AAR: Expedition: Servos!

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AAR: Expedition: Servos!

Post by etherial » Sun Oct 08, 2017 3:46 am

Mission: Collect alchemical reagents in the Servos Jungle
GM: Greg (etherial)
Date: 2017-10-07
Players: Bortruk, Ceadda, Felsic, Varis
Difficulty: Circle 2 Hard

Player Rewards:
Bortruk: 1200 Legend, Last Chance Salve, 75 Silver
Ceadda: 1200 Legend, Healing Potion, 225sp
Felsic: 1200 Legend, Alchemist training by Xena Rockpile to level 3, 330 sp
Varis: 1200 Legend, 312 Silver, Antidote (125/2 = 63 silver)

Rolls that were witnessed:
Ceadda (War Weaving): 19 to tie to Magic Item
Ceadda (War Weaving): 9 to tie to Magic Item
Varis (Elementalism): 23 to tie to Magic Item
Varis (Item History): 18 to unlock Magic Item
Varis (Item History): 7 to unlock Magic Item
Varis (Item History): 10 to unlock Magic Item
Varis (Research): 7 to unlock Magic Item

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Re: AAR: Expedition: Servos!

Post by Dougansf » Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:09 pm

Travel Journal of Varis

A friend of mine, Xena Rockpile, was curious about how the Scourge may have changed certain plants native to the Servos Jungle. I said I'd be happy to bring her out there, in return for some anti-venom. August is planning to hunt down the Blood Bee Queen, and I'm sure we're going to need the alchemical support. I gather up Ceadda, Felsic, and a new Air Sailor, Bortruk.

Day 1
We stop by Xena's cousin's homestead a day out of Throal.

Day 5
We just make the treeline as night starts to fall, and we spend some time finding a decent camp in the jungle. Sometime in the middle of second shift, Felsic hears a change in the night noises, and starts to roust the team. Despite not wearing their armor (or anything in Ceadda's case) they burst from the Shelters I set them up in, and form a line to defend the camp. Three large frogs, Jub Jubs, come straight at them. Felsic and Ceadda are poisoned before I can release a lightning bolt against all three Jub Jubs, killing two, and leaving the last for Ceadda to kill easily. Xena, also a practiced Physician, treats the paralytic poison before it can really harm the two of them. Meanwhile I heated up some food to help them recover from their injuries.

Day 6
Next morning, Xena starts us searching for her list of plants in earnest. Between all of us we find some Lustre Fruit, Edden Leaves, and Arienti. Felsic and Xena talk shop about these plants. Felsic is obviously an eager student.

We're making our way down a small creek (in comparison to the Serpent, it's no river). Some of the plants Xena is looking for grow exclusively in the shorelines. Ceadda is the only one watching the water, as some of the "logs" turn out to be crocodiles lying in wait for prey. Felsic jumped in the way of one going for Xena, and he got grabbed and pulled underwater for his bravery. Concerned about how the Lightning Bolt might interact with the water, I switched to giving the fighters Air Armor and Earth Darts against the tough-hided animals. In no time, Felsic breaks free, and stands up, slogging out of the water. Both sides had trouble harming the other, but eventually the tide turned and the reptiles fell one by one. At one point, Bortruk had to fall back and resort to throwing knives. The last one actually tried to flee, but we were too determined to let it go. Xena was so shocked by this she started to question our sanity. She really isn't used to this kind of thing.

Day 7
Continuing downriver, we find more items on Xena's list: Iosh Root and Guvos Melons. She's still looking for Ninoku Leaves (help stimulate recovery).

Somewhere in the afternoon, we come across a small island where the river opens up into more of a marshland. The island has a few trees on it, and Xena thinks she spots the leaves she's looking for. I make sure everyone is protected before we start crossing. Ceadda glides across on the wind, and helps us set up a bridge using a tree that Felsic cuts down for us. Bortruk gets across and I startted my crossing.

Just then the two on the island start getting pelted with rocks thrown from the trees. There are four medium sized primates there, insulted by our intrusion. Bortruk sets to receive their attacks, and all four of them leap down to oblige him. The last one puts Bortruk in a bear-hug and starts squeezing the life out of him. I had some trouble getting across the bridge, while preparing another Lightning Bolt. Felsic simply waded across (water came up to his waist) and shot some stones with his sling. Despite Ceadda's best attempts, he could not free Bortruk before he was killed in the onslaught of primate fury. I responded by calling lightning on two of them, killing the one that just killed Bortruk, and knocking another one to the ground. The tides turned, and we quickly killed the others, with one fleeing through the trees. Xena ran over to Bortruk, and applied a Last Chance Salve. A few minutes later, and he was back on his feet. If her products are this good now, I can't wait to see what she can come up with with these fresh ingredients.

