf father in his library. He put us up for the night & took the time to teach me the elemental wood language. The rooms he put us up in, seemed to be 'idealized' locations for us.

The next morning he asked us to get a old rashiman holy book out of the Kaer. He thinks the book has been corrupted like the passion was. To identifiy it he told us it was made skin of one of the followers (elven flesh).

We headed down to Borgon's rest, did some planning.. and lots of arguing about the planning. Almost like trying to plan some guild espianage or something, but for asalting a fortress.

We eventually headed down to the Kaer and got read.. I firehealed and the fire was unusually hot, but I was still able to absourb the heat and become full of warmth. We drank our Kelia's Antidotes. Ceadda and I woodskined up and we started our assult.

Gronk circled around, stealth up and climbed on top of one of their towers. We gave him about a half hour and then pressed forward in a frontal assult.

They opened up with a volly of arrows on Bortrik... He really needs to stop wearing red shirts. I started on a lighting bolt. Gronk supprized some of the archers from behind and started pin custioning them. My lighting bolt spread out over 3 (all I could see at the time) but was underwelming in effect. I am starting to think the occasional luck of the lighning bolt has convinsed some of my travelling companions that it is more effecting then it really is... Even Ceadda has ran through an enemy in one shot a few times, but they seem to expect that from the lightning bolt every time.

Brotrick again ended up unconsious again out of the fight... He really needs to plan out his battle tactics better. I water speared everyone that needed it and we moved forward into the Kaer.

Inside the Kaer, there was a quester of rakok doing a ritual... he created 3 undead wolves and killed, and reanimated one of his followers... nice guy...

The following battle was nasty in to many ways to count. Bortruk went down unconsious fairly quickly... He again circled around behind the line of the enemies and went toe to toe with the questor with predictable results. My attempts at a lightning bolt took well longer then expected to weave and had less then desired impact. The questors attacks got more and more focus and nasty on Ceadda after every wounding attack. Ceadda's death cheat charm eventually went off and with the impact of of the heat food, managed to bounce back up and rejoin the fight. Only to go down again. In a desperate ploy, Gronk strain himself unconsious on one final attack. The arrow hit the questor as the questor was running at me and Gronk... and the Questor fell down on top of me.

Some blood pebbles showed up on my skin, seemingly transfered from the Questor. I don't recall seeing it under his robes.. but the blood pebbles are unusually colorful and somewhat shiny.

I was the only one left consious at the end of the fight. I made sure the questor was dead and drug everyone's unconsious bodies onto some air matresses wolven to help the heal better..

We got the book to the wolf father who gave out a few things to the other party members and we somehow made it back safe to Thoral.

I do have this strange desire to sing... I'm so shiny...
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Re: AAR: Kaer crashing for the wolf father

Post by etherial » Sun Nov 19, 2017 3:12 pm

From the Court-mandated parole log of Gronk Longtusk:

20 Charassa
The Wolf Father has made another offer we can't refuse, to sneak into the Cultists' Lair and steal an artifact from them. I guess we're not ready to wipe them out after all. The item he wants is an old tome of the Cult of Roshomon, from the days before he went mad.

25 Charassa
After an hour of debating our options, we finally assault their position. With some difficulty, I set myself up on the roof of their own tower as a sniper nest. Bortruk unfortunately attracted the attention of their guards and they managed to set him on fire. As I picked the Cultists off one by one, they charged outside their fortifications to try and overwhelm poor Bortruk with sheer numbers. The last one finally just grabbed his body and held a dagger to his throat. We convinced him to drop the Dwarf and run and secured the surface.

Within the tower lay the Vault Door, opening into a long hallway, ending in a creepy green glow. In the grand chamber within, a green figure wielding a scythe slew one of its minions to fuel its Nethermantic power, raising the minion and several wolf corpses to serve its fiendish interests.

The wolves charged into Bortruk and Ceadda, the undead Cultist with them. I tried kiting them but came too close and they managed to get their hands on me, which wrecked me for a lot. As the battle raged on, everyone -- Cultists included -- was slowly drained of all their fighting ability and it became little more than a bare-knuckled brawl. And I know to fight in a bare-knuckled brawl. I put my last ounce of energy into trying to kill it and I guess I succeeded because I woke up ever.

The Wolf Father rewarded us as usual with shiny magic items.

Other PCs:
Bortruk, male Dwarf Air Sailor
Ceadda, male Human warrior
Irwin Ernest Hopperton, III, male Human Elementalist

The Wolf Father

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Re: AAR: Kaer crashing for the wolf father

Post by BattleChad » Sun Nov 19, 2017 7:19 pm

The Great Library of Throal thanks Iriwn and Gronk for their contributions.

Journal Rewards: 150 LP and 206 Silver