AAR: (I Can't Get No) Orichalcum

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AAR: (I Can't Get No) Orichalcum

Post by abishaij1 » Tue Sep 25, 2018 5:44 am

(I Can't Get No) Orichalcum
Time: 2018-09-23@23:00 GMT
GM: haksanlulz (Fenrir)
Circle: 7
Difficulty: Medium

Player Rewards:
Blaethynn: 13,000 Legend, 500 sp of Living Crystal, 2,900 sp of Orichalcum, 3 TIP's
Dubhan: 3 TIPs, 13,000 Legend, 2000 sp of Orichalcum, 700 Sp(edited)
Quis'Tan: 3 TIPs, 13,000 Legend, 500sp of living crystal, 2900sp of Orichalcum
Ursula: 3TIPs, 13,000 Legend, 1100 Silver, Last Chance Salve to replace Quis'Tan's
Avalandohamagannahnieventhallailmar: 3 TIPs, 13,000 Legend, 3,000 silver worth of Orichalcum, 200 silver pieces

Downtime Actions Available:
Alchemy: Step 16 (Rank 4 + Karma) Booster Potion, Kelia's Antidote, Kelix's potion, Halt Disease potion, Salve of Closure
Craftsman: Step 21 (Rank 5 + 2 Karma) Most mundane items, Weapons up to step 14, non-living armor(may take more than one week)
Item History: Step 17 (Rank 5 + Karma) 2 knowledge per week for Novice, one for Journeyman or Warden tier
Forge Weapon: Step 18 (Rank 6 + Karma) +6 maximum bonus
Forge Armor: Step 16 (Rank 4 + Karma) +4 maximum bonus
Craft True Pattern: Step 24 (Rank 8 + 2 Karma) Journeyman or lower, must provide pattern and reduce time to 14 days or less
Design Enchanting Pattern: Step 20 (Rank 8 + 1 Karma) Journeyman or lower, must reduce time to 14 days or less
Alchemy Step 11 (Per 7 + Alchemy 4), Booster Potion, Kelix' Poultice, Kelia's Antidote
Research 24 (Per 7 + Research 5 + Karma 4 + Speed Reading 8)
With Library Access (20 sp) Research goes to 27

Further Information:
Zsonoit, the Field Engineer is safe and sound and continuing to work for Mr.Livé.
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Re: AAR: (I Can't Get No) Orichalcum

Post by Reyntrannin » Tue Sep 25, 2018 8:34 pm

From the personal journals of Blaethynn

Mr. Livé has again begun hiring Adepts to help solve his business issues. This time, it seems there was a dispute concerning an orichalcum mining operation. Livé had recently acquired the rights to the mine, but the workers he hired to run it decided to stage a revolt, holding both the mine and a field engineer hostage until paid an exorbitant sum of silver. Fusiliban, Dubhan, Quis’tan, and Ursula accompanied me on this mission, which took us deep into the Throal mountains.

Fortunately, Ursula was able to navigate to the mine entrance without incident, although we were attacked once along the way by a handful of rockworms that were attracted to the vibrations of our travel. We drove them off and continued on.

As we neared the mine, it became apparent that the ground in this area was loaded with living crystal and even some True Earth. The mine itself seemed deserted when we entered, but the traps that the field engineer had laid were still set up; one of them nearly impaled Fusiliban’s foot, but his skin proved too thick for the spikes. After I disarmed the triggering mechanism, we moved deeper into the mines, eventually reaching an area where large crystal formations studded the walls and the earth was veritably singing with their contained energies.

We also finally picked up on our first signs of actual life about this point. We first began hearing voices in the shaft ahead of us, and then Dubhan’s Astral Sense allowed him to spot number of people ahead of us. We went ahead and encountered the foreman of the workers, a Swordmaster Named Ess’caban. He and sparred verbally for a few minutes when he went into the back of the cave. As I followed, his concealed archers slipped from their cover and opened fire, one of them catching me solidly in the shoulder and forcing me to the ground.

I was able to get a quick spell off to begin healing both Fusiliban and me, but while I was doing that, a crystal covered creature burst from the wall screaming and ranting in a Troll dialect about wanting to be left in peace. Unfortunately for the archers, the resulting cascade of rock and crystal crushed over half their number before they even knew there was anything to be concerned with.

Although they quickly regrouped and turned their attention to the crystalline ogre, the workers were quickly dispatched, especially when, after having been struck what appeared to be a mortal blow by Quis’tan, the creature shifted its physical form into Astral space and traded places with its identical twin. Ess’caban and his men held the new creature’s attention for a few moments, just long enough for Quis’tan to ride back out and charge in once more, which was enough to finish it off (for the second time).

Afterward, Ess’Caban was much more receptive to coming with us. We restrained him and released the captive field engineer, Zsonoit. Upon returning, we turned Ess’Caban over to the Justices of Mynbruje and received our pay from Mr. Livé (I took mine in the form of a large sum of living crystal and orichalcum, which I think will come in quite useful very soon).

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Re: AAR: (I Can't Get No) Orichalcum

Post by ottdmk » Tue Sep 25, 2018 11:43 pm

From the journals of Dubhan Goronich:

Along with a few other adepts (Blaethynn, Quis'Tan & Ursula) I accepted a commission to liberate an Orichalcum mine from its traitorous former head of security.

The journey there was not terribly exciting. We got lost less than usual, and only encountered some rockworms along the way. They were dangerous mainly to the animals in our group.

After healing our wounds we arrived at the mine. I discovered the security chief (one Ess'caban) waiting for us to approach, and a dozen or so Namegivers in hiding (well, hiding to those not examining the Astral.) They had just sprung their trap (despite my warnings, some of my colleagues were surprised) when a crystalline entity attacked. The bandits had caused a cave-in to trap us, and that move apparently woke the creature.

The fight was massive. I was able to discern several weaknesses of the beast and pass it on to my colleagues. We thought we had it defeated, when they dying beast swapped places with a twin from the astral. Despite that, due mainly to some solid improvisation from Quis'Tan to harry it with wooden weaponry, we were quickly victorious.

All the bandits except the chief were slain. We returned him to Throal to face justice and also returned the engineer that had been held hostage. As part of my fee I accepted a good amount of Orichalcum, which I am sure I will find useful in the near future.

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Re: AAR: (I Can't Get No) Orichalcum

Post by BattleChad » Wed Sep 26, 2018 2:11 am

The Great Library of Throal thanks Blaethynn and Dubhan for their contributions.

Journal Rewards: 650 Legend Points and 425 Silver