AAR: Avon Calling

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AAR: Avon Calling

Post by etherial » Sat Nov 11, 2017 4:34 am

Mission: Avon Calling
GM: etherial
Date: 2017-11-10
Difficulty and circle rating: Circle 4 Medium

Player Rewards:
Bortruk: 2200 Legend, 5 Elven Warbows, 80 Warbow Arrows
Ceadda: 2200 Legend, 550 Silver
Jexel: 2200 Legend, 436 Silver, Elven Longbow, Quiver, 25 Arrows
Varis: 2200 Legend, 0 Silver, Air Spear (200), Earth Spear (200), Resist Air, Wood, Earth (150)

Rolls that were witnessed:

Further Information:
Kaer Avon is now open.

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Re: AAR: Avon Calling

Post by Jexel » Sun Nov 12, 2017 2:43 am

From the journal of Jexel, Elven Thief


Bortruk - Dwarf Air Sailor
Ceadda - Human Warrior
Varis - Dwarf Elementalist

Verek Weregilt has an old family gold mine that was converted to a Kaer.  The Kaer was to be located south east of Throal between two peaks can be seen by the winter setting  sun from the summit of Mount Axelon.

Avonmore had an Elven population that harvested minerals not too far from the Coil River. Their population was rumored to have been in the thousands.

Travel several days southeast towards Mount Axalon.  Camped at the base of the mountain

Climbing to the top of the mountain we were assaulted by four Ice Flyers.  Unlike my last encounter they focused on me and kept me shackled in the Ice.  As their leader held back shackling us. The Ice Flyers raked into me.  Took Bortruk down. We took one down and after one unconscious Air Sailor and several wounds they flew off.

Healed up for a couple days at our campsite before entering the mine/kaer. After the centuries what is a couple more days.

The cave entrance was marked by a large circular pedastal of orichuleum, I have never imagined such wealth before. In exploring the cave we found four switches with markings and four bears who were slumbering for the winter.  After studying the dias and a lot of help from Varis we determined that there was an Illusionism, elementalist, wizardry, nethermancy, and alchemy switch. After careful consideration we pulled the correct levers in unison and progressed on just before the bears woke.

For our cleverness we were treated with a tunnel of dart traps. After getting pricked by some and having a difficulty spotting them before triggering them I eventually disarmed one side for a safe retreat if needed.

We came upon another room with several statues and a raised platform. The statues were actually  earth, air, water, fire and wood elementals. Varis was able to talk to most of them and they helped us clear the following rooms.  First room was just getting the elementals to move onto the dias.

The next room was more of a tunnel and constructed similar to a child’s see saw.  We were able to use Wally the Earth Elemental  to stand on one end to counter balance our weight.

Stairs down to the next room which was a beautiful planatarium. With some pipings. We were able to determine that the date was set hundreds of years ago and used the Water Elemental (Brooke) to pressurize the pipes and correct the clock.ow

Next room is an arboretum with no sunlight.  A well was in the center of the room.  I began to worry that was should of used air or fire in the planatarium. Fortunately when we put the wood elemental (Willow) the plants came back to life. Unfortunately we were attacked by three Wood Lions who were extremely fierce. Bortruk assumed his natural position in this fight as well. During the fight I called out to Varis to have the Fire Elemental burn the Lion’s but he held on.  This was too close for my liking. Ceadda absolutely destroyed a wood lion and then I was able to get some solid hits in as well.

The next room had some pillars at an exceedingly long distance that you were supposed to jump from pillar to pillar.  Gus told us he could catch us, but Bortruk discovered the bottomless pit was actually an illusion. Climbed down, walked across and climbed back out.

The last test had a room full of scorch marks. The fire elemental showed us that any false step or movement caused a spray of fire. The party was able to manage this room with just a few singes. I think using the fire elemental against the Lion’s would of been more useful.

After the test and Trials we were able to use the Knocking Spell provided to us and welcomed a society to our new world.  No early signs of corruption. Some days are better than others.


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Re: AAR: Avon Calling

Post by BattleChad » Mon Nov 13, 2017 3:01 am

The Great Library of Throal thanks Jexel for his contribution.

Journal Rewards: 110 Legend Points and 220 Silver

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Re: AAR: Avon Calling

Post by Dougansf » Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:46 pm

Travel Journal of Varis

Verek Weregilt has a map that identifies the location of his family's gold mine, converted for use as Kaer Avon by the Elves of Avonmore. Excited by the prospect of getting more people back into the world, I get some folks together to go find and open up the Kaer. We can find the Kaer by standing on Mount Axalon and looking East at sunset. Looking between two other mountains will show us the entrance. I make sure to ask for a Kaer Knocking spell before we go. It's the dead of winter, so the mountains will be pretty cold, might even see some snow.

Jexel leads us through the foothills as long as possible, until we're forced to cut into the mountains. The night before both watches overhear some animal shouting off in the distance, but nothing comes close to us. Jexel thinks it might be some Ice Flyers.

Day 4

Staring up the mountain, and we make good time. I start trading Shield Willow for Resist Cold to prevent any issues with the climate. We find a good place for me to cast Shelter for everyone, and have a cozy, peaceful night.

