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[GMC] Baroness Lilford and Chastity

Posted: Wed May 09, 2018 12:29 pm
by Slimcreeper
Warning: This is a horror scenario that deals with suicide.

Some opposition for an adventure I'm working up.

I still haven't figured out a good way to post characters, if anyone has any ideas please share!

Lady Jane Powys, Baroness Lilford
PR 3 Elf Aristocrat

Lady Powys is addicted to splithee, and under the influence of the Sons of Thoth. After marrying Thomas Powys, 4th Baron Lilford, she had him killed and took over the Barony. She maintains apartments in London and spends a lot of time at her estate, Bank Hall, in Lancashire in the north of England. Feeling that there is no going back now, she seems to have fully embraced her role as their agent.

While she avoids physical combat if possible, if forced she fights aggressively, relying on Riposte and Avoid Blow to keep her whole.

D: 16 / 7 S: 10 / 5 T: 10 / 5
P: 13 / 6 W: 15 / 6 C: 19 / 8
Initiative: 6 Move: 7
PD: 9 +1 PA: 7
MD: 8 MA: 3+2
SD: 11 Social Level: 5
Karma: x4 Max: 12 Die: d6
Uncon: (20) 25 Death: (25) 43
Wound T: 7 Rec: 2 Durability: 3
Attack: Rapier, Forged (A: 10 D: 14, not available in social situations), Dagger, Forged (A: 10 D:10 Thr.A: 7 R: 10/20)

Armor: Ballistic Vest, Silk, Buckler (not in social situations)
Languages: Speak British English, French, Prussian, Latin (4); Read/write British English, French, Latin (3)

Professional: Diplomacy (3/11 +1 Attitude towards another for rnk hours)

Core: [10 ℅ slots, min 5 Core] Conversation (3/11 +1 Attitude rnk hours, 3 people), Etiquette (3/11 Base TN 5, on 3 success +1 Attitude rnk days), First Impression (3/11 +1 Attitude or +2 if 3 successes, reverts 1 per day), Secrets of the Aristocracy (3/9), Flirting (3/11 dur 1 week), Slough Blame (3/11 Req Karma, Dur rnk minutes), Taunt (3/11 Str 1; -1 pen per success Dur rnk rounds)

Optional: [Up to 5 slots] Melee Weapons(3/10), Avoid Blow (3/10 Str 1; vs rnk attacks per round), Riposte (3/10 Str 2; if extra success vs attack then counterattack)

Free: [8 slots] Artist: French Poetry (3/11), Acting (3/11), Battle Shout (3/11 Simple; Str 1; - rnk to actions 1 rnd), Disguise (3/9), Seduction (3/11; 10 min per attempt 4 steps - Impression req 1 suc; Convo req 2 suc; Intimacy req 2 suc; Suggestion req 3 suc; + 2 Att for 1 day, + 1 Att perm.)

Equipment: Rapier forged +5, Dagger forged +3, Silk Ballistic Vest forged +4 (+2/+2), Aristocrat’s Chatelaine, Fine clothing plus jewelry worth £ 6d12

Chastity Brown
PR 3 Dwarf Dodger & Lady’s Maid to Lady Jane Powys

Chastity Brown has been engaged with Lady Jane Powys since before LGF changed them both. Prior to waiting on Lady Jane, Chastity was a street urchin and thief. Having scrapped and hustled in order to rise to her new station, she became loyal to Lady Jane almost beyond speaking; in game terms Awestruck, especially since the lady retained her after the LGF.

She has Lady Jane’s complete confidence and is her ally in all things, including such dirty deeds as the Sons of Thoth require. While Chastity rarely has any moral qualms about what she is asked to do, she would like to see Lady Jane redeemed. Lady Jane represents all that is noble in the world to her, and Chastity is deeply pained to see her corruption.

D: 16 / 7 S: 16 / 7 T: 16/7
P: 13 / 6 W: 13 / 6 C: 13 / 6
Initiative: 7 Move: 5
PD: 9 PA: 4
MD: 8 MA: 2
SD: 8 Social Level: 2
Karma: x4 Max: 12 Die: d6
Uncon: (32) 53 Death: (39) 63
Wound T: 10 Rec: 3 Durability: 3
Attack: Unarmed (A: 10 [karma] D: 7), Club (A: 10 [karma] D: 10), Sap (A:10 [karma] D: 8 +1 t Stun or +2 with Called Shot to stun) Darts x 4 (A: 10 D: 8 R: 18/36)

Armor: Padded Leather
Languages: Speak British English, French; Read/write British English,

Professional: Stealthy Stride (6/13)

Core: [10 ℅ slots, min 5 Core] Awareness (3/10) Climbing (3/10) Lockpicking (3/10) Unarmed Combat (3/10), Melee Weapons (3/10), Haggle (3/9)

Optional: [Up to 5 slots] Danger Sense (3/9 Str: 1) Picking Pocket (3/10), Bribery (3/9), Surprise Strike (3/10, Str:1)

Free: [8 slots] Throw Weapons (3/10), Acting (3/9), Etiquette (3/9)

Equipment: Club, Sap, Darts x4, Padded Leather, Dodger Chatelaine, £3 1d6s (carried in trust for Lady Jane)

Re: [GMC] Baroness Lilford and Chastity

Posted: Thu May 10, 2018 10:15 am
by Andrew1879
Quick note - money can be written as 3/6/1, pounds/shillings/pence.
I kind of like the organization of Skills into Core/Optional/Free, and the inclusion of the mechanics for some of the more involved or obscure ones.

