1879: The Expendables

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Re: 1879: The Expendables

Post by ChrisDDickey » Thu Feb 13, 2020 11:26 pm

Shortly after I returned to my seat, Smyth and Miss Withakay both left the room. Smyth returned and smoothly passed notes to McFly and myself, asking for our assistance in the library. Excusing myself, I found the old expedition assembled, and Smyth quickly brought us up to speed. Apparently, certain government officials had reason to believe that somebody was going to try to steal some important papers entrusted to the care of Lord Bruce sometime during the evening. Smyth had been tasked by someone in authority to see to it that did not happen. And it apparently just had.

We went to the ladies morning room and I got a much more careful look at the scene. I retrieved the pearl I had spotted earlier, and sure enough it was a cheap faux pearl button. We think it likely that it might have been dropped by (one of) the persons who demolished the desk and stole the papers, but other than the pearl being cheap and faux, there was nothing to tell whether it came from a man or woman's outfit. We all quickly compared the observations we had made. 
  • The desk had been blown up. There was no gunpowder residue. Nobody had heard an explosion. The explosion had been perfectly applied. The explosion and the debris were contained in a perfect circle centered on the desk. The desk was utterly and completely destroyed, and many of the papers that were left behind (all unimportant) were very damaged, thus it seems not unlikely that the demolitionist knew exactly where in the desk the papers were being kept, that implies that there may have been some inside knowledge at play. 
  • McFly was positive that despite the lack of residue, the explosive device must have been physical, rather than magical. The expertness with which the demolition force was made and applied, combined with the noise muting shield suggests a Brassman, working with a Mage. 
We also combined our knowledge of the people of the party to come up with a list of suspects:
  • Christina and Wilferd Carnalls, human, out of date clothing, very unhappy about rabbit hole and especially the British only administering of it. Want other governments involved. 
  • Milford Blult, elf, trying, but clothing not up to snuff.
  • Lauretta Connor - elf, very fancy, showy clothing. Clearly husband hunting. 
  • Jonathan Jephcots - Human - appropriate clothing. 
  • Lord George Fitsgerald, human, big game hunter, wonderful fellow, interested in my pictures and stories. Some of clothes a bit worn.  Political aspersions.
  • Lord Gilbert Morrissey, Snark, excellent clothes.  In House of Lords, eclipsed and influence falling since LGF. 
  • Ossie Watson, human, faux pearl. 
  • Whites, human couple - newlyweds, Smyth noticed Annabell snuck off in 2nd coarse.  Benjamin, is military officer, over the moon in love. Says wife Anabelle is scatterbrained, but thinks it is adorable. 
  • O'Callaghans, Clarence human, Delphine is troll. Smyth noticed Delphine obviously nervous anytime rabbit hole related topics are mentioned. 
Only three of these have clothing that is likely to contain a Faux Pearl button: Milford Blult, Lord George Fitsgerald, Ossie Watson. 

Only three people we know of who are mages are Erika, her date Lord Sters, and Lady Augustas Ladies Maid. We considered the Ladies Maid as a suspect, but I did not see it. It is one of the most trusted positions in the household, and she would not need to destroy the desk at a banquet. She could  have quietly opened the desk at any time, copied the papers, and quietly replaced them. Since we think each of the three known mages are unlikely, we are looking for more mages. 

Smyth informs us that Major White is, of course, not a naval officer, nor wearing landship or engineering ribbons, so he is unlikely to have brassman experience. We have no information that any of the guests are skilled Brassmen. 
Lord Bruce is pro-magic and pro rabbit hole, Bruce might be trying to bolster Morrissey career. 

Smyth walked in on Annabelle White in the library, riffling papers. She pulled out a notebook and said  "Ah Ha, what do you know".
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Re: 1879: The Expendables

Post by Slimcreeper » Fri Feb 14, 2020 12:10 am

A mystery!

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Re: 1879: The Expendables

Post by LexiLiegh » Fri Feb 21, 2020 9:08 pm

Who is grabbing me? Oh! It's the maid. She looks angry, is it because of the mark? Uhg, I really don't have time for this. I know, kiss her! That always throws people off for some reason. I'm not sure why. She makes some vague threats, but they are somewhat lacking at first. Why doesn't she believe that I am curious? It really is all it was. Wait, what about the mark? It can do things, and that tone. Can I turn that against her? I am not sure, she is kind of scary now.

Oh gods, what is McFly doing? Why is the troll lady crying? I have to get her out of here. Let's get her calmed down. Wait, who is this guy that followed us out? Delphine's husband? Why is he saying this weird stuff? Is he hitting on me, with his wife right there? Just disengage.

Wait, did he just bad mouth Lord Sters? That can not stand. Well, maybe this will teach him? (as she stuns him doing half his health in a blow).

Who is that guy with the shiny aura? Jeffcott, and Fitzgerald are friends? Well Jeffcott is a mage.

