Carnavon’s magical ink

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Carnavon’s magical ink

Post by Slimcreeper » Sun May 17, 2020 11:53 pm

This is the result of a mana surge while passing through the Rabbit Hole.

Lord Carnavon’s magical ink
Has 14 uses. If a pen filled with the ink is used by Lord Carnavon, it will control his hand for 5 minutes, working quickly. While it is in control, it can perfectly put to paper what is in his head. He must decide how much he wishes to use each time. He cannot stop it early, once it has started writing or drawing. Even if he tries to walk away, the hand is still under control of the ink.
For a person or object, it will guide Carnavon’s hand to create a perfect likeness. This only requires one use. If used while thinking of a piece of writing he has seen in a language he doesn’t understand, the pen will still make a perfect facsimile.
If used while thinking of a place, each use of the ink lets him make a Eidetic Memory test.
If used while thinking of a book that he has read at any point in his life, he can make a research test as though he was sitting in front of him.

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