Firearms Combat Options

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Firearms Combat Options

Post by Slimcreeper » Wed Oct 28, 2020 1:50 am

Firearms Options

Aggressive Shot
This is used to take advantage of RoF 2 weapons. Like the Aggressive Attack Combat Option, the character takes 1 point of strain and -3 to Physical and Mystic Defense for the entire round. It doesn’t provide any bonuses to Attack or Damage. Instead, it allows the character to make a second shot with a -1 to the Attack. It can be combined with Second Shot to allow for 3 shots in a round, if the gun allows. The 3rd shot takes a -2 to the Attack Test. Alternatively, Second Shot can be used to fire a second time without any penalties.

Double-Barreled Blast
Double-barrelled weapons can use the 2 shot RoF as normal. Alternately, they can both be fired simultaneously with the Double-Barreled Blast Combat Option. This is a single Attack test. The character takes 1 point of Strain and is Harried for the attack and the rest of the Round. If the attack hits, it gets 2 automatic free extra successes. The weapon is completely emptied and must be reloaded.

Automatic Fire
This will change pretty dramatically when the companion comes out. There are two Combat Options for guns with Automatic Fire. Currently, that’s the Light and Heavy Machine Gun, which don’t have an option for single shot.

Light Machine Gun
RoF is 1, but each shot is either a 5 Shot Burst or a Sweep AOE. It has issues with overheating as per the book.
Heavy Machine Gun
RoF is 2. It can be used with the Aggressive Shot Option, but each shot is either a 5 Shot Burst or a Sweep AOE.

5 Shot Burst Option
Uses the Called Shot Option. If it hits, make 3 separate Damage Tests. Any extra damage from extra successes affect only the first Damage Test.

Sweep AOE
Uses 5 bullets. Choose up to 5 targets that are adjacent to each other. They could be in a clump or a line. Compare the Attack Test to the highest PD of the group. For each Success, one bullet finds its mark, starting with the targets with the lowest Physical Defense. The bullets are distributed randomly. Extra successes don’t increase damage with this option.

Firearm Errata

Light Pistol
The price in the book is for a Double-Barreled version. The single barrel version is only 10s.

Howdah Pistol
The Howdah has capacity 2 and Damage Step 9. It is a breech-loading break-action.

Second Shot
This can be used with weapons with a RoF of 2 to make the second shot without penalty. Alternatively, using the Aggressive Shot option, this can be allowed to make a 3rd shot.

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Re: Firearms Combat Options

Post by supermooboo » Wed Oct 28, 2020 2:01 am

So with this there is an aggressive attack and shot. Would there be a reason to separate the two? Aggressive shot could be apart of aggressive attack with separate rules for when shooting a gun vs using a close ranged weapon.

Is there a rule for firing in melee? I noticed there are rules for firing into but not in. It might be cool to have a rule for close range gunfighting.

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Re: Firearms Combat Options

Post by Slimcreeper » Wed Oct 28, 2020 4:06 am

Well, Aggressive Attack specifically adds to damage and attack, which I don't think makes much sense for firearms.

As for firing in melee, firearms don't specifically have a minimum range, though missile weapons do. It's a weird thing.

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