Some fragments from the Journal of Fundal the Scribe

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Some fragments from the Journal of Fundal the Scribe

Post by etherial » Tue May 22, 2018 11:28 am

[Fundal begins this tale as a student in a temple of Rashomon during the Scourge]

23 Strassa, 1015 TH
This book the Dwarves have given us is marvelous. I have already used it to decipher their tongue, and though no one else seems interested, I can't help but wonder if that means that they have gifted me with a place to record my private thoughts. Speaking of which, the Sages have not shared with me the secret of leaving the dormitories, but I have deciphered the countersign. Our Patron Passion is one of Endurance, and one must run him through with his own sword to open the door to the inner mysteries.

18 Velton, 1017 TH
The Elders have begun acting very strangely. The daily lectures on tolerance have begun to sound more like ones on nursing grudges.

5 Mawag, 1021 TH
The Elders have posted undead guards in the corridors. My access to the upper floors has been revoked as I am "failing" in my new "studies". I still have a spare lodestone hidden in my bed. If I must escape, I had best choose my timing wisely.

7 Raquas, 1021 TH
Raggok's Day. The Cultists have now completely taken over the Kaer. I tread a fine line trying to keep my true loyalties hidden. Someday, the time will be right and I will have my revenge.

12 Borrum, 1021 TH
The Cultists of Raggok have all drunk the poison I have given them. Soon they shall all suffer from lingering pain. Once they are dead, I will raise them as my own minions. Praise Raggok!

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