The gang gets poisoned

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Re: The gang gets poisoned

Post by ChrisDDickey » Tue Jan 19, 2021 1:33 am

In the early morning Bernhard, who had met Mrs Blaine the evening before, tracked us down and then we presented our case(s) to Constable Millicent Hislop. She told us that Ft. Alice did not really have a civilian court set up, and was unready to administer civilian justice. We reminded her that the trains were military, and that the explosion and subsequent fire on the train was definitely a military matter, and that there was a witness in Burlington who got a very good look at Quick Eyed Sam sneaking off the train when it finally pulled into Burlington, and that aspect of QES's charges could definitely be tried in military court and need not wait.

We also reminded her of murder of Lady Hathaway in Burlington and that the suspect there is a person of Quick Eyed Sam's description, We suggested that the guard be sent for to make a positive identification and sign an affidavit. We also suggested that the waitresses and cooks working the dinner club when we were poisoned be given an opportunity to identify him and sign affidavits. I feel confident that there is an excellent case against QES for conspiracy to damage a military train, and for several counts of murder, attempted murder, and kidnaping (Dr Bouchett). 

Unfortunately the cabbage salesman had not yet awoken after his poisoning. We had been counting on his being able to make identifications, and his having lapsed into a coma made our accusations somewhat mistimed. Constable Hislop arranged for him to be transferred to the military infirmary under guard. Anyway, we wrote and signed our affidavits and accusations, and turned over all of our evidence against QES and the Sons of Thoth. Unfortunately we had no evidence to turn in against Lady Littleton. 

We inquired after Lady Hataways people, and wrote to them informing them that the military finally had a suspect in custody, however the accused had powerful friends that were hiring a fancy Barrister and pulling strings to impress the people in charge with their power. We suggested that if they wanted to see justice done truly, they would want to make direct inquiries of their own and make it clear that they were taking a keen interest in seeing that justice was done for their relative. We rushed that letter to the post office in hopes that it would help. 

We were discussing our next move when a young girl delivered us a note. it was from Big Teddy (of the Pocket Clock gang, some of the others had made inquiries of him) His note asked us to meet him in the warehouse district. When we arrived there, he stepped out, showed us a small suitcase as if we would recognize it, and said that he would not stand for us stealing from him. Then his gang ambushed us.  Somebody on the roof threw a dagger the hilt of which bounced off my head.  Somebody else threw a blanket into our midst, which flopped open to reveal several huge ants the size of dachshunds. They buzzed and started crackling with electricity. I learned later that they were called Galavants. I cast entangle upon the insects, and then we all just moved over to a cross street. I considered trying to somehow climb onto the warehouse roofs, but decided that whoever was throwing stuff had left the roof.

In the meantime Big Teddy was blasting away with a pistol, and not being very successful, he then moved inside a warehouse. There he was soon joined by the two martial artists from the roof, Shoeless Joe and Sneaky Pete. What was most successful was the three bear traps in front of the warehouse door. Both Burnhard and myself limped for a couple of days after those things snapped on our ankles. Finally we beat them down enough that Big Teddy surrendered, and we asked why he asked for a meeting then ambushed us. He accused us of stealing the suitcase full of tobacco he was smuggling. He said he found it in Burnhard's shack, right where Quick Eyed Sam had told him it would be. We informed him that QES had undoubtedly planted the suitcase there himself. In fact did he remember us asking if QES was the one person that had attempted to poison us a few days earlier? QES, knowing that we were closing in on him had played the pocket clock gang for fools, trying to get them to do the job he had failed at personally. The suitcase by the way was full of high quality tobacco that the gang smuggles from London to the Gruv, bypassing the customs inspector. We gave it back to him, minus one large package that Alvin inspected and then kept. 

He was able to give us one name, The Honorable Beatrice Grayson-Burnett.  A human female ex-Member of Parliament, who was working as a respected chemist at the airship fields (expert chemists are needed for the production of hydrogen and the other substances that power the airships and keep airships afloat). According to Big Teddy, QES was working for Grayson-Burnett on a new deal that involved smuggling something from the Gruv to London. They told the Pocket Clock gang that they were smuggling tobacco, but that made zero sense, since the trade in tobacco was the other way. They were in the process of setting up the smuggling route with talk of smuggling one or two crates per month. They did not know who else might be involved, but they did know that of the two, QES was the junior. 

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Re: The gang gets poisoned

Post by ChrisDDickey » Mon Feb 01, 2021 5:46 am

Cusa continues his story.

