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Play Examples:

Post by Slimcreeper » Wed Sep 19, 2018 12:14 pm

Things I have noticed from reading the Actual Plays:

- you can decide to whether to use karma after the roll.
- you can use a Called Shot with a Thrown Weapon to Attack to Knockdown

Things that puzzle me:
- "She’s now got two people firing at her, though. One more opponent and she will be Harried, and take some rather nasty penalties." Harried from range with three opponents?
- "She’s used a Standard Action to fire, and a Simple Action to Taunt, and just doesn’t have enough left to let off a second round, even at a penalty." I thought you could take several Simple Actions? Taking the second shot with a pistol is a simple action? I guess I'm not real sure how that's intended to work. In my head, taking the another shot just meant you could make a bonus Fireams test as part of your standard action, and then if you have Second Shot skill you can take a third shot as a simple action. There's another place where a hero has to make a choice to Simple Action take cover or Simple Action fire the second shot.
- I thought I remembered a Called Shot that resulted in additional damage? Like a free extra success or something? But I can't remember and can't find it.

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Re: Play Examples:

Post by Andrew1879 » Wed Sep 19, 2018 1:39 pm

Yes, we deliberately allowed Karma both before and after the roll, so that you can push the roll if you think you need to, or try to save a bad roll (as long as it's not a Rule of One). The decision has been very popular in playtest.

If you have three opponents attacking you, you're Harried, whether they're up close and personal or at range.

The Actions may have gotten a little tangled there. I wrote this one in spare time over a couple of days and thought I'd edited it a bit better than I actually did.

There's some differences between ED and 1879 in the mechanics, including in combat. For a Called Shot, the GM can allow extra damage, but is encouraged to go with dramatic narration, and apply the damage to the specified location. Bethelie uses Called Shots a couple of times over the course of the story, and the damage goes to the called location, resulting in a kill in the cafe fight where she Called-Shots a thug in the back of the head. 1879 generally goes with a little less crunch and a little more drama than Earthdawn, emphasizing story over mechanics.

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