Xena fills her packs with the Ninoku Leaves, and we start to head back across our bridge. Felsic isn't in the water long, before something attacks him from under the water. Some large snakes were attracted by the noise, and attempt to dine on the weakened victors. It turns out they can jump and travel on land just fine too. Bortruk keeps his distance with thrown daggers again. One of them wraps around Ceadda and squeezed him until he fell over. I put myself between them and Xena, using Earth Darts was enough to scare it off. Two of them slunk back into the water and fled. After we get Ceadda back on his feet, we headed out of the jungle at best speed.

All of my companions were new to me. Though I've heard of some of Ceadda's exploits, I had not been able to work with him before. Each of them performed with courage and excellence. They were adaptable, open to tactics, and appreciative of what support I could manage to give them (even though keeping Xena safe was a priority). I look forward to working with them again, and seeing where their Legend takes them.

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Re: AAR: Expedition: Servos!

Post by BattleChad » Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:48 pm

The Great Library of Throal thanks Varis for his addition to our archives.

Journal Reward: 60 Legend Points and 120 Silver.

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Re: AAR: Expedition: Servos!

Post by Quixotic » Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:28 am

Varis, an elementalist in the Throal kaer, was organizing a party for the famous alchemist Xena Rockpile to head to the Servos jungle. She wanted to see what effect the scourge had on plants that were so useful to our craft. So Bortruk the air sailor joined us to make three dwarves and Ceadda the human warrior and I joined to guide and protect them.

So we travelled due West from Throal for four days until we came to the edge of the jungle, stopping briefly at Xena’s cousins homestead, free of six legged rats. We decided to enter and camp inside the jungle that night and Varis cast a spell to shape the shelter while I gathered firewood. I would not have bothered for one night but it was more comfortable.

Varis and I were on watch when the giant frogs with poison fangs attempted to ambush us. They were quiet but other nightlife noticed them and their changing voices alerted me. I woke and warned everyone they were coming and Ceadda and I made short work of them along with Varis’s lightning spell. I was glad for the attack once Xena removed the paralytic effects on the poison as I was getting sick of trail rations. Varis is a good cook.

In the morning Xena shared her list of plants for us to search for:

Green, oily leaves. The oil once
separated makes a fine insect

Lustre Fruit
A purple fruit in a brown membrane

Lum Melon
This green melon has a crisp and
sweet flesh.

Guvos Melon
This small, low growing "melon"
is actually a seed. The green casing
is hard and bitter, but the yellow
seed is savory and custard-like.

While the silver flowers of this plant
are renowned for being lovely, it is
the bulb that interests most

Licotta Melon
A green melon with a hairy, yellow
fringe in sections. The flesh is
stringy and unpleasant.

Iosh Root
A white tuber with pink spots.

Edden Leaves
A shrub with short lobed leaves.
Active ingredient of Kelix's Poultice.

Ninoku Leaves
A rare ground cover plant with blue
and brown leaves. Prime ingredient
in last chance salves.

We find some Lustre Fruit, Edden Leaves, and Arienti. Xena agreed to pass on some of her knowledge to me and will allow me to assist her in her work when we get back. I could hardly wait.

We had been looking for plants next to a creek and close to the time we decide to male camp we were ambushed by three crocodiles. I put myself between them and the dwarves. The crocodile is extremely well protected and stronger than I thought as it managed to drag me into the water. Fortunately the water isn’t deep and I managed to catch a breath and break free. Varis joined the line and eventually along with Bortruk’s throwing knives we kill one and wound one who flees. The last crocodile decided to withdraw but we chase it down and kill it so it won’t try to ambush the camp. It was unlikely given its metabolism but the less chance the better.

Continuing our journey South we found the rest of the plants we were looking for except the elusive Ninoku leaves. Ceadda’s keen eye spotted an island in the marsh covered with its distinctive leaves. I cut down a tree for the others to use as a bridge. I don’t like water as I cannot swim but it was only chest deep. I let the others cross first and stay near Xena in case something approached us from behind.

If I had gone first across Bortruk might have survived the monkeys that defended their territory. Ceadda managed to hold his own and Varis killed or weakened them allowing us to kill and drive off the lone survivor. I went back and carried Xena across the water and she applied a last chance salve on Borturk. Her comments about how she can make dozens of them with what was available made me realize what value this island holds and I decided to make a map to be able to return.

Borturk rose from the dead and was unwounded. I had hoped that after our harvest we could withdraw and heal but as I was crossing the marsh I was ambushed by four constricting snakes. I managed to drag myself to shore where most of the others were and Ceadda took the attention of two of them. While I managed to release myself the Warrior was squeezed into unconsciousness. Still, with both of our efforts, Borturk’s throwing knives and Varis’s spells we managed to kill and drive off the snakes.

There was no trouble after that. I was very worried that we were all in trouble but Elementalists make a great difference. Ceadda was a good warrior as usual. Borturk was good support but like many he should stay out of front line combat. In the end we got the job done and I found a teacher to help hone my own alchemy skills.

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Re: AAR: Expedition: Servos!

Post by BattleChad » Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:40 pm

The Great Library of Throal thanks Felsic for his addition to our archives.

Journal Rewards: 60 Legend Points and 120 Silver