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New Profession: The Priest Investigator - Now with Spell List

Posted: Tue Jun 05, 2018 8:59 pm
by daniel_a
I finally managed to choose the spells for a spell list for the Priest Investigator profession I posted a while ago. The spells were, to some degree, chosen with the fact in mind that the profession was created for a character who comes from Barsaive, Earthdawn, who wants to try and spread the teachings of the Passions to this new (?) world he has found himself in. As long as Rashomon is mad (and called Raggok) he considers Mynbruje as the leading Passion in the Pantheon, and I had that in mind when choosing the spells. It would have been different with a focus on, say, Garlen.
Anyway, maybe some of you might find this interesting. You can find the description, now with a suggested spell list, here: ... n.pdf?dl=0