Zombies (GM only)

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Zombies (GM only)

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Free cheese!

Zombies are a type of undead created by a cursed disease created by questors of Raggok

Challenge: Novice (Third Circle)
DEX: 5 (+0) Initiative: 5 Unconsciousness: NA
STR: 10 (+4) Physical Defense: 6 (10) Death Rating: 25
TOU: 6 (+0) Mystic Defense: 4 Wound Threshold: 10
PER: 3 Social Defense: 4 Knockdown: 11
WIL: 10 (+4) Physical Armor: 4 Recovery Tests: 5
CHA: 3 Mystic Armor: 0 Karma: 10 (40)
Movement: 8
Actions: 1; Bite: 8 (10); Grab & Bite
Special Powers:
Swarm: If a target is knocked prone, and at least 2 zombies are nearby, they will swarm the victim. They will all attempt to Grab & Bite. In a swarm, the zombies will pile up and climb over each other, so 12 can attack at once. However, because their mobility is so limited, their physical defense is reduced by 2.
Eat Brains: If a zombie can eat the entire brain of a Name-giver, it immediately heals all damage and all wounds.
Weak spot: All of a zombie’s hit points are concentrated in its head, which has a Physical Defense of 10. Only attacks that hit it in the head reduce its Hit Points. Attacks that beat its Physical Defense of 6 still hit its body, but do not reduce its hit points. For those attacks, roll damage and compare it to the zombie’s wound threshold. They can cause wounds that cause wound penalties, but the damage will not affect the zombie’s hit points.
Zombie Disease: Anyone bitten by a zombie is affected by the disease:

Type: Debilitation (deadly) Effect: 10 Onset Time: 1d4 rounds
Interval: 4/1 day Duration: 4-5 days
Description: Victims of the zombie

A zombie’s base stats are modified from the Name-giver from which it was created. The default stats are listed first, and the stat modifier is in parenthesis. When a character with stats is made into a zombie, use the modifiers in the parenthesis and change the Perception and Charisma to 3.

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