The Brass Rabbits [NPCS]

Discussion of GMing 1879. Warning: Here there be spoilers!
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The Brass Rabbits [NPCS]

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A warren of ramshackle shacks, leaning one against the other and stacked precariously like a drunken child’s building blocks, fills the space under the rail junction. The total area is probably a 20 yards wide, built up to the corner of what might be a warehouse wall and the great support piers. From a distance, you can see 2 persons standing in front of an opening or hallway leading into the precarious assemblage. They seem to be standing guard. A warm smell of too many unwashed bodies living in too small a space, familiar to Londoners, is concentrated here.

The entrance hall winds a bit, but is spacious, a full 12 feet high and 5 feet wide at minimum. It is tacked together from scavenged pallets, crates, and cardboard. It grows warmer the deeper you go, particularly after passing through several great doors. It is made with care and decorated with bits of patterned cloth and ribbon, but you feel if you leaned too heavily on the wall the whole thing might crash down on you. Small doorways open up in the walls, some with actual doors and others with a scrap of burlap across them. They are all too small for adults to get through, except on hands and knees. Somewhere a clockwork music box tinkles out a melody, though some of the pins must be missing and the gears worn, as the tune misses several notes and the rhythm lags and catches. Nevertheless, whenever it stops, it's operator immediately rewinds it and starts it again.

Mother Marianna
PR 2 elf brassman & Chief Rabbit
Mother Marianna is one of the oldest urchins at 16. She’s determined not to follow the path that so many young ladies of the street find themselves on, and has no interest in being a cautionary tale of any description. She loves and cares for the children in the Brass Rabbits, but is determined not to stay in the streets. Virjilorit’s arrival seems like a great opportunity to transform her unofficial band of thieves into a full-blown gang. She is responsible for the design of the Warren the Brass Rabbits call home.
She doesn’t have her full growth, so her stats may change over the next few years. Also, her resources at present are very limited, meaning that her full potential as a brassman is as well.

D: 16 / 7 S: 8/4 T: 9/4
P: 16 / 7 W: 10 / 5 C: 13 / 6
Initiative: 7 Move: 7
PD: 9 PA: 2
MD: 9 MA: 2
SD: 8 Social Level: 1
Karma: x4 Max: 4 Die: d6
Uncon: (18) Death: (22)
Wound T: 7 Rec: 2 Durability:
Attack: Collapsible Short Sword (A: 9 D: 8/2d6, Std action to fold/unfold, concealed as dagger when folded), dagger (A: 9 D: 6 Thr A:9 R: 10/20) Thr Dagger x2 (A: 9 D: 6 R: 16/32)
Armor: Padded Leather

Languages: Read/Speak British English

Professional: Clockwork (1/8)

Core: [10 ℅ slots, min 4 Core] Field Engineering (3/10), Lock Picking (3/10), Mechanic (2/9), Streetwise (3/9)

Optional: [Up to 6 slots] Eidetic Memory (2/7), Melee Weapons (2/9)

Free: [8 slots] Throw Weapons (3/10), Stealthy Stride (2/9), Climbing (2/9), Kn: London Geography (2/9), Kn: London Gangs (2/9)

Equipment: Weapons, padded cloth armor, jury-rigged grappling hook

Brass Rabbits
These are all children, even more so than Mother Marianna. Hopefully they won’t need full combat stats, but all of their attributes are 4 except Dex which is 5, Defenses are 5, and their Health Ratings are (14/18/6). They have Thr Weapons (2/7), Surprise Strike (2), Picking Pockets (2/7), Stealthy Stride (3/8 with a +2 step bonus in the Warren) and Climbing (3/8). They have darts (A: 7 D: 5 R: 18/36) and saps (A: 5 D: 5).

Several of the Brass Rabbits work as newsies, so they always have a heads up on current events.

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Re: The Brass Rabbits [NPCS]

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These are the things that interest me. I like field rabbits so I want to know more about them. Thanks for sharing. 1v1 lol

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Re: The Brass Rabbits [NPCS]

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colonialfew wrote:
Mon May 15, 2023 8:42 am
These are the things that interest me. I like field rabbits so I want to know more about them. positive words that start with Q Thanks for sharing. 1717 angel number
To correct you - there are brass rabbits, not field rabbits :D Are you new to the game?

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