Re: [GMC] Baroness Lilford and Chastity

Posted: Fri May 11, 2018 5:47 pm
by Slimcreeper
This is the (very rough) outline of the adventure I'm working out for them.

The party work as as investigative party for a law firm. The firm takes on a number of legal cases, but also has found employment in special cases for nobles who need something discreetly looked into. Lady Jane comes calling with Chastity to hire them to investigate a rumored ritual site hidden in the basements under Bank Hall. The players begin by playing the firm’s partners, then choose the adventurers that will go on the quest.

Lady Jane and Chastity will accompany the party. Lady Jane will use all of her wiles to ensure the party thinks well of her, including Seduction on the party member that seems most useful or dangerous. Chastity will be practically invisible.

Characters are on a train to Bank Hall, there is a murder. As Chastity was dosing Otto Grundle’s drink with splithee, a steward walked in and questioned what was happening. She knocked him out with her sap, but not without a struggle, then flung him from the train. The missing steward will come to the character’s attention, but the only witness merely saw the body being flung, not the perpetrator.

The staff at Bank Hall has been protecting the ritual site for centuries. They don’t even know why, only that they aren’t about to let the upstart Lady Jane get in to see it. They use all of the guile they can muster to play dumb and keep it secret.

The party will begin investigating the history of the Hall. They may go to the library, interrogate the staff, explore. Grundle will get sick, then his behavior will change quite dramatically. Unbeknownst to the party, Lady Jane has revealed to him that he is addicted to splithee and demanded that he do her bidding. He will follow a spirit to the basement ritual area. He will realize what he has been pulled into and will hang himself from a beam in the room.

At this point, the party will either discover that Lady Jane has deliberately addicted Grundle to splithee or they will penetrate the secret of the hidden room and find his body. In the first case, the party has gotten the confidence of the staff. The butler will tell the party what happened and how to find the ritual room. Grundle will have already activated the revivation ritual and and hung himself. The troll will be just coming to.

In the second case, Lady Jane, Clément Nice of the Sons of Thoth, and Chastity will follow them into the room. Mr. Nice will activate the revivation ritual by cutting his hand and letting the drops fall on a crystal, while chanting in an unknown tongue.

The troll was a Nethermancer from the last magical age. While dangerous, he doesn’t have access to many of his powers. He can summon an Astral Maw and cast Nightflyer’s Cloak, and has the ability to raise cadavermen with a touch.

If Lady Jane is present, she will use Diplomacy to try to convince the troll to enter into an alliance with Clément Nice of the Sons of Thoth. They want his mystical secrets. He is angry that they have awakened him early, while the magic level was still too low for him to really thrive. If successful in their attempts to win him over, the Sons will attempt to slay the party to eliminate all witnesses.

The troll has several plays. Its first tactic is to stall the party while preparing Astral Maw, then engage in physical combat. If it thinks it will be killed, it will try to transform into a krillworm and fly away. If anyone else is killed, it will try to raise a cadaverman from the corpse. Finally, it may try to play one faction against the other, then try to kill the survivors.

Should the troll survive, it will be a very bad thing. It must consume the heart of a sentient being every week or lose 1d4 intelligence Attribute until it is simply a mindless monster.

Re: [GMC] Baroness Lilford and Chastity

Posted: Fri May 11, 2018 6:56 pm
by Andrew1879

Re: [GMC] Baroness Lilford and Chastity

Posted: Fri May 11, 2018 9:39 pm
by Slimcreeper
If you're going to go dark ...

The plot still needs some work. It's pretty linear, but there are still some branches with implications I haven't figured out. It's probably going to be pretty combat intensive at the end, I think, but there's no way the party could deal with the troll, Mr. Nice, Chastity, and Lady Jane all at once.

Re: [GMC] Baroness Lilford and Chastity

Posted: Sat May 12, 2018 11:47 am
by Andrew1879
It's already dark. Present them with a no-win situation, and let them decide which one they take out and go down fighting.

Re: [GMC] Baroness Lilford and Chastity

Posted: Sat May 12, 2018 12:47 pm
by Slimcreeper
Not a bad idea! There will be win scenarios too (requiring discovering what the Sons of Thoth are up to before the troll is awakened), but planning for a potential TPK with an explicit choice the party has to make so they retain agency even in defeat? That's a good story!

It's basically going to be a long one-shot, because I don't play with this group nearly often enough, so this is awesome. I don't think the group will have any way of knowing about the troll's dietary requirements, so he might show up in a follow up adventure, possibly with new adventurers. Unless they catch him eating Grundle ... but I imagined him raising Grundle while he's still hanging from the noose. Either way M. Nice or Unnamed Troll will be nasty NPCs if it can be arranged for them to survive.

I should probably put some sort of warning at the top of this thread ...

Re: [GMC] Baroness Lilford and Chastity

Posted: Mon May 21, 2018 7:55 am
by Holt
The darker the better.

Re: [GMC] Baroness Lilford and Chastity

Posted: Mon May 21, 2018 3:07 pm
by Slimcreeper
I have complete adventure on here, The Stars and Garters, that you might like. It uses a plot hook from the London book. viewtopic.php?f=44&t=694 If you run it, let me know how it went!