We decided to check in with Mr. Harrold Nuegaut of Broombacker Industries (Moving Through) who had hired us in the adventure of Dr. Bouchet. He was concerned and helpful and while he told us a lot about Lady Littleton and Mr Vance, it was mostly just confirming what we already knew from other sources. He was able to tell us that Mrs Bernice Grayson-Bernet lived in an apartment near the airfield, She spends a good deal of time with a Saurid Hulk. Mr Nuegaut had had dealings with Grayson-Bernet and found her capable and unsuspicious. The airfield is very big and busy. It has dozens of pylons. The military has a number of Giffords of various sizes and designs for scouting, and the movement of troops and supplies. Some civilian Giffards also operate out of the Airfield. 

At dinner time we met with Dr Blaine by appointment. She was extraordinarily nearsighted (splithy withdrawl had ruined her eyes). She was planning to go to Zion for a few days. She said that she had hoped to introduce us to a Zulu man (whom she did not name at that time, but we later learned was Funani Bhengu), but that he was late. Shortly thereafter a note arrived from him saying that he wanted to meet at a less public place and asking us to meet in the warehouse district of Moving Through. We mentioned to Dr Blaine that less than 8 hours earlier a false note had lured us to an ambush in the warehouse district of Staying, so she reexamined the note, but determined that it was indeed from Mr Bhengu. 

We arrived at our rendezvous with Funani Bhengu a few minutes early. We were a bit suspicious, so Sh'kem Raas ghosted ahead to check out the area, while the rest of us guarded Dr. Blane. We saw our new contact running towards us, sorely wounded and pursued by arrows. Then Lady Littleton rode towards and through us on a Hunchbeak. She was out of her mind drugged up on Bang Snuff. She shot a few arrows from a longbow, then charged among us lashing out with her bloody sabre. The Bang Snuff made her fearless, and she showed no awareness of the blows we managed to land upon her. She taunted us as if she had not concern at all that she was outnumbered 6 to 1. The drugs gave her much strength and courage, but were also her death, as she started bleeding from the ears and eyes, and then, after we knocked her off her hunchbeak the drugs killed her. But her mad assault had dome much damage and several of of were sorely hurt, Sh'ken Raas had a sabre slash that left him barely able to move around. We examined her gear and I found a locket with a compartment that had traces of Bang Snuff (which I had encountered before). Her equipment was very fine both the sabre and bow had been forged. 

The Zulu, Funani Bhengu, was in bad shape, he had 3 very serious sabre wounds. He told us that he was a technician in the British Museum offices. That he had learned of a Spithy smuggling operation and that if we could get him access to the Engines at the offices he could get for us evidence against Mr Vance and Hon Grayson-Bernet (false manifests and other documents). The BM Fort Alice engine is in the basement of the BM building here. It has fairly good security, but he mentioned something about cooling tunnels that we will need to talk about in more detail when we finally made our plans. He also knows that their old smuggling route had been disrupted several weeks ago, and he suspected that the smugglers probably had several shipments backed and, stored somewhere in town. He does not think it is at the museum any more, so thinks it is probably in Grayson-Bernet's apartment or facilities. 

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Re: The gang gets poisoned

Post by ChrisDDickey » Tue Feb 16, 2021 12:33 am

Cusa continues his story

We dealt quickly with the police, explained that we were lured there and attacked, and we turned over (most of) the evidence. Alvin caught up with us. He had been scouting out the Airfield outside of town.  We then decided to find a safe place to rest for the night. We decided that the cabbage salesman's flat was an unoccupied space that no bad guy would be likely to look for us, we obtained a large quantity of carry-out and repaired to his place.Dr Blaine and Funani Bhengu were still with us. The Reverend Rowen and myself applied much medicine and healing, and in the morning all of us except for Mr Bhengu felt like new men. 

After talking it over, we left Bhengu to spend the day in bedrest, and we headed out to the airfield. I dressed as a ditch-digger, and nobody gave me and "good boy" a 2nd look. The previous day in his reconnaissance Alvin had spotted a warehouse that he felt had a suspicious lack of activity. We decided to check that out. Sh'keem managed to open the locks on one of the doors and we entered. The Rev Rowan guarded the door while Sh'keem and Alvin went in search of whatever was making a faint noise, and I climbed to a catwalk in order to get a good overview of the warehouse. The two exploring the ground encountered and fought what they described as a "mechanical rabbit", a mobile automated sentry with a microsteam air gun. Up on the catwalk I encountered an enfixed version of the same thing, but it had enough flexibility to not only hang from the catwalk and fire below, but also to swivel it's gun up to cover the catwalk instead. Both devices were swiftly destroyed (I was wounded again), but the team down below said that they think that their device had raised some sort of remote alarm. 

