Tag journals for published adventures as [spoiler]

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Tag journals for published adventures as [spoiler]

Post by The Undying » Fri Dec 16, 2016 1:37 am

Much like the Game Master's forum, Adventurer's Journals can contain spoiler material for players. In the case of Adventurer's Journals, journal content can describe details about published adventurers. If these details are read by groups that have not yet run that adventure, it can adversely affect the experience for that group when they do run it, or may result in the group not running the adventure at all.

For posters, as a courtesy to the community, we request that any adventure journal post using published adventurers, or which reveal significant events or mechanics for the general Earthdawn universe, use a "
" tag at the beginning of the title. If possible or relevant, it would also be helpful it the first line of the journal included a GM-provided disclaimer indicating nature of the spoiler. For example, "WARNING: This log includes events from the Ardanyan's Revenge published adventure."

For players, please remember that reading any adventure journal could reveal plot elements, mechanics, and mysteries from the Earthdawn universe.

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Re: Tag journals for published adventures as [spoiler]

Post by Bogie » Fri Dec 16, 2016 2:25 am

I have also added a bbcode for adding spoiler text as well if something is really secret. Just use [ spoiler ] Your text [ /spoiler ] (remove the spaces between the brackets or click the spoiler button to add the tags.
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