AAR: Something, Something: Horror Stalkers

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AAR: Something, Something: Horror Stalkers

Post by ender3rd » Sun Oct 07, 2018 5:46 am

Something, Something: Horror Stalkers
Time: 2018-10-06.23:30GMT
GM: Ender3rd
Circle: 9.
Difficulty: Hard

Player Rewards:
Thane 58,000LP, 4,350 Silver, 5 TIPs, unlock horror stalker
Avalandohamagannahnieventhallailmar: 58,000LP, 4,100 Silver, 5 TIPs, Horror Fend
Fenrir: 58,000LP, 4,350 Silver, 5 TIPs, unlock horror stalker
Romari: 58,000LP, 4,350 Silver, 5 TIPs
Ceadda: 58,000LP, 4,350 Silver, 5 TIPs

GM Reward:
Quis'Tan: 1 TIP, 6000 lp, 850sp

Downtime Actions Available:
Item History 24 (Rank 7, x2 Karma)
Research 34 (Rank 9, x2 Karma)(Library gives +3 and costs 20 sp)
Map Making 19 (Rank 7)
Enchanting 22 (Rank 10); Spell Matrix Objects (Standard, Enhanced, Armored)

Further Information:
Clan Stormspire has been destroyed
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Re: AAR: Something, Something: Horror Stalkers

Post by ChrisDDickey » Sun Oct 07, 2018 10:26 am

From the journal of Thane Cawdor

I had just finished regaling a group of adoring fans with an account of one of my recent adventures (Something, Something, Crystal Plate), when a high pitched T'Skrang voice piped up from the back of the room, "What, were all of you fools"? When asked for an explanation for that outrageous remark, a grizzled and scarred female T'Skrang stood up and said "The 'horror' you claim to have slew was very obviously a Gloomwing, you could not have described it more clearly. Are you truly so ignorant of horrors as to think that a Gloomwing was one? A Gloomwing is a horror CONSTRUCT! Not a Horror. You incompetent ignoramuses traveled all the way to the Twilight Peaks to slay 3 horror constructs, then returned and left the horror that constructed them alive! And you congratulate yourselves upon a great victory! You ignorant fools make me sick! You need to educate yourself on the ways of horrors so you make fewer ignorant mistakes!
And you should return to the Twilight Peaks post-haste and finish the job you left undone!"

Hearing the ancient T'Skrang berate me that way, filled me with great shame and I immediately sent out word that a new expedition to the Twilight peaks was being organized. Cedda, Romari, Fenrir (Shaman and Master of the Hunt) and Avalandohamagannahnieventhallailmar (Elementalist and Purifier) agreed to return to Stormspire Moot with me.

Inquiries reveled that the fire mining ship that previously took us as far as the Deaths Sea was once again about to set forth, and they were very happy to once again allow us to dead-head in return for fighting off any wildlife that might attack. Something did indeed attack during the heart of the 2nd night. We were camped close to the shore of the Scarlet sea (the theory being that almost everything avoids the scarlet sea, so the captain figured it ought to be safest to be near it). However while I was off watch, the ship was attacked by a Magma Beast. I was awakened by an alarm signal rung upon the ships bell, but before I could do more than stand and look around the all-clear signal was given. The Magma Beast had leapt upon the ship, killed a sailor, and in turn was very quickly slain by Ceadda.

The Magma Beast, when it attacked had, as a byproduct of it's mere presence, done grave damage to the ship, There was a whole in the side and the deck as if the ship had been attacked by a fire cannon. Later in the night, during my watch, I observed the ships Carpenter patching the ship. I observed to the captain, that it might be better to use this ship for mining True Air, and commission a stone ship for the mining of True Fire. He wryly agreed with me except that he did not know of any shipyards that had the secret of crafting stone airships. I am making a mental note that finding/steeling the secret of making stone airships would be both profitable and patriotic.

The airship decided to return to Throal for repairs without attempting any mining this trip. They detoured slightly to drop us off at the foothills of the Twilight peaks, where we had a few days hike into the deeper mountains. The afternoon of the day we anticipated arriving, we (some of us) spotted 2 kear spiders. Our two groups attacked each other, but it turned out that there was a 3rd we had not spotted, and two more struck us a few seconds later. By the time we ran off the two survivors, several of us were very poisoned and wounded. There was talk of pushing on quickly so as to arrive at the moot shortly after twilight, but instead we camped a few hours away and got to the moot the middle of the next morning.

The place looked fairly deserted. The Drakar's we had seen before were gone. Few of the chimneys had smoke.
The old chief Randroch met us, and said his raiders were out. We explained why we were hear and asked if he had any problem or suspected further horror involvement. He said all was fairly well. He suggested we go into the forge to talk. I said I wanted to look around outside first, but he kept mentioning the forge. I finally agreed to walk towards it. As we approached, Romari cryed out a warning just as the doors swung open to reveal 10 or so Cadavermen and 3 mournguards. We sprung into action, Ceadda slew one mournguard quickly, and I damaged another, but the third got in among the spellcasters. Also, the old chief attacked Fenrir. Avalan and Romari retreated to the roof of the smithy, but Romari noticed two cadaverous Kaer Spiders moving towards them, so they both left the roof.

Avalon used magic to create a rock wall, but mere seconds later it dissipated away like smoke. Romari cried that something inside the Smithy was able to Dispel Magic. Ceadda skew one of the undead spiders, and I made a huge mistake and attacked the 2nd spider just moments after it poisoned Ceadda, instead of just moments before. Romari said he saw a large Wormskull, and one appeared and did something or another to Ceadda. I then jumped behind it and slew it.

We remained in the remains of Stormspire until Avalan could purify it. It turns out that the moot had been beset by horror constructs since we left previously. The final assault and the loss of the moot had happened the night before when we were mere hours away. Some of the women and children got away in one of the Drakar's, and the other Drakar had been out raiding, but a very great portion of the moot population had been lost.

Upon our return to Throal, I looked up the elderly Horror Stalker who had earlier berated me. I learned her name was P'tlomais, and that she no longer used a nial or clan name. Instead she used her calling as a Horror Stalker where other T'Skrang would use a clan name. We talked a great deal, and she had me perform some tests. I think that I shall very shortly ask her to attempt to initiate me as a Horror Stalker as a 2nd Discipline.

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Re: AAR: Something, Something: Horror Stalkers

Post by BattleChad » Mon Oct 08, 2018 2:48 pm

The Great Library of Throal thanks Thane for his contribution.

Journal Rewards: 2,900 Legend Points and 1,087 Silver