I told the team that if they heard Good Boy bark 3 times to leave immediately via the door Good Boy was by. If they heard him bark more than 5 times, to leave immediately by some other door. Then I went outside to stand watch. I used Animal Talk to tell Good Boy that if I scratched my head to start barking, and to keep barking until I stopped scratching. I left him by the door and walked to where I had the best view of the approaches to this side of the warehouse. The others tried to ransack the warehouse as quickly as they could. Sh'Keem apparently found some papers that indicated that Grayson-Bernet was storing some small crates within the warehouse. Hurrying before the reaction force arrived, they all started prying open small crates at random. Finally one of them opened a crate that was stuffed full of gladstone bags, and the bags were full of small packages of Spithee. They took one of the gladstone bags, and opened several of the others and scattered the packages of spithee around, and then opened a few of the packages and scattered the actual drugs around. The idea was to make a big enough mess that it would take time to clean up, and give time for somebody to recognize that this was contraband. (I mean very few people recognize spithee on sight). They left the warehouse mere moments before a squad of soldiers quick-timed up. 

As we walked away, we saw a Human woman and a Saurid Hulk glaring daggers at us. We immediately guessed this was Grayson-Bernet and her constant companion. They turned and started sprinting towards a nearby steam car. 

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Re: The gang gets poisoned

Post by supermooboo » Sun Feb 28, 2021 4:14 am

(Journal Belongs at top of this page with first entry sequentially)

Alvin Baker,

Finally some action. Now I’m not saying I like being shot at, but I certainly don’t mind being the one doing the shooting. If I can be honest, my trigger finger has been getting itchy with all this poison and ‘polite society’ business that we have been put through lately. And what a mess being polite had got us into.

Here we are minding the favors the law affords us when we get a message from the Leader of the Pocket Clock Gang Big Teddy. Happy to talk to someone who isn’t afraid to get something done in this town I gleefully went on my way to his meeting point. One problem, he wasn’t nearly as happy to see us as we were to see him. The ants the size of er’rything else in the Gruv were though. Cackle did they seem with joy to meet up with us in a nondescript alley way (or maybe that was the electricity).

Fortunately our gentleman spellcaster Cusa was able to introduce them into the broadside of bush (?) that kept the ants busy while the rest of us went off to discuss ‘business’ with Teddy. I should ‘ave known not round that corner. But no, no, no I thought. No match was Teddy for Alvin Baker I thought. And no match was he, but his gun was another story. No sooner had I rounded the corner that Big Teddy had run behind did I find myself face to face with his gun and a lead shower. Right to the ground I went and a chunk of my ear with it. Way I see it this guy deserved a handicap if he was to fight the great Alvin Baker anyway!

So fight I did but not before things started to get weird. In the first place what was with the bear traps? Where did they even come from in the first place? No sooner had I regained my composure and kept chase did I run into a series of nasty traps. I managed to defuse the ones I saw (with grace!) but the ones I didn’t see found an unsuspecting Elf and Troll. So once again was it up to the great Alvin Baker to save the day.

Bang! Boom! Alvin Baker bursts onto the scene. The firefight began between Big Teddy and myself as I refused to give an inch. Teddy thought he could take me. Teddy was wrong. Charge did I into the belly of danger and pulled out the guts of victory. But right before the day was mine did circus goons show up. Spinning and Twirling with knives trying to give me the closest shave I ever felt in me life. No match were they for a Baker and certainly not Bernhard the hardiest Troll around. Thwack! Slam! And out they were. At which point not two shakes of pepper later did I pull my gun and let out the mightiest roar my gun has ever done. Thus Alvin Baker once again saved the day.

(the following is a factual representation of the events that occurred and in no way was dramatized by the author)

Afterwards we found returned to talking shop and found that someone (I’ll give you one guess as to who) had framed us for pulling one over on Teddy and his gang’s business. We sorted that out and I even managed to get a fine sample of their tobacco product. Not sure why they are smuggling it to the Gruv and back (especially considering the stuff is as good as it gets in London) but that’s neither here nor there now. Teddy was kind enough to fill us in on the one Beatrice Grayson-Burnett who was leading up there contract with the Sons of Thoth who have been bothering us up till now. So on we went. Or I did at least. I decided to let the party handle some of the ‘polite’ stuff while I snuck into the airfield that Beatrice is allegedly located and scout out our target. But not before some rest.

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