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*Edit: I am not entirely comfortable balancing critters, as much as I like inventing them, so I'll take advice where given. This one's going in a drawing.*

Another in a long line of overly-descriptive yet imprecise names, the Baumhai, or tree shark in the English, is more or less what it says on the tin. Starting at the pointy bits, it has a head like a prehistoric bony fish, complete with the razor-sharp teeth and armored plates. It’s neck is long and snake-like. At that point it attaches to a body more akin to a climbing primate, although covered with scales rather than fur. Its hind legs are webbed, and its powerful tail boasts a vertical fin, making it an excellent swimmer. Most commonly, however, it is found in the trees near large lakes and rivers of the Gruv. Despite its considerable weight, averaging over 600 pounds, it is an adept climber and capable of leaping great distances from tree to tree. It is believed that it uses some form of magic to strengthen tree limbs so that they do not shatter when it lands on them. Because of the length of their neck, they can snap out and deliver a deadly bite, while keeping their bodies safely in the trees or under water.

Despite its appearance, it is warm-blooded, and so has a prodigious appetite for flesh, as well as such fruits and leaves as catch its attention. They join together in small pods of 6-8 individuals. A pod of Baumhai range over a fairly wide territory, but always centered around a large source of water. They are hermaphrodites, and can reproduce through self-fertilization or sexual means as the situation dictates. When they first hatch, the tadpole-like young are completely aquatic. Baumhai are attentive parents and loyal to the pod. Their admirable qualities are belied by their ferocity and blood-lust, although perhaps cows would say the same of man.

Adventure Tier: Novice
DEX: 9 Initiative: 6 Unconsciousness: 48
STR: 7 Physical Defense: 12 Death Rating: 57
TOU: 9 Mystic Defense: 7 Wound Threshold: 14
PER: 5 Social Defense: 7 Knockdown: NA
WIL: 6 Physical Armor: 8 Recovery Tests: 4
CHA: 5 Mystic Armor: 2
Movement: 12 (same for climbing and swimming)
Attack: Bite (Attack 12, Damage 17), Grab and Bite
Actions: 2
Enhanced Sense: Olfactory. Step 8.
Stealthy Stride. Step 12.
Climbing & Swimming. Step 12.
Great Leap. Rank 3, Step 10
Reinforce Branches. Passive. As it leaps towards a branch, it instinctively reinforces the branch through elemental magic. Branches and vines of at least 2 inches in diameter will support its weight.
Truly Amphibious.
Long Neck. Baumhai can attack a target up to 3 yards away.

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