OOC: Coming soon! "Tryst" By Erik Uh. A steamy tale of a young girl promised adventure and experience by a stern Lady's Maid...(not really, but it has been determined that Erika is an avid fan and writer of trashy romance novels.
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Re: 1879: The Expendables - McFly's Journal

Post by Psitanium » Fri Feb 21, 2020 9:25 pm

Back in the dining room, I was served lamb, which did not have any eyes when it arrived on my plate. This was at least an improvement over the last course. The folks around me began discussing religion and magic, two subjects I am deeply familiar with but thought it was better not to discuss. However, Rachel coaxed me to join this lively debate. Seeing as this was a social engagement and I was being asked to be sociable, I reluctantly engaged. Everything seemed to go well. I mentioned the oddity of magic being real, having no magical inclination myself, and inquired whether anyone at the table felt changed by the experience. I had a lively discussion on the possibilities of fish doing a riverdance on the table, which seemed to upset a few people. While I had everyone’s attention, I subtly suggested that magic can be used with the correct focal point, such as a pearl button. This did not produce any further evidence to solve our mystery, sadly. However there were subtle clues in the mystery of whether I should be allowed to speak in public and those clues pointed squarely to “no”. And so I slunk back in my seat and enjoyed the seemingly normal cake that was placed in front of me.

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Re: 1879: The Expendables

Post by ChrisDDickey » Mon Feb 24, 2020 7:45 am

From the Journal of Lord Bentley Bootle. 
Most of this section is stuff I learned later on, when we finally had a chance to compare notes in detail. I include here the stuff my comrades learned, because this is when they learned it, even though I did not hear it until later. 

Smyth talked with Annabel White, who he determined was secretly (even from her husband apparently) an Investigative Journalist, using the pen name A.O. Black. She thought there was a story here somewhere, but apparently had a different thread than we had. She apparently had some inkling that Lady Bruce was the real brains behind Lord Bruce's success, and thought there might be some sort of Scandal attached to such a revelation. I am not certain how she thought the headlines "Wife suspected of being cleverer than her Husband, read the shocking details" was going to sell many papers. Smyth got her to compare notes with him, but I am not certain he got any useful information. She did opine that Morrissey might feel that a Bruce scandal might elevate his own fortunes. 

I found the diner interminable. It was impossible to have a quiet word with anybody, or to engage in conversation with anybody more than a few seats away. At one time I was reduced to passing secret notes like a schoolboy. Normally at these things, I appreciate the banquet, and loath the dancing. At this one I could not wait for the dancing to start, if for no other reason than that then one is somewhat free to ignore the dancing sometimes, and huddle up with the persons one wants to converse with. 

Milford Blult happened to be seated not far from me, and I could see that not only were his pearl buttons cheap, but there were ill-sown as well, as he was missing a faux pearl button on his inside shirt. I engaged him in conversation and found him disarming, a good conversationalist, and, other than his wardrobe, nothing suspicious about him at all. In conversation he evidenced mild interest in things magical, but displayed no startling insights. He displayed no interest in things mechanical. Still I slipped a note to Smyth asking Miss Withakay to assense his aura. Miss Withakay eventually reported Milford Blult shows no sign of being magically active, but that both the troll Delphine O'Callaghans and the socialite Lauretta Connor, while untrained seem to have the potential to be mages. She also said that the lovely and young Julia Bruce has the potential to wield priestly magic! However as all three appear totally raw and untrained it seems impossible for them to have cast any useful spells. She did report that Jonathan Jephcots seems to be a fully trained mage, and thus he has to go to the top of our short list of more probably suspects. 

Others observed that neither Fitsgerld nor Ossie Watson were missing pearls, nor were mages. Smyth observed that Ossie Watson had calluses on her hands, and that there was something odd about the way her skirt lay, (as if she might have something concealed). Thus she has to go to the head of the list of suspected Brassmen. 

Due to the fact that Miss Withakay set off a ward on the desk mere minutes before the desk was destroyed and robbed, The Maid (whom is a mage) suspected Erika of being the thief, and confronted her. Irika was vague about her methods, but seems to have pulled off some sort of Arcane Muttering to befuddle her mind. It is somewhat amazing that she had not been accused already by this point. I can only speculate that Lord Sterns reputation protected her beyond all credulance. 

Meanwhile the dinner conversation near the head of the table was going very well, I had a lovely conversation with Miss Julia about nature photography, and it turns out that if I am at the west pavilion rose garden at the botanical next Thursday afternoon we might run into each other. Lower down the table the conversation was going abysmally. McFly raved gibberish and caused embarrassment and confusion, driving Delphine O'Caliagan to tears. Her husband Clarence revealed himself to be a rakish jerk. Meanwhile, Wilferd Carnalls was raving about dead people walking (I assume he was talking about dispatches from the Samsuit). I was glad I was not sitting near those mortifying scenes.

So our list of suspects becomes more defined. The evidence seems to point to Erika Withakay as being the rouge mage, but giving her the benefit of the doubt, then Jonathan Jephcots is the only known mage we have not tentatively cleared. If he is the guilty one, then Lord George Fitsgerald might be (one of) his accomplice(s), since they were seen leaving and reentering the banquet together. Ossie Watson is our chief (only) suspect for being the thieves brassman. She is wearing faux pearl's, but while she is apparently not missing any, she might have lost the pearl from an inconspicuous place. Milford Blult is our only suspect that seems to be missing a faux pearl button. 

At this point, my best guess was a team of Jephcots and Watson. Mage and Brassman. Miss Watson having concealed pockets in her skirts that might have once carried a bomb, and might now be carrying stolen letters.  But how to test my Hypothesis?

Note: ToDo. I know we said we were going to jump ahead to the the dance, but I thought of one more thing to talk about during the banquet. During the last course of the Banquet, bring conversation around my amazement of the clever design of the shutter of my camera, that can be adjusted to operate in such precise, subsecond increments. See if anybody (especially Bluit) evidences a brassmans knowledge or interest in such clever clockwork.

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