Day 5

We start to head up even further to get the right angle. A few hours in, a pack of Ice Flyers swoop down into range. Their opening attacks do no damage, but Ceadda gets wrapped up in an ice shackle. Jexel maneuvers to backstab the leader, but instead gets wrapped up in shackles for a while. My lightning bolt didn't do so well against them. Many of us get shackled over time, while the ones that are free get clawed. Once Ceadda gets back into the fight, he nearly kills one, convincing them to fly away. I tended to Bortruk's injuries to get him conscious again. Another close call for Bortruk.

A few minutes later, we are looking down into the valley and we see a golden glimmer between the two mountains. Jexel takes some notes for navigation before we loose the light. We head back down the mountain to our previous camp site and rest until we're fully healed.

Day 7

Jexel gets us down to the entrance. The golden glimmer was a large orichalcum disk set in the floor, depicting 3 of the Passions, with a ring of runes around the edge. I recognized some of the runes as those around Throal's entrance. Jexel heads in first, and spots a number of boxes with levers, labeled with symbols... as well as a family of bears hibernating in the back corner of the cave. After a bit of research and inspection of the runes on the seal, we determine that the symbols represent the four schools of magic and one for alchemy. We each move to one of the magic schools, and throw the lever. This opens a door, and wakes the bears. Jexel (on the illusion box) runs out of the bear den towards the door. We get the door shut just before mama bear can charge into us.

We find ourselves in an air lock, and open the next door into a hallway. Ceadda takes one step into the hallway and a crossbow bolt shoots past him. Jexel takes the front, and sets off another one, which missed him. Jexel makes it halfway down the hall when another one goes off, and hits him. Jexel makes it to the other side of the hallway, finding several traps. Bortruk bellycrawls along the other side of the hallway, too short for the arrows to hit him. Seeing the wisdom in this, I followed Bortruk's path. Ceada Air Dances over the entire hallway. Jexel disarms the left side of the hallway, so we can run out if need be.

The next room has a similar orichalcum disk in the center, and 5 "statues" across the back wall, most of which are dusty. I recognize elementals when I see them, and head over to the Earth one. Several minutes later, I've learned and spoken to 3 of the 5 (Water and Wood are tricky). They each tell me that they're here to help us gain entry, just tell them what to do. Inspecting the disk is little help, so I go with my instincts and have them each stand on the disk in the order of creation. Sure enough, a door opened.

First room was a long hallway, but as soon as Jexel stepped down onto the floor, it started to give way, swinging along a central axis. After a bit of experimentation and planning, the Air Elemental suggests that we use one of them to "solve" the puzzle. I ask the Earth Elemental to stand on the closer side of the axis, while we head over to the far side where the door is.

We head down some stairs to find a room showing astrological bodies hanging from the ceiling. Many spheres circling a central yellow sun. In the back corner, there is a control panel with spinning disks showing the date the kaer was sealed. The machinery won't work without something in the pipes, so we direct the Water elemental to slide in, and start circulating. This causes the spheres to start moving, slowly. We get the elemental to pick up the pace, and when the control disks read the current date, another door opens.

This was obviously an arboretum at one point, plants of all kinds set in gardens with walkways threaded throughout. There's a dry well in the center of the area. Realizing that we can't use Water again, I bring the Wood Elemental to sit into the well, and effectively cast Thrive on all the plants. This works very well. Unfortunately, there were apparently three Wood Lions hiding in the brush that woke up as well. We survived their ambush, and Ceadda rushes to my rescue. Bortruk gets knocked out again, but Jexel takes revenge by putting his weapon through the skull of the lion. Once Bortruk was on his feet again, we looked through the room until we found another door out.

This room had several pillars coming up from a pit that we couldn't see the bottom of. The Air Elemental was very excited to tell us that this was his room to help with. We started gauging the jumps it would take, and comparing that to our abilities. Eventually, Bortruk takes the plunge with Wind Catcher, and discovers there is an illusion several feet down. The bottom is actually only 20 yards deep. After some climbing, we make it to the other side, and open the door.

This room showed us several scorch marks all over the floor. I asked the Fire Elemental to come and take a look. She happily walked in and set off several traps in the area, including some walls of fire that make a maze, and some fire ball traps. We took the time to map out a clear route, while I got Resist Fire ready on everyone. We only got pinched a few times in tight quarters, but no one was seriously hurt.

Through this door we found another room with an orichalcum disk, and 5 other Elementals. Apparently a method for exiting. We find some stairs down, and find the inner door where I used the Kaer Knocking spell to gain entry.

I'm pleased to report that the Kaer Avonmore held through the Scourge intact. They welcomed us happily, and we got to see their faces as they emerged into the daylight for the first time. I was also pleased to meet the apprentice of the Elementalist responsible for the wards, who shared some spells from his masters Grimoire with me.

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Re: AAR: Avon Calling

Post by BattleChad » Thu Nov 16, 2017 1:07 am

The Great Library of Throal thanks Varis for his contribution.

Journal Rewards: 110 Legend Points and 220 Silver